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  1. Small update B137 - 137 pt S140 -280 pt G100 - 500 pt P14xC - 140 pt Total 1057 points upto trophy#10108
  2. My eclipse plats: Black & White Bushido Duke Nukem 3D 20th Anniversary World Tour Full Throttle Remastered
  3. Ive managed to get to stage 8 on my own but im completely stumped. Thanks alot for this @jsantosrocha
  4. I'll probably be knocking a couple of quick plats tomorrow anyway so sign me up. I'll be doing the little acre and full throttle remastered and maybe another one. I won't get to see the full eclipse and prob won't even see the partial as I live in the north of England where it'll most likely be cloudy and raining, gotta love British weather lol.
  5. August 23rd
  6. 4 fucking hours ive sat trying to do this tonight and i got your wife intrested in photography twice, i had nudge nudge 3 times but always at the wrong time. longest ive tried before this is 2 1/2 hours a few times. im so sick of trying but i cant leave completion on 97%
  7. I know what you mean about teslagrad. But the bit on the video where he's fighting the tree just made me think of ghouls and ghosts on the megadrive, if its anything like as hard as that it'll be a rare plat.
  8. Spartan launch trailer Looks very nice. Could be a tricky plat if you're no good at 2d platformers.
  9. @ee28max & @Morfea Thanks guys. I dont mind more recommendations coming, i can look back at this thread when im getting close to 11k to give me some ideas.
  10. My new totals B104 - 104 pt S110 -220pt G78 - 390pt P11xC - 110pt Total 824 points upto trophy#10020
  11. Thanks. Yeah its a point and click, some quite funny bits,nice and easy plat. My last 10 or 12 plats have all been ridiculously short and easy ones, ive got probably another 10 quick ones lined up to play aswel. Might end up doing another 2 today then start on valkyria chronicles tomorrow.
  12. So the decision has been taken out of my hands, I wake up this morning and my son has decided to start world of final fantasy for me on my vita and earn 2 trophies in it. So I'm going to be doing Deponia. I would do Until Dawn but that would mean only playing it in the evening after my son goes to bed.
  13. Great suggestions so far, I have every game mentioned so far in my digital backlog. At the minute valkyria chronicles is looking like the one i'll be going for, completely forgot i had it. Until dawn will probably be the plat after that. Ive platted prince of persia sands of time and started warrior within a few times but could never get properly into it.
  14. As the title says, im 21 trophies off 10k i would like trophy number 10000 to be a platinum. I need help to decide what to play. Recently ive been playing alot of shit games with easy plats so i would like this one to be something a bit better and tougher. im not looking for an ultra rare less than 1% achievers or anything like that though. Also nothing thats going to take over 50 hours. I can always earn a few trophies in something else first if a suggestion i like has less than 21 trophies. My favourite games are rpgs but im open to trying pretty much anything except fps war games. Looking forward to reading peoples sugestions.