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  1. Hello😁

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      How’s it going?

  2. Bioshock 2 since I see you didn't give the game much of a play. It's an awesome game. And though I have yet to plat it myself,it would be very rewarding I imagine.
  3. Thanks for all the feedback guys. I have bought Mass Effect trilogy and Fallout 3 so I hope I enjoy them as much as everyone else has! :3
  4. That's a big issue for me. I lose my commitment to a game when it comes to getting the last few trophies I need. Pretty much why most of my completions on games take me months or a year rather than what it really would be,just a few weeks. But I always find myself going back to them eventually,I don't sell any of my games so I keep them all for later if I ever wanna revisit them. And I do plan on platting a few more Gows,Bioshock,and Batman in the future! I just wanted to give some new games I haven't tried before a go. I like being diverse with my selection of what I play,like how my list will vary from Lego games to Final Fantasy to Borderlands,etc. Thanks for letting me know about all the problems you had with it! My ps3 is quite old and seems to freeze on virtually any game I play sometimes so it may not seem like it's all because of Fallout for me. And some glitches can be funny.. unless they're game breaking glitches. It's cool,if I really enjoy the game I will probably just buy the dlcs anyway. And yup! I love open world games and games that give you a choice to influence what happens. Dishonored I found really.. hard. I don't know if it's just because I really suck at being stealthy,but whenever I walk into a new area in that game,I always am thinking that this time I'm going to try to take the road less traveled on approach and not kill anyone,but then by the end of the mission,I've probably killed eveeerryyyyooone.
  5. Like sooo many people have recommended me these series and I just didn't go for it right away. But if they are really as good as everyone says then I think I really should go ahead and try them out. I did actually have Me3 a while back and only played like an hour of it before I put it away and was like,yea I am just way too confused on what's happening that I think I really need to play the first two before even attempting this.
  6. Hey there. So I have been thinking of getting into the Mass Effect series,and Fallout. But not really sure if it's worth setting aside how many other games I have yet to play / am currently playing at the moment for. They both really fit the kind of games I'm into,and I've been finding it hard to keep my mind focused on the games I'm working on now. Let me know what you guys think; If you have played the games,like them,whatever. Also feel free to suggest any other games I might like that are similar. Thanks :3
  7. I was reading about this a few minutes ago. I just hope that if anyone does decide to continue with the Bioshock series,that they don't completely butcher it. Bioshock is an amazing series and I would really be disappointed to see it get ruined. Infinite was amazing,I really enjoyed it,but it doesn't compare to how perfect I found its two predecessors. The world they created with Rapture was something I won't forget.
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    1. Cherry


      kill are you on drugs? holy shiiiet

  9. I only messed up on it cos I was cocky and thought I would do it perfectly Guess I was wrong
  10. I can say that my ringtone is now the same as yours Kitsune :3
  11. Haha,well Ds3 was the easiest one in my opinion You're going to get it in no time~ Ds2 was probably the hardest hardcore. I hated the limited saves. Like I messed up on the eye part and I hadn't saved in like .. 6 chapters. Was completely crap.
  12. Thanks! I only platinum games that I really enjoy playing. Even if they are easy,at least I can say I had fun getting them.
  13. Usually like you said,people either love it or hate it. Well personally for myself,I loved it. It's such a unique game and really underrated for what it's worth it. Deadly Prem isn't a very easy game for me to describe,but all I can say is that I enjoyed it a lot. It can't hurt to give it a try. I hope you won't be disappointed if you do. c:
  14. Oh my. Please tell me where I can get this for my ringtone too. I love this. I love this song,every time I heard it in DP I would get so excited.
  15. Ac2 does have a pretty boss ass picture. I love that one and Lollipop Chainsaw's a lot. Just because Juliet is so cute. Thanks! And yea,it is kinda boring,but my boyfriend is a Minecraft freak and he and I played it together so it made it less boring.