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  1. thanks for your work on the guide but in the meantime i was trying to find that mission but i cant fine one with that name. also would you happen to know how to unlock new monster type moves since that seems to be the strongest battle type in the game? EDIT: found it! was looking for it at the main office building
  2. Hi i was hoping to ask since i missed a few trophies like save everyone and kill everyone trophies i read that i have to play the chapters Homeless, Navajo, Norah and Black sun if i play it in the original order i would have to play 14 chapters BUT if i play in chronological its less than 10 i just wanted to see if i choose chronological will the trophy still pop the guides rent too clear on that fact in regards to these two trophies Thanks in advance
  3. EDIT: i was dumb disregard this haha i just talked to the attendant and was allowed back into the tv...
  4. Dammit thanks for the info i guess its another play through for me :/
  5. So i've been enjoying this game quite a bit but haven't been following any guides but i looked at the trophy guide to see whether it was possible for me to MAX all social links at the stage i am so my question is im at the stage after the true culprit is found and defeated mid January date wise but i haven't got the jester link maxed. should i restart to get the true ending and the max social trophy or can i continue and still get the trophy?
  6. 106 plats woah but i would have to take last of us terrible trophy list but i want it all the same
  7. i'll take Rouge legacy game is just beyond me haha
  8. Nioh since i wanna play it haha
  9. hey i would love to check out Okami HD if thats cool, oh and props for doing this... its really cool of you... *start Slow clap*
  10. Renaissance gamer, a lot of games from a lot of genres
  11. can anyone confirm or deny if this still works???
  12. Transformers 2, isnt a good game but only two more...
  13. uncharted 1 is a simple one really easy to get i mean REAL EASY!!! lol
  14. Max Payne 3....
  15. Might i say WOW, you sir have my envy... lol how do you have time for all these !!!! that being said i would go for tony hawk HD