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  1. So if I understand well, on our profile here, will be updated from eFootball 2022 to eFootball 2023 ?
  2. I still play the PS4 version on PS5, because I'm afraid of the future DLCs. I'm a completionist (I achieved 100% in every game I played), so I don't want to have to buy and finish every future DLC trophies. But, with Konami, it's impossible to know whether they will add DLC trophies in the future...
  3. Hello, Credits to Doiq on https://www.reddit.com/r/EverybodysGolf Here is a shared spreadsheet on google drive to find gems on Open Course : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VQOXtDIyrVvew4_gc3X11zs-lJIqBarYwAMaDzMpLDY/edit?usp=sharing So everyday, if someone already fill in the document, you will know where to find the gems on every open course. If it is in red, then, find yourself on the 1rst course, and fill in, it will auto fill the other courses, and fill the updated date.
  4. Switch to your "normal" character and you will be able to play from the border.
  5. For those who didn't start the game yet, I needed a week, playing 2/3 hours per day, to achieve Rank 7. So 7 days + 18 days = 25 days to platinum this game.
  6. Sorry double post by error
  7. Hello and thanks for your proposal. I started the game this Saturday 16th, and I'm rank 3. I played about 4 / 5 hours, it seems quite long to reach rank 7. Edit : In first post, it is said that we have to wait for rank 7 to be able to use the condor glitch
  8. Ok thanks.
  9. Hello, Is it stil safe to start this game today and be able to have the platinum before online shutdown ? I don't have a lot of free time (30 min - 1h / per day), so do you have any recommendations / roadmap ? Thanks !
  10. Oh sorry, I edit it
  11. Edit : A free demo is available on PSN : https://store.playstation.com/fr-fr/product/EP4064-CUSA02472_00-PENARIUMGAMESCEE
  12. Yes it is strange and there is no information if trophies will stay like this, or some dlcs will appear later. I would prefer trophies stay like this, because as a completionist, I dont want to be "forced" to buy future dlcs (like master League). I will keep playing PS4 version on PS5 until we have more information.
  13. I really hope a New trophy list, as I started on PS4 and would like to play 1.0.0 on ps5.
  14. If you have a pc + a dual shock or juste a smartphone, play the game via remote play and do not use the dualsense
  15. Hello, please add me to the Legend and Lady Croft tier. I'm proud to have platinum / 100 % of all TR / Lara Croft games listed. TR is my favorite franchise. If TR collection on PS5 comes with new trophy list, i'm pretty sure to do them again !