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  1. Plat 91: Wanted Corp! First plat of 2018

    1. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

    2. TangrakNor



  2. Plat 90: BigFest! An interesting idea but somewhat ruined by technical issues. I think I spent about as much time trying to make the game work as play it

  3. My brother accidentally played NHL 17 on my account and earned me a whopping one trophy lol rip my completion

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      How bad is the plat

    3. quintriplet


      PSTrophies is saying 100+ hours for the plat sooo probably a pass for me lol

    4. Jigglypuff


      I will punish your brother!



  4. My playlist in BigFest somehow got wiped so I can’t play any festivals and it won’t connect to the song bank to download more, any way to fix this?

  5. Plat 89: Dungeon Punks! A corrupted save file and a glitched trophy couldn’t stop me. I actually had a good time with this game, it was decently funny and perfect to zone out to a podcast with.

  6. Dungeon Punks new game + run is going more slowly than anticipated. I figure though with enough leveling I’ll make it through eventually.

  7. Sometimes as I’m playing I’ll get switched from my chosen pair of heroes to another, how do I switch back? It’s making my new game plus run harder to suddenly be stuck with my weaker heroes
  8. Enjoyed catching some of Canada’s action at the Overwatch World Cup today, I’ve been kinda burnt out on Overwatch lately but watching them play has sparked my interest again

    1. Spaz


      I may be good at some things, but competitive online multiplayer is not one of them.


      I wonder if these guys put in 12 - 15 hours a day into games like League of Legends, DOTA 2 and Overwatch since they're so damn good at playing the game.


      I can't even imagine trying to compete with those kinds of games. Too much shit going on.


      Glad you enjoyed it though. Always fun to watch top players duke it out.

    2. quintriplet


      Yeah man I think that’s why I got burnt out, getting frustrated I wasn’t better than I was. And yeah I don’t have time to play it all day like some people must lol. My win rate is basically 50% so I‘m where the game wants me to be, and I should just be having fun with what it is.

  9. Plat 88: Dying Reborn! Not anything spectacular but I enjoyed solving the puzzles and it was a nice break from Hotline Miami 2

  10. Any thoughts on Spellsire fun/plat difficulty? I’m looking for Vita games and i had a lot of fun with Letter Quest from PS Plus

  11. Hotline Miami 2 feels very long

    1. BG_painter


      Yep, sure bigger than the first one, are you going for the plat?

    2. quintriplet


      Ya I’m trying for it at least, I don’t mind a grind but I don’t know if I can A+ all these levels!

    3. BG_painter


      i was in the same situation, i simply cannot beat hard mode so i abandoned it. Good luck! (the soundtrack is great tho)

  12. Who thought that last boss battle in Manual Samuel was a good idea, holy feces dude ...

  13. I did it with Soldier pushing the payload on Route 66, that end bit always gets bunched up so the kills came pretty quickly
  14. Plat #87: Game of Thrones! Sorry House Forrester, I tried my best 😅

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    2. BG_painter


      Congrats!! Don't worry i don't think we are meant to have a..


      good ending... anyways, lol ^_^


    3. PooPDeePie


      Haha so true man but it sure as heck was a good game imo

    4. quintriplet


      Yeah I kind of expected that from a GoT  title but still those last two eps man. Fun game though some of those twists had me yelling at the tv haha!

  15. I got killed by eagles and accidentally dated my math teacher - my Hatoful Boyfriend experience

    1. PooPDeePie


      Sounds like you guys hit the park, and enjoyed the "Natural Logs" :P .