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  1. Video & Timestamps are in the spoiler tag All 15 Contaminated Areas Comms All 4 Castle Comm All 8 Theater Comms All 8 Dead Drops Comms All 8 Shay Comms All 13 Government Comms All 10 Hyenas Comms All 8 Campus Comms All 8 JTF Comms All 10 Division Comms All 10 True Sons Comms All 10 Unknown Comms All 10 Dark Zone Comms All 8 New York Comms All 12 Outcasts Comms All 5 Unknown ECHOs All 17 World ECHOs All 11 Factions ECHOs All 13 Relics Artifacts All 7 Founding Fathers Artifacts All 13 Artwork Artifacts
  2. Yeah the Arcanist Runes are giving people issues. So far I haven't heard of any issues with the 80 Mederines
  3. Good to hear an congrats on the Plat
  4. The Black Diablos is a difficult crown to get
  5. The Arcanist Trophy glitch for me so I'm stuck. Here the other thread to the Runes
  6. Yeah I didn't want to go that route when I know they're out there
  7. The Mederines' in Anthem has 10 Mederines Disciple, 30 Mederines Order & 40 Mederines Peer Challenges to Complete. This will help you toward the No Stone Unturned Trophy. Timestamp are in the Spoiler Tag.
  8. Found the last one. Will have a video posted asap
  9. I'm missing a Scroll called The "Midderon" I believe it's somewhere in in Ruins of Shadowmark but I'm not sure. After that one I can post a guide for all 80. I appreciate any help thanks in advance.
  10. It Glitched on me too
  11. Lol yeah you would think it be something bigger/better
  12. Please note you will need to have your Storm Javelin to unlock this. This is the missing Bastion Collectible in the menu with "???"
  13. Go east of the Honor Valley Dam Landmark. As soon as you cross over into Eastern Reach the 2 extra are around there
  14. I remember you just sent a request now There's no way of telling. I think the problem be some of the hidden places are not counting like they should. There's 1 or 2 extra in The Vault and 3 extra in The Shrine plus 2 in the Eastern Reach East of the Honor Valley Dam Landmark
  15. Yeah I'm start to think that. It most likely will be your last Trophy