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  1. Just a rant here, but I'm one trophy away from the Platinum and it just so happens to be the level grind trophy. I should have followed the guide and grind out the Toki fights at least to level 95. I finished my normal Endless Eden run after doing all the substories and talismen grind at level 75 or so. When I finished my extra hard run, I was only level 86. The enemies in the south were too annoying to fight in extra hard mode since they'd kill me with cheap shots when perfect channeling or random arrows. It was either carry a ton of healing items, rely on the Fate talisman to save me, and save frequently or go through chapters 1-4 again on easy/normal to get to Toki to grind. I chose the later. Please don't make the same mistake as me. I could have saved like two hours and instead spent them fighting Toki. What's really annoying about his fight is that he will ALWAYS force you into his Celestial Fist QTE, and it's not just one bout -- sometimes it can be up to three! I'm not looking forward to fighting him about 40 times even with the Eye of Dragon, Destiny Belt, the pants (whatever they're called), and the all girl talisman set for the 5% boost but I already got the clinic trophy and did all those races for BP so I'm not giving up.