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  1. Tbh hardest part for me in this game was to leave some specific individuals (I'm not giving names for spoilers) dying in fire. I was too connected to them and their friendship and just standing in one place hearing them screaming in pain was a torture I really didn't give any care to other characters dying but these two wish I could have saved them again
  2. Yes it is unlocked to me before completing every location
  3. well I'm a Street fighter player so I used Akuma and had no problems defeating kyu-dans and getting the online trophies
  4. 1.Sonic Adventure DX 2.Sonic Adventure 2 Battle 3.Mortal Kombat 2011
  5. Gran Turismo 5 because of server closure Midnight club LA Because of server closure and most of WWE games because of server closure
  6. I bought an item from every single on of the stores i've eaten food in both of the maid shops i even sang karaoke i also tried to get "exclusive" items but yet the trophy didnt pop can someone clarify which "exclusive" items i have to buy?
  7. Ok it is kinda sad nobody replied to it but im gonna drop what happened and how did i unlock it in Kase someone has the same problem I stayed in the Kharacter Kustomization screen for 10 minutes then it poped The only thing that can be said is Dont Leave your game until the trophy pops and yes we can learn from that we dont actually have to grind out 5 heads if netherrealm chooses to add more rewards to the towers or ranked rewards
  8. So i did that long grind for four characters Skarlet Raiden Noob and Cetrion and i got a victory pose for scorpion as an online ranked reward so technically i did equip 5 different victories but the trophy didnt pop do i have to grind for another character or is there any other solution ?
  9. Im now doing the Master tournament and im gonna write down each car i used unlike what the guide says dont use macchina in every tournament it might be the "best car" but master tournament is really situational i'll update once i finish other tournaments as well California- Macchina Chile- Fancy Grey Brazil- Cruiser South Africa- Cruiser Greece- Infinity Iceland- Orient UAE- Macchina Update: Used Ladybug in rest of the races because of the number of curves especially in japan
  10. what if i join someone elses game as a "guest player" via shareplay? also i think it would be okay as it is a "trick" in the trophy guide
  11. so i just cant beat the iceland master tournament and im just wondering if it is possible to get the trophies by joining someone elses game via shareplay?
  12. no actually you can close the game
  13. Okay so i want to get Win with every character variation + win five times with every triborg variation can i do it on kustom kombat with one hit win modifiers in kustom kombat or do i have to do it on normal gameplay ?
  14. you have to make sure the glitch worked if you have the start race screen even when your race started then the glitch worked if you dont you have to try again
  15. use the hyperspace circuit glitch to make 100k per 2 minutes