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  1. I'm retiring this account. See Here if your interested. I'll be back with my new account @Deadpool--Rik as soon as I get to 50 posts.
  2. @ahmedelebiary I'm retiring this account. My new account is @Deadpool--Rik can you switch my team to that account please? If anyone wonders why I'm retiring see Here
  3. I'm gonna have to bow out of this. See Here
  4. I'm gonna have to bow out of this. See Here.
  5. I definitely don't recommend it. The combat is pretty bad, 90% of the time I was just mashing X, the backgrounds are all dull, you spend most of your time going backwards and forwards through the same 4 or 5 areas. The story bored me, I couldn't make myself give a shit either way when I had to make decisions who to support or not. I had to do 2 full playthroughs as I stupidly deleted my origins saves after I got the 100% earlier this year and sold the game on. Luckily you can skip all dialogue which made the 2nd play through quicker. I'm not in a rush to go back and do the other 2 dlcs I have left and it's also put me off playing inquisition which I've had in on my backlog for ages.
  6. 15 total. 1 down 14 to go. Discombobulated is my word. I think just one of mine is common. I'm probably gonna run out of time so if I do them in order I'll hopefully at least have spelt disco.
  7. Didn't get anything that qualifies done last month but I'm gonna make up for it this month. Just got the plat in dragon age 2, first trophy 18th July 2011 plat in 7 years 4 weeks.
  8. 1 letter down 14 to go. D- Dragon age 2 I think I'm gonna try and do my word in order so I'll start on I am setsuna tomorrow.
  9. #wolverine123 LVL 60 Thanks for this
  10. Sign me up please. I'll do a post with games in a few days.
  11. Thanks. I've already put about 40 hours in chasing that 1 damn trophy, I'm gonna have to set aside a day and just play it non stop hoping I get the damn phrase. I can't leave it on 97%
  12. @colinmazzini have you got anything planned for plat 200 or you just take it as it comes?
  13. @kingofbattle8174 I really enjoyed it. It did get slightly repetitive towards the end. If you liked rainbow moon then you'll like skies. As soon as you unlock fishing I recommend doing it every game day to level it up to save grinding it out later, same with the lottery. Get to battle rank 5 as soon as you can and be sure to fight at least 1 battle on rank 5 to get a key you will need post game, you can then drop the rank to whatever you want. I'm gonna go for a fastest achiever on the physical/Asian release eventually, maybe I'll try and find a physical vita copy and use it for vita birthday event also.
  14. Slow month for me. Finished rainbow skies, that was all I played for the first 2 1/2 weeks of the month. Got some long games planned for the next 2 months, I'm hoping to be down to 70 E ranks by october. E-88-88 D-31-31 C-21-22 B-15-15 A-84-85 S-368-377 70.60% - 71.04% Played-607-618 Unearned-6883- 6883