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  1. Challenge 16 done. 1. Arcade Archices: MX5000 2. Arcade Archives: Blue's Journey 3. Arcade Archives: Samurai Shodown II 4. Risk: Urban Assault 5. Boggle 6. Trivial Pursuit Live! 7. Battleship 8. Arcade Archives: Crazy Climber 2 9. Arcade Archives: Double Dragon II The Revenge 10. Buzz!: The Ultimate Music Quiz Im pretty sure i'll be eliminated before christmas as next week at work is manic and i'll be putting a ton of overtime in, so wont have much spare time for gaming. All depends on the challenges though i guess.
  2. Done. Almost famous from buzz the ultimate music quiz 0.65% That's now my rarest trophy it bumped my naughty bear plat off the top spot.
  3. Challenge done. Letter S
  4. Mine was last month. 715 trophies in November.
  5. Happened to me too about 4 times over 3 playthroughs. Just another thing that made it a really tedious plat.
  6. Challenge done provided no drastic rarity changes in next few hours.
  7. Planet of the apes- planet of the apes:last frontier Lines in the sand- POTA:LF Ape lover- POTA:LF You're good at dying- save the ninja clan Score 500,000 points- Metal Slug X The manual has been read- Double dragon Aim to be the best!- Double dragon Two tribes- POTA:LF Ice breaker- POTA-LF Orange is the new black- POTA:LF No mercy- Risk
  8. Yeah great match. I kept thinking you'd notice my hidden trophies. I've been stockpiling easy games for weeks.
  9. Challenge done Common- Spontaneous Combustion (Save The Ninja Clan) Uncommon- The Slayer (Quest of Dungeons) Rare- Fly You Fool! (Quest of Dungeons) Very Rare- Prod Off (Worms Battlegrounds) Ultra Rare- Steamroller (Worms Battlegrounds)
  10. I assume its psnp rarity and not psn?
  11. Challenge done. I wasn't planning on doing this till tomorrow but 4 trophies I got in Quest of Dungeons spelt it out for me. I just needed an A after that so I tried for bout an hour an a half to get "alternate reality" on Q.O.D. but gave up. Guardians of the galaxys first trophy happens to start with an A so that got busted out of my backlog. Country: Wales W- Willpower (Q.O.D.) A- Appetite for Destruction (G.O.T.G.) L- Listen Closely (Q.O.D.) E- Easy Breezy? (Q.O.D.) S- Some Challenge (Q.O.D.)