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  1. loganernest3 has the ultra rarest trophies I've never seen ! Congrats !!
  2. Overwatch and Enter the gungeon lover !
  3. Badminton !
  4. Premium member who loves and knows what UR means !
  5. Can't wait too ! ROTTR was really great !
  6. To have a better renderer in VR and Horizon Zero Dawn !
  7. Thanks I did Super Time Force Ultra and it was a really wonderful game. Pretty challenging for some HellaDeck levels (especially on PS Vita) but it was great !
  8. Best trophy hunter in Saudi Arabia ! Congrats !
  9. Yes it would be very convenient !
  10. Tearaway Unfolded This choice can be surprising, but honestly it was my worst experience for a game done for a platinum. I really enjoyed Tearaway on Vita, and I thought that Teawaray Unfolded on PS4 would be as good, and also easy for someone who already knows the Vita version. Error, it's not the same game. The Vita version has some challenging trophies (terminate some levels without dying) but it's doable with little tries. Unfolded version had some very frustrating trophies, but the worst was : Chauffeur : you have to take a character from a point to another without dying. But, when you have to fight against ennemis, you have to drop the character and taking it again after the battle. There were too many times where the character was dropped away by ennmies or worst, after the battle a door is closed automatically and guess what, the character was behind the door.... And to retry, you have to start the level from the beginning, including the long video...
  11. If someone has already checked, are games with platinum in the "Games under €5" selection ?
  12. It would be a perfect feature to become premium !
  13. Plays a lot and only get trophies when he loves the game !
  14. Yes it achieved the goal !
  15. Hi, I'd like to share a nice kickstarter project for ps4 / dreamcast and pc: Intrepid Izzy It's a 2D platformer / action game in cartoon style. It looks super cool, I backed for the PS4 version with my name in the credits. There is only very little time left (end Friday, October 27 morning), so do not hesitate a moment! It's a safe project, they have already released several games, like Beat of Rage and Rush Rally Racing. The link : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/senileteam/intrepid-izzy-pc-dreamcast-ps4