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  1. I've got the plat on arkham origins now. It seems every time I clear a game I stick another one on my list though. Seeing as I've done origins I now feel obliged to go back and do arkham knight. Batman:Arkham Knight (Sept 6th 2015) Tomb Raider definitive edition (Sept 6th 2015) Edit: also in a boosting session for tomb raider so add that to working on.
  2. Platted nfs undercover, I'm so glad I never have to play it again. Just got some online xp to grind on arkham origins for the plat, ive bought the dlc, figured i might aswell get it to 100% while im on it. I was in a really good boosting session on saturday night where everyone managed to get the harder online ones out of the way.
  3. I've joined a boosting session for arkham origins so I'll add that to my list. Batman arkham origins (March 22nd 2014)
  4. Fifa 12 can go on my played through pile. Finally got the plat last night. I won't be buying the dlc because one of the trophies is unobtainable. Still trying to get nfs finished, just got 119 races online to do, I've done a big chunk of them but it's taking longer than expected, it's a pain you can't check how many you've done anywhere. I've found boosting partners for fifa 13 (ps3) & 15 (ps4) so hopefully have those done over the weekend too.
  5. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252985823823 It's not up for international postage atm. I'd have to look into cost of shipping it from UK to Brazil if you wanted it. I'll have a look at prices tomorrow and update the listing accordingly. Edit: it doesn't have extraction. I'm pretty sure you can't get the usk version as limited edition.
  6. Just put my copy up on eBay uk if anyone's interested. Search dead space 2 usk
  7. I've nearly finished the offline on nfs undercover, i'm playing it without the patch to make it much easier, as soon as i download the patch then they will all pop at once. I've found someone to boost the online with on sunday so that should be finished then. Im also working on a few fifa games now too, ive done most of the hard work on them years ago and just a few trophies left on each for plat, I didn't realise they were all ultra rare plats,luckily i already did the unobtainable trophies back in the day on them. FIFA 12 (20th May 2012) FIFA 13 (8TH June 2013) FIFA 14 (17th October 2013) FIFA 15 PS3 (4th October 2014) FIFA 15 PS4 (24th May 2015)
  8. Thanks man, just looked it up. I never realised it was written specifically for the game, I'd always just assumed it was a metal song they found and used.
  9. Ah right, that makes sense now. Surprised the ps3 version still up over the ps4.
  10. I was playing pro clubs 2 nights ago after not being on the game for ages, finally decided to get the plat done. My old pro was still there and I played a couple of drop in games. One game was just me vs 1 guy and all the other players were ai controlled. It said yhere were 16 people playing drop in matches. I'm from UK.
  11. I love the FFX opening blitzball sequence, I was sat open mouthed the first time I saw it when I first got the game. I'd never seen graphics like it. This was back in 2001 remember. I still don't know what the song is to this day.
  12. I've not posted for ages, sorry about that. I've not made any progress on my games on my list since godfather. I've actually been working on need for speed undercover the last week or so which qualifies for this. Im gonna make more off an effort on this from now on with more regular posts, I've been finding it hard to motivate myself to play older games. But I've dusted the ps3 off for nfs so once that's done I'll jump back on Spider-Man.
  13. I could do that but my suggestion still stands. Leave it on the autoflag whitelist but allow it to be manually flagged.