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  1. I'm a fan of the extra support they give this game, but like many of you with a busy life, I'm waiting for it all to be out. I still have a bunch of FFXV DLC waiting to be completed, but I wanted to wait until they were done, too. The days where I could play each new DLC as it came out seem to have gone...but I look at it like a massive expansion dropped a year from when I first beat the game rather than 6 smaller episodes that I could have played along the way. I think the individuals on here that are upset by the persistent DLC are just completionists who want to be done with their 100%, but that is going to be rarer going forward. Every game wants to keep you engaged to keep drawing in revenue and your attention, and to make you think the experience was worth the cost of admission. For Odyssey, I feel like I got way more than what I expected at the price, and will be getting whatever the next AC game is for sure--so mission accomplished, Ubisoft?
  2. I have Dissidia. How are we feeling about Chocobo Mystery Dungeon? Just downloaded it and gonna start the grind towards that plat
  3. After reading this, I'll do the same and do a New Game+ playthrough to experience all the DLC and Updates. That said, does anyone know of a good guide to follow for collectibles and such? I would want to make this playthrough one where I get the rest of the trophies (I finished Comrades before it closed, thankfully).
  4. No you didn't. You can only get EXP Zero on Proud mode or higher, which means no Plat on easy.
  5. I've got KH1, KH2, KH: DDD, and KH: BBS. Guardian of Light, I believe. Those of you who did Chain of it as bad as people say?
  6. Which shop sells the +25 str items? Thanks!
  7. So the big question, which we don't seem to have an answer for yet, is if Square will create a new set of trophies for the standalone version of Comrades or not. In theory, they could have the standalone client just link to the trophy set in Final Fantasy XV. That would make more sense to me, because otherwise anyone buying FFXV and its various editions would be permanently locked out of the Comrades trophies... Does anyone know what the precedent is for this? Any games that have released standalone modes but that link back the original trophy list? Like many of you, I was waiting for the end of all the DLC to go for 100%. I really don't want to spend a month grinding out this mode while feeling time pressure...
  8. I'll join too. I have 4 so far: AC2 AC: Brotherhood AC: Revelations AC: Origins Next up will be Odyssey!
  9. I looked up the achievement guide on the PC version, and apparently the trophy for the 65 nodes is across all files. So you could create a new save and then get that trophy if that hasn't changed. Being that you have already beaten the game and you said there's chapter select, does that mean there's nothing that's permanently missable? Just started last night and I'd like to know if I should look out for anything. Thanks!
  10. Venom for me. MGS2, MGS3, MGS4, MGS5, MGS: GZ, and Peace Walker.
  11. Seriously, taking forever. I'm at level 190 now. You should be proud, btw. When people (myself included) finally get this trophy and then the plat, most will owe it in part to you for teaching us about the MTU glitch.
  12. Were you at the very starting point of 107? Usually it takes about 2 runs per level for me, so that could make up the difference. I think I ended up halfway to 110, so maybe closer to 4.5 for me? It depends on the CPU too. Sometimes they randomly decide to kill you and you have to wait for a respawn. Either way, gonna be a long grind lol.
  13. Just tried timing it out. I got about 8 runs done in one hour. Went from Level 105-->Level 109. So roughly 4 levels per hour. Not sure how much the XP scales up. I'm looking at about 35 more hours to
  14. I think so. I'm on the same grind right now...Level 87. I'm watching YouTube/Netflix while doing it, but I figure do it a little bit a day and I'll get there.
  15. You are a god. Edit: Got Zidane trophy in 30 minutes, compared to 10+ hours of gameplay hoping I got paired with zombies. Lol.