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  1. midas82539 Okami HD It’s possible if you miss few gate even you got all stray beads, ok? For example if you lost one in North Riyoshima Coast and not beating it, the out of gate trophy will not achieve, it happened so I had to check every spots to fix it. That’s also my last trophy. So I don’t know why you guys look my mistake as cheating?what
  2. This game is great but trophies are shit. Yes they make the game of good quality, but secret level is absolute garbage. You need to be quick and no mistake to beat this level because there is a big stupid fucking cat will kill you in touch, and no checkpoint!! I've been on this for hours on this shit. Fuck it! Desperado is also a fucking shit, you need to complete the whole level without dying, which means if you die you can't restart just the section but you will have to restart the whole level!! anyway, 100% is not easy as you thought.