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  1. Sign me up please. The 5th birthday one was the first event I participated in on this site and It was great fun. Not sure on games yet.
  2. Mine does this but only when it's going through my vr control box. No problems direct HDMI from pro to tv.
  3. Here's this month's update E-89-88 D-30-31 C-22-21 B-15-15 A-88-84 S-362-368 70.35% - 70.60% Played- 606-607 Unearned- 6934-6883 Only started 1 new game this month and that was rainbow skies day before yesterday, that's my new D rank, I'll be playing that till plat then trying to get some more E ranks done. Went and bumped 4 of my A ranks upto S this month. New season of trophy hunters league next month so I'm expecting to play alot of new games.
  4. Pshh you wanna try waiting for the book.
  5. Can I swap out my go hiking game to rainbow skies please. Forgot it was out this month, just bought it, going to start it tomorrow and if it's half as good as the first one I know I'm not going to be able to put it down until I finish it. I was getting nowhere with banner saga 2 anyway.
  6. Its not the psone classics versions. They released ports of the pc versions with trophy support for ps4. I'm hoping for 8 with trophies this year but won't hold my breath.
  7. @Aze bastion works for make something as your rebuilding a country. Undertale works for be a hermit as the battles play out like minigames.
  8. I forgot chroma squad first trophy 29 August 2017 9 month 3 weeks. Also I got the plat in borderlands tonight first trophy 7th October 2012 5 years 8 months.
  9. Yeah it's instant. Sure I will, hit me up. Can do it now if you want. Or any other evening my time (BST)
  10. 7 down now 6 to go. Got the plat in borderlands. Think I'll save the dlc for the Halloween event. Gonna have to start doing a bit of work on ff9 if I want it as plat 300. @Sardavanua I ended up doing 3 playthroughs, first on normal and got quartermaster. Next on hard and got beat the odds, challenge & innocent. Then I did a casual playthrough to get forced march, high spirits and warmonger. If I remember right I had to back up my save about day 90, get forced march then reload to get high spirits.
  11. Mine was super stardust hd. Still not got the 100% due to late boomer. Hero of Lave Arcade - Complete planet LaveAdd to Cabinet 18th Jul 2008 10:32:14 PM 133,627 ACHIEVERS58.76% COMMON I'll be back in a few weeks to update my anniversary. Maybe I'll try and finally get late boomer done.
  12. Got the plat in shadow of mordor, 3 years 3 weeks. I'll be doing the 100% eventually but plat counts for this. Back to borderlands now.
  13. Just got the plat in shadow of mordor. It's fun in small doses, gets very repetitive though. Anyone that's played shadow of war is it just more of the same? That's my 6th game of the event done now, nearly halfway there. Going to try and make some progress on the banner saga 2 for my next game I think.
  14. R.I.P. Vinnie Paul Abbott. Hopefully he's having a blacktooth somewhere with Dime. https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/obituary/8462386/vinnie-paul-dead-pantera-damageplan-hellyeah
  15. Another notch for cabin 2. Got the plat in chroma squad.