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  1. Hi i was hoping to ask since i missed a few trophies like save everyone and kill everyone trophies i read that i have to play the chapters Homeless, Navajo, Norah and Black sun if i play it in the original order i would have to play 14 chapters BUT if i play in chronological its less than 10 i just wanted to see if i choose chronological will the trophy still pop the guides rent too clear on that fact in regards to these two trophies Thanks in advance
  2. EDIT: i was dumb disregard this haha i just talked to the attendant and was allowed back into the tv...
  3. Dammit thanks for the info i guess its another play through for me :/
  4. So i've been enjoying this game quite a bit but haven't been following any guides but i looked at the trophy guide to see whether it was possible for me to MAX all social links at the stage i am so my question is im at the stage after the true culprit is found and defeated mid January date wise but i haven't got the jester link maxed. should i restart to get the true ending and the max social trophy or can i continue and still get the trophy?
  5. 106 plats woah but i would have to take last of us terrible trophy list but i want it all the same
  6. i'll take Rouge legacy game is just beyond me haha
  7. Nioh since i wanna play it haha
  8. hey i would love to check out Okami HD if thats cool, oh and props for doing this... its really cool of you... *start Slow clap*
  9. Renaissance gamer, a lot of games from a lot of genres
  10. can anyone confirm or deny if this still works???
  11. Transformers 2, isnt a good game but only two more...
  12. uncharted 1 is a simple one really easy to get i mean REAL EASY!!! lol
  13. Max Payne 3....
  14. Might i say WOW, you sir have my envy... lol how do you have time for all these !!!! that being said i would go for tony hawk HD
  15. go for far cry 3 its a pretty easy plat