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  1. Headmaster is one of my favorite PS VR Game. It's even the game which made me buy the PS VR. I tested it in an event, and it was so fun ! You can test it in one of the PSVR demo disc. The full game is better on the PS4 pro.
  2. Great topic ! Thanks for starting this ! Some ideas for the game to add : Super Hot VR and Headmaster.
  3. Hello, just a simple question. Are there players here who started the game with patch 1.04 and achieved the 100% without glitches ? Or in other words, do the 1.04 patch has fixed the glitches ? Thanks
  4. Thomas was alone - incredible game, very simple graphics, very simple history and controls, but it's just an awesome game.
  5. - What do you consider like cheating in trophy hunting ? If you can advise Sony to make new rules around trophies, what would you say them ? - Would you be positive to let people suppress as many trophy lists as they want ? Would you do this for some games you played ? And if so, what games ? - How do you choose the next game you want to plat ? - What is the most silly thing you do for a trophy ? - What game gave you the worst experience in trophy hunting ? - At the contrary, what game gave you a totally better experience that you first thought in terms of trophy hunting ? - How do you manage your backlog ? - What would you like to be added on psnprofiles ? - What are the games not popular that you loved playing ? - Some ultra rarest plat' you loved playing and suggest ?
  6. Congrats to @Kristycism for the great artwork ! Congrats to @Dr_Mayus for this great spelling bee event ! Congrats to every achievers for their completed words ! For the Bonus Word, I've completed Mayus Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Along Together Yooka-Laylee Under Defeat Super Destronaut DX And if you accept a 2nd word, I've completed Alyssum, which are beautiful flowers 😂 In France, the sentence "my flowers are beautiful" is a joke Alyssum : Along Together LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Yooka-Laylee Super Destronaut DX (PS4) Super Destronaut DX (Vita) Under Defeat Max: The Curse of Brotherhood This event made me find a "not too long" platinum beginning by "A" and I discovered "Along together" which is a very great VR game, which deserves more attention that it has.
  7. You can spell MINOR, and with another R, you can spell MORRION (which is a valid scrabble word... but don't know what it means)
  8. Yes! Yes! Mayus achieved ! Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Along Together Yooka-Laylee Under Defeat Super Destronaut DX Can we enter 2 words ? I mean, I'm happy to achieve Mayus, but if I achieve "Alyssum", can I enter a second word ?
  9. This seems to be the same problem as Tomb Raider Underworld. Each time you collect something, you had to make a save just before collecting, and see if the counter works. If not, reload and try again...
  10. A great progress today ! I have 4 pieces of Mayus! Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Along Together Yooka-Laylee U -> I've just started Under Defeat Super Destronaut DX May the shoot'em up skills be with me !
  11. I don't know if I will do it in time, but here is my 2nd letter : A with the great VR game "Along Together" !
  12. 2 persons have already the platinum... 1 week for one and 6 days for the other to achieve it. Seems great. Now, we know there will be many DLCs, so to achieve 100% with DLC, it could be harder !
  13. I finally platinumed Yooka Laylee. A great game with nice ideas but very very long. I played 60 hours, I don't know why it took me so long, but despite of difficult beginnings, I had fun with this game. Time now... is for the M letter !
  14. Congrats to winners ! And thanks again for managing this giveaway !
  15. (sorry for out of subject) If you don't like it on vita, @Eyjabria, I advise you to never play it on PS4. I'd love it on Vita, but it's my worst gaming experience on PS4 ! To answer you @actwd, my best Vita titles (except Uncharted you already have): - Super Time Force Ultra - Thomas Was Alone - Tearaway - Gravity Rush - Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (and 2 and 3) - Need for Speed: Most Wanted - Dragon's Crown
  16. I'm still working on 'Y' with Yooka-Laylee, but this game is harder and longer that I thought. On the first minutes, I was scared by the controls, but after having some new moves, it's really better and nice to play. I'm not the fastest player in the world, but i'm largely more than the 25 hours advised in the guide I just can't wait to have some pagies, I like to find a smart way to have them, but it's clear that it's faster to collect them only when you have every move unlocked !
  17. Hello, thanks for this great contest ! #dynavita Level 20 Thanks and good luck everyone !
  18. DId you do this list yourself ? It's useful !
  19. Hello my top 5 : - Super Hot VR - Headmaster - Batman : Arkham VR - Moss - Until Dawn Rush of Blood
  20. It would be great that Sony gives a PSVR game because it didn't last months...
  21. Hello, this is an awesome idea ! Count me in !!
  22. I support this too and it would be a really nice feature for premium members. I use a Google drive sheet to keep track on games I bought or had through ps+ but I miss all the information that psnprofile can offer like platinum rarity. Technically, what would be the major problem ? The space disk for the new database to create ? As a developper I imagine just a table with userId, GameId, Favorite (to be able to check the games wanted to be done first). The presentation page could be similar to the profile page, with add / delete buttons. "Add" could be similar to the search game section. (do not understand me wrong, I just suggest the idea)
  23. Thanks again @Conn Snow. I really really appreciate this lifetime premium membership !! Really nice of you !!
  24. Congrats to winners and thanks again @Zolkovo for this amazing giveaway ! You're so unlucky about the videos, so bad when you do something by passion and lost everything...
  25. Thanks a lot! Thanks everyone! Thanks @Conn Snow for this great thread and management !!