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  1. I didn't get into the Uncharted series, so unfortunately I don't get the reference there. I feel like this is what I was saying, though? They're trying to make a quick buck by offering the trophies again. My original post was saying that I think it would be more reasonable to do that once a console generation, so they can at least offer better performance. I agree that some people may want one game and not the other, but that's why they should be launched solo first, and then offered as a price discount if you want both. Separating them now is odd at best, and greedy at worst.
  2. I mean considering the collection has been as cheap as $14 on Amazon is that even true? Who is out there saying that they would buy only Bioshock but not Bioshock 2? That doesn't make much sense. Why would they make different trophy lists, too?
  3. I'm torn on this. I love having a "reason" to go back and play a great game. I'll still replay my favorites even if I've plat'd them, but for a lot of games I feel like it's "a waste" when there are games I've never earned the trophies for (this may be the biggest drawback to trophy hunting). On the other hand, I don't want gaming companies to become cynical about just releasing a game again in the same console generation because we will potentially buy it. I kind of feel like a good trade off is bringing games forward once per console generation. That seems like a good way to update our favorites, without being overly greedy. So if Bioshock Remastered launched in 2016, the PS5 version launches in 2021...we can get another playthrough with trophies every 5 years or so.
  4. Congrats on your newborn!! Thanks for still running this even with your crazy schedule. I earned the FF7:R platinum last week, so I'm still at 14/14 for Kupo Lover. I don't think I'll ever get the highest rank because I'll never get through all the Mana games or Monster of the Deep.
  5. Naughty Dog pays Neil Druckman's wages. If Naughty Dog is happy with his performance (seems they are), he will continue to be employed. Again, no one owes you anything. For all the talk about the alt-left being snowflakes, the alt-right are the most entitled babies on the planet. "I can't believe this game doesn't fit my wants and needs. What about me? I paid $60 for the last game, so now I should have a seat at the developers' table!" Grow up. Vote with your wallet, skip the game, and leave everyone else in peace.
  6. The irony is that they are making their own games. None of this is "yours." The only thing that made it "yours" was the fact that you paid for it, so your only option is to not buy it. You just can't handle that LGBT characters are mainstream now, so you lose out. Maybe if you tried being open-minded and not hateful, you'd be able to enjoy more things. Or you can sit there and stew over the possibility of a gay Doom Marine while the rest of us have fun. Seems like a sad existence to me, though.
  7. This comment is pretty gross. I think the story is stupid, but not because one of the characters (or the devs) is trans.
  8. I dunno about that. Lots of people are saying they are cancelling. This was going to be a day one purchase for me because the original story was so good, but I'm not impressed with what I've heard. I don't know that reviewers will be forgiving just because they skew left...I skew left politically and I think it sounds like a generic "revenge doesn't make anyone happy" story. People on the left want equality in representation, not contrived nonsense to make a statement. I think the fallout may be bigger than you think. Will it be a flop? Probably not...but it won't be as big as ND is expecting.
  9. I agree with you. I would call this a sequel more than a remake, because it implies the original timeline already happened, and now Sephiroth is trying to change it while the ghosts are trying to keep it on track. New players would be entirely lost without looking up the lore of the original game.
  10. Hey OP, just wanted to say thanks for writing this. I grew up playing Doom, but somehow missed this when it came out. After reading your review, I picked it up and had a great time. Finished the campaign yesterday, now going back to clean up collectibles.
  11. Not to be overly semantic, but none of the titles you listed are classified as pure survival horror. I would agree with the argument that most of the modern day "survival horror" games are action horror. That doesn't mean they are bad, but adding co-op to RE2 or RE3 would turn those games into action horror as well. This is an ongoing debate of RE4 survival horror? I would argue it's not, because of how overpowered Leon is compared to RE2 Leon is. In Dark Souls, you are stuck in hell with demons. In Doom, Demons are stuck in hell with you. In RE2/RE3, you are stuck in the world with zombies. In RE4 and on, the zombies are stuck in the world with you.
  12. Survival Horror doesn't work when you have a friend right next to you to save you. It was introduced in RE5 because that is really an action game calling itself Resident Evil.
  13. Two tips after getting the plat: 1) Rebuild all roads ASAP. If you are trying to boost your speed rank, nothing helps more than doing the big timed missions in a truck. Those are nearly impossible without roads, but extremely doable with them built up. You'll get S-Rank and thousands of likes. 2) If it is a smaller timed order, you need good zip line routes. Usually the ones from other players are solid to build a framework around, but don't feel committed to them if they don't fit in your world. You need to know your zip-line routes. You'll be running them a lot in end-game. It is much better to get them right early on. The game is super easy once you have them built up properly. No BT's, no Mules, no snow or rocks can get in your way with a good zip system. It was very satisfying the first time I zipped from Lake Knot to Mountain Knot in S-Rank speed.
  14. Hi, I have all main games, Dissidia, and Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon. Thanks!
  15. I'm a fan of the extra support they give this game, but like many of you with a busy life, I'm waiting for it all to be out. I still have a bunch of FFXV DLC waiting to be completed, but I wanted to wait until they were done, too. The days where I could play each new DLC as it came out seem to have gone...but I look at it like a massive expansion dropped a year from when I first beat the game rather than 6 smaller episodes that I could have played along the way. I think the individuals on here that are upset by the persistent DLC are just completionists who want to be done with their 100%, but that is going to be rarer going forward. Every game wants to keep you engaged to keep drawing in revenue and your attention, and to make you think the experience was worth the cost of admission. For Odyssey, I feel like I got way more than what I expected at the price, and will be getting whatever the next AC game is for sure--so mission accomplished, Ubisoft?
  16. I have Dissidia. How are we feeling about Chocobo Mystery Dungeon? Just downloaded it and gonna start the grind towards that plat
  17. After reading this, I'll do the same and do a New Game+ playthrough to experience all the DLC and Updates. That said, does anyone know of a good guide to follow for collectibles and such? I would want to make this playthrough one where I get the rest of the trophies (I finished Comrades before it closed, thankfully).
  18. No you didn't. You can only get EXP Zero on Proud mode or higher, which means no Plat on easy.
  19. I've got KH1, KH2, KH: DDD, and KH: BBS. Guardian of Light, I believe. Those of you who did Chain of it as bad as people say?
  20. Which shop sells the +25 str items? Thanks!
  21. So the big question, which we don't seem to have an answer for yet, is if Square will create a new set of trophies for the standalone version of Comrades or not. In theory, they could have the standalone client just link to the trophy set in Final Fantasy XV. That would make more sense to me, because otherwise anyone buying FFXV and its various editions would be permanently locked out of the Comrades trophies... Does anyone know what the precedent is for this? Any games that have released standalone modes but that link back the original trophy list? Like many of you, I was waiting for the end of all the DLC to go for 100%. I really don't want to spend a month grinding out this mode while feeling time pressure...
  22. I'll join too. I have 4 so far: AC2 AC: Brotherhood AC: Revelations AC: Origins Next up will be Odyssey!
  23. I looked up the achievement guide on the PC version, and apparently the trophy for the 65 nodes is across all files. So you could create a new save and then get that trophy if that hasn't changed. Being that you have already beaten the game and you said there's chapter select, does that mean there's nothing that's permanently missable? Just started last night and I'd like to know if I should look out for anything. Thanks!
  24. Venom for me. MGS2, MGS3, MGS4, MGS5, MGS: GZ, and Peace Walker.
  25. Seriously, taking forever. I'm at level 190 now. You should be proud, btw. When people (myself included) finally get this trophy and then the plat, most will owe it in part to you for teaching us about the MTU glitch.