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  1. 1. Requiem for the Enemy. There is 7 Monsters you need to kill and each monster drop a Tuning. 2. When you raise a character Tuning to the highest rank (Level 30), you will unlock a couple Tunings. Do this for each character. 3. Tunings can be obtained by fulfilling all requests from Fernando. 4. Below is a list of Sigil to buy from the Item Shop for 10k Gold. You can add a Sigil to the Grimoire Dungeon’s Bookmark. Each Sigil has a Special Reward that is a Tuning. When you complete the dungeon, you will have a chance to receive a tuning. It might take a couple attempt to get the tuning. Magician’s Eye Imperial Ninja Berserker Blade Beowulf’s Revenge Shining Priestess Shining Princess Magician Knight Bullet Witch Imperial Blade
  2. Some character I didn't change their traits so they have no effect. Just Date/Hang 4 to 5 times.
  3. It's hard to tell which might be better. Unless you run out of Egg Hunt then this is or maybe you want to switch it up. I was able to get a Egg Scramble Dungeon plus 4x the exp yeah you can't beat that.
  4. Minimum of 4 Date Events for each Character Ending your trying to get Here is another way to Level up Fast when you get to the Post Game
  5. It's not an automatic trophy, you just need to add break in your combo. Next time you're in the game try it Swing Swing Swing break or Swing Swing Swing Swing break or swing swing break with Yuma.
  6. When I was messing around with the 99-Hit Combo. I had Sonia and Kirika in my party. I Kicked Yuma and Jinas out. I'm curious too. If I had to guess I would say you need the 2 DLC characters. You will find the answer to your question around the mid point of Chapter 5
  7. Yeah sorry one article made it sound like it wasn't a big deal. So when I check the trophies list out, I notice some trophies in refrain mode. It's a bad habit when hunting for a platinum. I tend to shorten the time whenever it possible. It doesn't mean I'm speeding through the game. I'm going to do everything within the game just in Refrain mode.
  8. In Spoiler tags will be Video Guides. Hopefully this will help. All the guides are done. If you have any questions please comment on the video YouTube page so I can quickly reply back. All my notifications are sent to my tablet and I can respond quickly. Thanks How to Achieved a 99 hit Combo First Date Guide How to Unlock Quelled Dragon How to Unlock Center Stage Defeated a Rare Monster How to Level up Fast (High Exp) How to Level up Fast Part 2 How to Unlock All Character Endings How to Unlock Wheel of Fortune How to Unlock Requiem for the Enemy Shining Resonance Refrain Trophy Guide https://gamingwithabyss.com/2018/07/10/shining-resonance-refrain-trophy-guide/
  9. Good job!!!
  10. In the spoiler tags are the 4 Misc Trophies Video Guides Live Bait - Survive 5 pike attacks in a row without using your lasso in the pike chase. Falling with Style - Make it between the two moose signs in Ashes to ashes without using any directional inputs Airs and Graces - Travel between the barrels in At the Rapids without touching the water Don't Go With The Flow - Travel from the Island with the Tables back up to the Lifebuoy in At the Rapids All Collectibles Location Guide (Chapter 1-7)
  11. Good job!!!
  12. Not bad. I watch the whole thing. This one seem reasonable
  13. Post a video when you get it. I'm curious to see it done. Best of luck
  14. Yeah like skipping cutscenes would be so useful. It pain me when you can't and the time is still running