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  1. Is there somewhere a petition to get the old ps store alive ? They could let it alive with just ps3 / vita games.
  2. Honestly, the goal of this thread is to gather expiration dates and experiences by the players. I remember some ps4 games which had an expiration date very close to the date when I bought the game. Example : South Park PS4 -> the 1st given with a code Dishonored 2 PS4 -> the 1st given with a code too
  3. Did you try for some games ?
  4. @DEI2EK Do you have the ff10 for vita next to you to give me the expiration date ?
  5. Thanks for your answer. So I also messed up the code for ff10 on vita ...
  6. Hello, I recently bought Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time in physical version on PS3 and I tried to download the Vita version as advertised. But this possibility has expired. I tried for weeks to have something from the playstation support, but the only answer is still that it's not possible anymore, and that I need to pay for the vita version if I want it. So, is there a list somewhere which contains the expiration date for every game which offers something like this (other example : Sly collection with a code for Sly 3) Thanks
  7. 23 (89%) to 367 (18%).
  8. Thanks for your answers. I tried again to contact the PlayStation customer service. Some users reported that Sony gave us the amount to buy the digital version and solve the problem. I asked for the same. Cross fingered.
  9. Hello, I know this game is old, but I try to play my ps3 / vita games before the next generation. So I opened my ps3 physical version of Sly Cooper thieves in time, and tried to get the ps vita version. When you insert the disc in the ps3 drive, you have a new menu "disc benefits". But it doesn't work. It says that this service is terminated. I asked the playstation customer service, but they only answer that the service is terminated. They can't do anything. On the disc box, there is no expiration date. I don't find any official report from Sony saying that this service is terminated. So is someone achieved to get the vita version with a ps3 physical game ?
  10. Hello, - What do you consider like cheating in trophy hunting ? If you can advise Sony to make new rules around trophies, what would you say them ? - Would you be positive to let people suppress as many trophy lists as they want ? Would you do this for some games you played ? And if so, what games ? - How do you choose the next game you want to plat ? - What is the most silly thing you do for a trophy ? - What game gave you the worst experience in trophy hunting ? - At the contrary, what game gave you a totally better experience that you first thought in terms of trophy hunting ? - How do you manage your backlog ? - What would you like to be added on psnprofiles? - Do you dislike Gravity Rush on PSVita ? - Like me, you will never 100% Uncharted 2 and 3 on ps3. Any thoughts about this ?
  11. On a french forum, there is a theory : the 10e/$ code is given to people who downloaded and installed the 10th anniversary theme.
  12. Likes the Better word ! Better Faster Stronger !
  13. Thanks for the giveaway. I voted TLOU2. Good luck everyone !
  14. It's great !