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  1. On a french forum, there is a theory : the 10e/$ code is given to people who downloaded and installed the 10th anniversary theme.
  2. Likes the Better word ! Better Faster Stronger !
  3. Thanks for the giveaway. I voted TLOU2. Good luck everyone !
  4. It's great !
  5. If i understand well, everyone plays for everyone ? The goals need to be obtained by the whole players together?
  6. March 2020 - Dirt Rally 2.0 - Anthem
  7. Interesting topic. I never received the avatar for the Platinum of Horizon Zero Dawn, although ive platinumed it long time ago.
  8. Nina Williams from Tekken
  9. Hello, no news for this interview ?
  10. Seeing as how you've completed both the original and definitive version of Tomb Raider (reboot), you have any good online multiplayer related advice? 

    1. DynaVita


      Hello, and thanks for your message.


      My best advice is to find boosting partners who wants to do the trophies too.

      It's more fun to discuss with others, following boost methods (go on youtube to find different boost methods)

      I did it for ps4 version, and I keep good memories.


      For ps3 version, i didn't find boosting partners, so I had to do it by myself.

      I did a solo boost method, but it's very long and boring. You have to transport the suitcase again and again...


      example : 



      Good luck and courage !




    2. EcoShifter


      So that means I can do PS4 version alone too, if necessary?

  11. Hello and thanks for this giveway. My favorite Platinum this year was Shadow of the tomb raider. I love the Tomb Raider games since 1996 and this one was rather good, even if I prefered Rise of the TR. But, it's a great game, and every TR fan can appreciate it and enjoy good moments with Lara. The 7 dlc are a great addition.
  12. Thanks for your answer @HusKy I thought about a button in the setting menu for example, to find the difficulty note and completion time. It can be done only once per game, and a button to force finding for new guides or modification. But, it would be easier if psnprofiles has already this built-in.
  13. Thanks a lot @HusKy for this amazing script ! Thanks a lot @mekktor for the ps plus json file ! Would it be possible to use guides information to have the difficulty note (ex : 3/10) and the completion time (ex : 20 hours) The goal is to be able to sort games by difficulty, and then by completion time.
  14. - What do you consider like cheating in trophy hunting ? If you can advise Sony to make new rules around trophies, what would you say them ? - Would you be positive to let people suppress as many trophy lists as they want ? Would you do this for some games you played ? And if so, what games ? - How do you choose the next game you want to plat ? - What is the most silly thing you do for a trophy ? - What game gave you the worst experience in trophy hunting ? - At the contrary, what game gave you a totally better experience that you first thought in terms of trophy hunting ? - How do you manage your backlog ? - What would you like to be added on psnprofiles ?