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  1. All Videos are within the Spoiler Tag and Timestamps are below the Video All GODS OF THE AEGEAN SEA (0:05) 1/6 Asterion - on the map (1:25) Clue for The Mytilenian Shark - Palace of Amphitrite (2:42) 2/6 The Mytilenian Shark (4:39) Clue for Melanthos - Defeat the Leader in Messara (5:15) 3/6 Melanthos (6:29) Conquest Battle for Obsidian Islands in Melos (7:01) 4/6 Sokos (8:09) 5/6 The Octopus (9:32) 6/6 The Hydra All EYES OF KOSMOS (0:05) 1/6 Elpenor (1:13) 2/6 Midas (1:57) 3/6 Sotera Citizenship Test and Witness Him complete these two before Free Speech will show up. (2:37) Complete Quest Giver called Free Speech (5:24) 4/6 Hermippos On a High Horse and A Friend in Need... complete these two before A Life's Worth will show up. (6:00) Complete Quest Giver called A Life's Worth (8:52) 5/6 The Master (9:24) 2 * T/A Fashion's Creed & I am Legend (9:55) 6/6 Nyx the Shadow All SILVER VEIN (0:05) 1/6 Epiktetos the Forecoming - Story Related (0:17) 2/6 Chimera - Andros (0:51) 3/6 The Centaur of Euboea - Euboea (1:51) 4/6 The Silver Griffin - Prasonisia Island (3:00) Clue to the 5th Cultist - Shipwreck Cove (3:24) 5/6 Machaon the Feared - Patrai Military Shipyard (4:20) 6/6 Polemon the Wise - Teichos of Herakles All DELIAN LEAGUE (0:05) 1/6 Brison on the map at Salamis Marble Quarry (0:58) Complete Trouble in Paradise - Silver Islands (3:06) Go to the Porphyrion Cave to find Kyra (6:38) Kill the Athenian and talk to Thaletas (9:35) 2/6 Podarkes Next 2 are Story Related in Sequence 8 (10:42) A-Musing Tale - Talk to Aikaterine (12:43) 3/6 Rhexenor the Hand (13:35) 4/6 Kleon the Everyman - Mission We Will Rise (14:44) 5/6 Iobates the Stoic - Bring the defense to Vulnerable (15:46) The Arena - Fight Titos, the Rock of Athens for the clue (16:24) 6/6 Kodros the Bull All PELOPONNESIAN LEAGUE (0:05) Main Mission - Monger Down in Sequence 5 - 1/6 Monger (0:50) Main Mission - Unified Front - Destory Paros's Fleet - 2/6 Silanos of Paros (2:25) Pilage Nation Chest to Discover - Xerxes Military Fort (3:05) 3/6 Skylax the Fair (3:41) Kings of Sparta Available in Sequence 7 (4:08) Mission Delivering a Champion (4:26) Pick up the Champion - Messenia Bay of Hades (4:54) To the Olympic at the Pankration (5:29) Mission The Contender All HEROES OF THE CULT (0:05) 1/6 Okytos the Great - Temple of Poseidon (0:44) 2/6 Belos the Beast of Sparta in the Arena (1:53) 3/6 Deianeira - Mission The Fall of Deianeira Sequence 7 (2:35) Quest: Myths and Minotaurs - Messara (6:52) 4/6 Swordfish - Mission Blood in the Water - Hermit's Dive (9:23) 5/6 Pallas the Silencer - Conquest Battle in Achaia Region with Sparta in control. Hard Challenge with Athens Invading (10:27) 6/6 Exekias the Legend All WORSHIPPERS OF THE BLOODLINE (0:05) 1/6 Harpalos - Cave of Ares (1:08) 2/6 Chrysis - Mission Death Comes for Us All - Argolis (4:04) Mission I, Diona - Kythera Island (9:16) Place in the Kosmos Side Missions (9:20) All Bonds will Break - Free 3 Prisoners (9:45) Atoll Order - Find and Kill the Captain (10:14) Pick your Poison - Find the Satchel of Poison and return to Diona (11:35) The Handmaiden's Story - Find the Handmaiden (14:34) In a Rush - Return to Diona (15:58) By the Fate - Meet and Talk to the Handmaiden (17:45) 3/6 Diona - Pick the Right (19:29) 4/6 Melite - Kresilas's Residence - Messara (20:03) 5/6 Zoisme - Wild Bear Cave - Malis (20:47) 6/6 Iokaste the Seer - Petrified Islands I hope this helps and good luck hunting 😀
  2. Once again thank you for the trophy list. You are the man!!!
  3. Thanks for the tip with the black Cup race. I honestly didn't try the black cup because I hate racing stuff in games lol
  4. Hi  A_B_Y_S_S_1

    just wanted to drop by & say thanks for the vids u made for Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    i had been looking for while on yt for guides with commentary not just showing where things are

    dont get me wrong any type of video content that helps players get through points of games they are stuck on are great/ helpful :) but the vids u make are just that little bit more helpful as u communicate or with some of the guide video's i have watched allready u talk at start explaining what ppl will see in the rest of the video

    keep up the great work

    regards from australia matt aka madmatty75

    1. A_B_Y_S_S_1


      Thank you I really appreciate letting me know. YouTube is a side job for me and it almost feels like a full-time job. So when I hear that the videos are helping or better because of the commentary then I know I'm on the right track. It's a lot of work and I appreciate the support. Thanks

    2. madmatty75


      ur very welcome sir :) 

  5. That's the 2nd one in the VIP area toward the right. Thank for helping, someone asked I didn't know. I found the first one before you enter the VIP area on the left.
  6. The first Puff Puff in Upper Octagonia. Where is she if you missed her and your in the post game
  7. 1. (0:08) A Small Odyssey - Ithaka (0:25) I'll travel with you. Let's go. (2:05) ❤ It's cute that you're determined. You'll learn to. Being great isn't easy. 2. (3:56) A Family Ordeal - Megaris (4:11) ❤ I forgot how beautiful you are. I'll distract you for hours. I'll get the things for you. I'll get going. (7:21) I'll pay you. 50 (9:12) People are after you. ❤ I'll keep you safe. Show me what you mean. 3. (10:39) The True Story - Megaris (10:53) ❤ Odysseus was a great lover, too. We should read together. I'll go to the leader's house. I'm going. (15:13) ❤ Let's have some fun first. (15:37) I know what's going on. You're a victim. You'll start your journey soon. You should join my crew.
  8. Couple people message me and said it took over 2 hours to get a jackpot. It's completely random and RNG luck. Yeah I would skip the side quest also. The only thing good about winning the jackpot besides the 1 million. Is all the accolades you get at the end. Good recommendation to played daily for 20 minutes so it's not that big of a drag
  9. Let me clear the air so this post can go back to normal. When you posted the suggested video, I took the time out to watch it. Simply because I'm not perfect and I want to make sure that there wasn't anything I missed or could have done better within my video. I gave you my opinion on the video you suggested and I believe you took it the wrong way. If someone came to this post and watched your last video then seen it cost 114000 tokens to win the jackpot with no explanation. This could easily defer them away from wanting to win the jackpot. I'm not perfect but I felt that I covered everything that needed to be covered within my video. Saving points, minimum tokens needed to win the jackpot 7200, what happens if you spend Max money and how to trade in tokens to gain gold. I got offended because I got the impression you didn't take the time to watch my video and you wanted to post another one without comparing the difference between the two. I'm sorry that I got offended. I just wanted to explain that is not an ideal situation to spend 114000 in tokens when you only need to spend 7200 to win the jackpot. I'll leave it at that if you want to talk more in a private message. Then please message me I'm available 24/7. Sorry about the misconfusion
  10. I watch the video he sent and I have no problem with other suggestions. I was only saying that..... One person tells you 7200 can you win you 1 million and the other person tells you 114000 can when you 1 million. In that scenario 99% of the people will go with the easiest and cheapest route to win 1 million. You can't become a better content creator if you don't take criticism and suggestions. That's why I listen and watch all videos just in case I'm missing something. Plus betting more does not increase your chance. There's only 36 numbers to bet on. Which means you only need 36 chips unless you want to put one on it treasure chest.
  11. You do realize the person in the Video is spending $114,000 to come up with the same goal of winning the Jackpot at 1 million. No offense, just keep it simple. Spend 7,200 and win Jackpot for 1 million.
  12. The materials and stuff I knew. But with this particular recipe, it was only available in that one spot that you can no longer go back to in post game. That's why I was getting confused on how to actually get it. That was nice of the game to relocate the chest to a new area.
  13. You are a Rock Star!!! It was at The First Forest - Whale Way Station. Along with a bunch of chests. Thanks
  14. Warrior Princess's Headdress and Dress: Crafted from the Recipe Book: Pride of the Valkyries, found in a Chest in the final dungeon of the game before the Post-Game. Can someone give me a clue to where exactly this Recipe Book is. I missed this in act 1 so it's making me think that this is a missable because I can't find this anywhere.
  15. Steps and Timestamps below video To forge the Supreme Sword of Light you will need. Sword of Light, Sword of Kings, 2 Crimsonite, 2 Uber Agate of Evolution and 2 Spectralite. 1. (0:10) Complete any Trial and Select "I wish I had a super powerful weapon!" you will receive a recipe book for the Supreme Sword of Light. 2. (1:33) Phial of Lumen Essence - The Disciple's Trial - The Eerie Valley - Phoenix's Nest. 3. (2:12) Crucible Key - Mount Huji - Caldera - Lower Area Talk to Miko and give her the Lumen Essence and she will give you the Crucible Key. 4. (3:44) Forging Hammer - Gallopolis Racetrack - Win Platinum Race on Easy 5. (6:31) Orichalcum x2 - The Battleground - Overlooked Cavern & Level B9 6. (7:25) Give the Orichalcum to the Blacksmith in Hotto. Wait a day and buy the Sword of Kings 35,000G 7. (8:42) Forge the Sword of Light at Mount Huji 8. (10:56) Serpent Souls x2 - Ruins of Dundrasil - Erik's Abitilty Half-Inch - Steal 2 Serpent Soul from Royal Reptile. 9. (11:54) Trade 2 Serpent Souls for 2 Crimsonite. Snifheim Castle Krystalinda 10. (13:20) Spectralite x2 - Trial Isle merchant 10,000G each one. 11. (14:04) Uber Agate of Evolution x2 - The Luminary's Trial - Citadel of Spite - Level 4. Erik's Abitilty Half-Inch - Steal from Red Giant 2 Uber Agate of Evolution. 12. (14:37) Forge the Supreme Sword of Light