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  1. Any word on if there will be save porting from PS4 to PS5? A lot of PS4>PS5 games have auto-popped when the save is carried over.
  2. I'm probably not the target audience of your post, but I've been using trophies more as a collectible for series that I love. As you can tell by my username, I love Final Fantasy, so I made it a mission to get all FF Platinums which are largely rewarding lists in my experience. I'm working on Assassin's Creed now, but I also have all MGS, most Kingdom Hearts, Fallouts, etc. My trophy list is more a love letter to games I enjoy than anything competitive, because the lack of quality assurance in trophies means you will have to play garbage to make any progress on the leaderboard. My life is too busy to play bull shit games (It took me 3 months to platinum AC3 remaster recently...being a teacher during Covid is not fun) just to move up on a leaderboard that is a farce. Weird analogy, but the upcoming Olympics have been on my mind. Imagine if they let people compete in different length races simultaneously. So you'd have a mile runner going against 100m dasher. Would anyone care that the 100m runner won the gold? Wouldn't it be silly to compare them in the first place?
  3. AC from the original game all the way up to Syndicate are nothing like the recent games. The recent formula started with Origins, and each game has successively gotten bigger and broader, but not necessarily better. I loved Origins and Odyssey overall, but there was definitely filler. I just plat'd AC: Syndicate. It took about 40 hours and the map was just London. That game was from 2015, so the recent mega-open world thing is pretty new.
  4. Not sure what you mean--patches would fix known and common game-breaking bugs. I'm trying to gauge how commonly people have experienced them here. Have you never experienced a game that was broken early on and then got patched to be stable? Fallout: New Vegas was one for me. To all who offered advice, thank you so much for your feedback. My plan is to finish up AC: Syndicate, then play Ghost of Tsushima (have heard great things), and by then hopefully a big old patch is out for the more flagrant issues for Valhalla.
  5. Seems like a lot of people are running into glitches. I'd like to go for the platinum, but am concerned about putting in 100+ hours in and then having something go awry. Is it that bad, or worth playing in its current state?
  6. I agree that there is no real value to plats, trophy hunting, or anything of the sort. I would just add that the reason some feel frustrated is that trophies are designed to look like something you should be proud of achieving. I mean, they are literally trophies lol. Sony pushes the issue pretty hard in terms of showing you rarity, having a "level" system, and so on. They send you emails congratulating you when you platinum certain AAA games. So on the one hand they encourage you to think that platinums are rare and worth competing for, but on the other they allow just about anything on PSN. There is a certain level of cognitive dissonance when you get a Platinum for a long grindy game like AC: Valhalla, but then get an equally-weighted (according to the points system) platinum in something like Mayo. It's not worth getting frustrated over, but perhaps worth bringing in to the discussion. So the issue in my mind is not so much that Mayo games have easy plats, but rather that the whole trophy system wears a veneer of being accomplishment based, when it isn't.
  7. I think I'm going to do the same. Then once I get the PS5 finally, down the road I can plat it again if I get the urge.
  8. Isn't stacking platinums that take ten minutes inflating numbers in the first place? The whole trophy system is inflated. It actually is very similar to real monetary inflation--if you keep printing money, it becomes devalued. If you keep pushing out shovelware plats, plats are devalued. Someone can have 100 plats from games that take 100 hours to plat each, or 100 plats from games that take 10 minutes to plat. Whose "achievement" is greater?
  9. What are you even talking about? "In effect" means that something is continuously going on. For instance, "social distancing measures are in effect until the governor ends them." Affect is the verb, effect is the noun. Companies like Square Enix are affected by the fact that vote-by-wallet is in effect, which may lead to a lasting effect.
  10. Meanwhile the Kingdom Hearts Rhythm song just above this game got a Platinum. WTF Squenix?
  11. He's literally just being a troll. Here is a quote from his post on August 2nd: "ehh tbh most of us on this website like a game with a Platinum. It's the best feeling knowing you accomplished all trophies for that beautiful platinum to unlock. Hard pass for me." Edit: He also has over 200 platinum trophies, lmao
  12. I did beat him on the second try. Do you have a link to that video? It's not possible that I wasn't at full health because I have the recovery coins. Maybe it's different on the PC version?
  13. I just beat Nemesis on Inferno with 4 coins (I had already done all my runs except for Hardcore so this DLC just let me skip some grinding and a pointless playthrough with the RL), and I don't think you are correct about the coins multiplying. I was able to survive one combo, which brought me to caution, but if he combo'd me again I died while stunlocked. Maybe it gives you one extra hit? But you certainly cannot take nine hits. Either way this does radically speed up the plat: 1) Minimalist run on assisted and collectibles without healing 2) Buy extra coins and STARS manual 3) Speed Run Inferno with RL
  14. I didn't get into the Uncharted series, so unfortunately I don't get the reference there. I feel like this is what I was saying, though? They're trying to make a quick buck by offering the trophies again. My original post was saying that I think it would be more reasonable to do that once a console generation, so they can at least offer better performance. I agree that some people may want one game and not the other, but that's why they should be launched solo first, and then offered as a price discount if you want both. Separating them now is odd at best, and greedy at worst.
  15. I mean considering the collection has been as cheap as $14 on Amazon is that even true? Who is out there saying that they would buy only Bioshock but not Bioshock 2? That doesn't make much sense. Why would they make different trophy lists, too?