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  1. Yeah, it looked like you just need the Tail of the Monster as long as you get them in action. Nicely Done
  2. Time Stamps are in the Spoiler Tag. This will help unlock the Mechani-Cool Trophy
  3. Time Stamps are in the Spoiler Tag. This will help unlock the Tales From The Eridian Slab Trophy
  4. Time Stamps are in the Spoiler Tag. This will help unlock the Zer0ed In Trophy
  5. Time Stamps are in the Spoiler Tag. This will unlock the Got Big Game Trophy
  6. Barioth How to Measure Large Gold Crown - 2622.88 Investigation - 3 Faints - 4 Gold & 1 Bronze Reward - Capture I will try to to get the Small Glavenus tonight or tomorrow morning
  7. It depends if you need to capture a monster and take a picture then yes it will rotate between the 3
  8. You're welcome Yeah and I'm right now I'm starting a whole new set of crowns for iceborne
  9. Thank you for this. It makes hunting these down easier knowing the numbers
  10. There are 60 Treasures in total. 10 per region. Under the Video, the spoiler tag will have the Timestamps. Elder's Recess All Treasure Locations Ancient Forest All Treasure Locations Wildspire Waste All Treasure Locations Coral Highlands All Treasure Locations Hoarfrost Reach All Treasure Locations Rotten Vale All Treasure Locations Here's a Guide for the New Palico Gadget
  11. Yeah I agree. They need more missions like this one that were fun and interesting.
  12. Thank you I appreciate it
  13. Yeah I enjoyed the side missions and even though there was 18, I wish there was more
  14. This Side Mission has 2 parts. Timestamps below the Video. [0:26] JAPANESE PAPER LANTERN - Containment Sector Side Mission called A Matter of Time. [1:14] HAND CHAIR - Containment Sector Side Mission called What A Mess: Clear The Mold [2:03] TRAFFIC LIGHT - Containment Sector in the Panopticon [4:00] MOVING LETTERS - Executive Sector in the Dead Letters RETURN TO LANGSTON FOR PART 2 [5:40] FLAMINGO - Containment Sector in the Sealed Threshold Corridor. You'll need to defeat Former again. [7:26] MANNEQUIN - Containment Sector in the Prime Candidate Program [8:29] RUBBER DUCK - Research Sector in the Protective Studies