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  1. Does anybody remember what event has both deviljho crowns
  2. Thanks that's the same size I got
  3. The Large Gold is 978.35
  4. Thank you. I bet that Temper version was fun lol
  5. Thanks. That sound about right with the silver being at around 900 I still want to make a guide
  6. After defeating Rajang one time. The Largest size is set at 829.11 I'm assuming Rajang has a Mini / Large Gold Crown. Please let me know if you get a different size or the mini/large crown. This will help me when the time comes to making a video. In the Spoiler tag is the RAJANG vs SAVAGE DEVILJHO Turf War Large Gold is 978.35 Mini Gold Crown is 737.91
  7. You're welcome 👍
  8. Thank you for this. I went and created a third character and it took less than 30 minutes to go to all four locations. When I got to the last one the trophy finally unlocked.
  9. Good so it worked for two other people. Maybe when I find a fifth location it'll unlock for me
  10. It takes about 40 minutes to create a new character and go to all four locations again. But unfortunately, it did not unlock for me 😭. If someone else wants to try they can doesn't take that long but I didn't have any luck getting it to work
  11. I bet you go to the four locations on your main account. Create a new character then go to the four locations again to unlock the trophy
  12. So far we have found 4. Two in the West one in the East Island and one in the South Island. I suspect that there's one in the north still may be a couple in the east maybe in the south before the islands. But I wouldn't get hooked on these abandoned sites too much even though all four were found there. I swear I've searched almost all of these abandoned sites throughout the map and I haven't found any extra
  13. I have discovered all the locations on the map so you're definitely going to have to walk up to them for them to count.
  14. Just added Banbaro Large Crown
  15. Keep in Mind for everyone to know. Thanks to Elrigh for the extra info. "People should know that you do not need all of these points. As a matter of fact you get one for every level and one for every tier challenge completed in the class system. When I finished all the class tiers and hit 30 I needed only 3. I did pick up some during the game and I did get one or two from PVP. But you don´t need all. Right now."