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  1. Plays a lot and only get trophies when he loves the game !
  2. Yes it achieved the goal !
  3. Hi, I'd like to share a nice kickstarter project for ps4 / dreamcast and pc: Intrepid Izzy It's a 2D platformer / action game in cartoon style. It looks super cool, I backed for the PS4 version with my name in the credits. There is only very little time left (end Friday, October 27 morning), so do not hesitate a moment! It's a safe project, they have already released several games, like Beat of Rage and Rush Rally Racing. The link : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/senileteam/intrepid-izzy-pc-dreamcast-ps4
  4. DesmasBR, i'd choose Sword art Online, as it's your rarest !
  5. Waoh kashu_ryo, I'm impressed by your completionist profile. Congratulation to you ! I choose Blacklight Retribution for its impressive rarity !!
  6. Thanks a lot everyone for your answers, please keep continue to post your advices. As adviced by diabolica1989, I'm currently playing Nom Nom Galaxy and I really love this game, despite of graphics who reminds me "Dig dug" on Atari 2600.
  7. Hello, I'm wondering if it exists a list with the games with "ultra rare" trophies which are doable. Let me explain, on my profile, I have 3 games with ultra rare trophies and the reasons of their rarities are very different : Everybody Golf (Vita) : you need to be a golf lover and dedicated to the game to obtain the platinum. The trophy guide says 9/10, but as I love golf games, I didn't find it so difficult. But it's a personal opinion as I really found in love with this game. If someone finds ultra rare trophies, this game can't be advised if he doesn't like golf games. Fifa 13 (Vita) : the rarity of the platinum comes from the online bugged trophy Hundred and counting (I counted the number of matches, and the trophy popped after 166 matches...). The trophy guide says 4/10, and if you find a boost partner, the ultra rare platinum is easy to obtain, but quite long. Worms Revolution Extreme (Vita) : the rarity of the platinum comes from the quality of the game. The portage is no good : slowdown, AI very long to decide what to do,AI sometimes unable to do something and next turn it uses an incredible shot... There is no trophy guide, but, this was quite easy. If you can bother with the defaults of the game, it is a "doable" game with ultra rare trophies. So, what is your opinion about your ultra rare trophies ?
  8. @QuentinCle95. I've tried there : http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=194184 But it seems to be totally useless... It's a shame that it's not fixed yet. Don't seem too complicated to do....
  9. Waoh !! I'm so proud, I finally achieved the "Black Belt" trophy on Lumines Vita !! Clearly the most difficult trophy I achieved due to my lack of skills in this kind of game ! Waoh, training training and training are the key !

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    2. NTGSruler


      Thank you very much. Many congratulations on the Everybody's Golf platinum!! That's a difficult one.

    3. DynaVita


      I love golf games. And Everybody Golf is a very very good one. So it was a real pleasure to have its platinum. I think its rare because players of sport games are not trophy hunters (see the rarity of FIFA 13 too for example). But EveryBody Golf trophies are not so hard. It needs to be dedicated to the game to learn special shots, some time to finish the solo mode and some luck for the Albatros !

    4. NTGSruler


      Yeah indeed, you need to be dedicated for Everybody's Golf. I played it a bit but i suck at it.

  10. #13 - Worms Revolution Extreme Worm Winner
  11. ok thanks for anwser. I didn't see the previous discussion thread, so I'll write my ideas there. So this topic can be closed !
  12. Hello, thanks a lot for your great work on this site. I have a suggestion : would it be possible to add manually "not played yet" games to our profile ? For example, i have some games i've never played on Vita (promotion on psn or on a real store) So we can see games we plan to play and see its caracteristics. Thanks for reading
  13. Hello, I played a lot the Android version and I had the voucher code for Fat Princess on PS3. If I download the Vita Version, can I log with the same FB account and recover the save from the android version ? Will I get some trophies and progression for long trophies (I think about the Match Master trophy) ? Thanks if someone has the answer.