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  1. It's "ok", but man is the RNG on top of RNG heavy, difficulty is all over the place and the grind is real. You might also get worn out pretty quickly because you're basically put to create a new character, clear all the story again and so on over and over again. Play through it once and see how you like it, I'd say. The current league (Synthesis) sucks as well. I don't think there are too many people who are happy with it. The performance on PS4 is very choppy (not to mention it doesn't have custom loot filters, which are almost essential - especially with the looting system on consoles). That said, it's far from perfect on PC as well. Without SSD the loading screens are really, really bad.
  2. I tried Sin and all that, but what worked for me was just bashing his heads until it got stunned in each form - fire, lightning and ice. Popped after the third stun.
  3. Yakuza trophy lists are always pretty easy difficultywise but the amount of tedious nonsense pads out the length by a ton
  4. 290 hours in, 24/28 Giant and Mini both. Missing both from Black Diablos, Kirin and Teostra while missing big Vaal and small Kusha. Getting a bit frustrating since these are all pretty much the most annoying monsters to hunt, minus Vaal and Teostra (but they are boring as hell). E: Had a lucky break today and within 10 hours of playtime I'm now only missing large Kirin and both Black Diablos crowns (blegh) E2: And that came to bite me in the ass because after nearly 20 hours of more playing I haven't gotten any of the three missing crowns. Thanks, Capcom. E3: have to give this up for a while again since the game just refuses to bring out big kirin and black diablos (got my small at 60th kill from someone else's investigation). What a drag. Gave it a final go and actually got both in few kills today! Turns out 659 was large enough for gold crown and I had 654 before this... Final playtime around 326 hours.
  5. I was actually going to check on if the characters stack, guess that answers that then. Although I won't bother to do the story missions on 2 characters but extra crucible challenges will help anyway.
  6. Ah. So it just takes closer to a month instead of 3 days now. Lovely.
  7. Aren't there only weekly challenges now?
  8. Someone on reddit* already contacted the support and they said the servers are experiencing technical difficulties and they have no eta on fix (2 weeks ago) so we'll have to see if anything comes from that.
  9. Breach mode worked for me yesterday but now it doesn't let me connect anymore on my main account, only on alt account. I don't have that many friends on my main account so I doubt that's the issue here either. Guess this platinum is going to be unobtainable.
  10. There are cheaters out there for sure (probably less on PS4 compared to PS3 though) but a ton of the people are legit and basically just obsessed and for the speed cups basically mastered a lot of techniques. The real problem with the system has always been that it's % based rather than some specific time so those few people who have mastered stuff over a long period of time will keep getting diamond cups while others will rarely get them. Especially so once playerbase dwindles.
  11. I tried the timing methods and only got the chest to spawn once during 50 minutes. Using Reks method it was like 4-5 mins per bow and I only failed the chest opening once so it's still considerably faster.
  12. It should go live today. It grants HR Ryu set I think. You can check here for event schedules: http://www.monsterhunterworld.com/eventquest/MHW_EventQuest_EN.pdf
  13. I really hope they'll bring crown events for Elders and Black Diablos. So sick of killing them all (save for Nergi whom I miraculously have gotten both Crowns in 20 or so kills for) and people rarely host something like Kirin and I've got barely any investigations for it either. Looking at current schedule it seems it's huge Nergi in arena challenges for some SF collaboration, so good for those who need it.
  14. There's only one really good RNG manipulation guide for Seitengrat and it's this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VpFs1O8s9I This works 100% of the time and takes minutes to set up. All the step counting, second counting in and out checking nonsense is pure waste of time compared to this.
  15. After 2 days of grinding only one new crown from the zone event quests. Getting real tired of this. E: Actually since I only started grinding the Elder's Recess yesterday I did get 6 of the 8 crowns fairly quickly within few hours (leaving of course one annoying crown for Azure Rathalos) but beyond that it's been quite the dry spell.