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  1. shauhsuahs estamos aí na atividade, recebi um pv top pelo post, quem não chora não mama kkkkk
  2. Very nice, two things: 1. If it has already platinum achievers, how do I pay for it before release date? (can send me this one in private) 2. Is it possible to make a guide for this game OR it is random to generate things making guide impossible?
  3. Well, I don't know if i could post here, if not...please admin, let me know and i will remove it. I made my platinum and not only that, without god mode, since i don't know how to turn it on LOL. But it's a very fun game and i really recommend it. Want to know about the platinum, watch this video I made(in portuguese), really straightforward
  4. Hahaha so who decides is the feeling. I got it, I asked because I've been sending emails for you without any response LOL Actually the key it's not to get a free game, cause I really enjoy support you guys, the real purpose is to create a guide for Brazilian community which has a lot of fans for your games. 🏆
  5. Oh man, so when I think I'm gonna play another games you guys make a new release LOL Well, what can I do? Let's spend some money in some regions. 8 stacks hum..? NA,EU,AS(HK?) and JP. Ratakalaika, I realized that normally there's no platinum achievers before the official release date that not you, that's some internal politics for not giving keys for content channel? Thank you for your games.
  6. Just passing by to leave my trophy guide, sorry it is not in english, that's because I made it to my friends, but anyway, who gets here will understand.
  7. I think by the time you've done it already. But, for the others that might come. I'm making a trophy guide vídeo, but here this trophy.
  8. Thank you very much, I was going for another run.
  9. Hello, I'm really missing a filter for country on leaderboard for the game, maybe a order by completion. Unfortunately I have to change pages and pages to see my country players for a specific game. Please, read this with love xD, the information you already have when you bring the country, just put it on the filters.
  10. Hello! I was looking for a topic so I could ask if it's possible/allowed to rent digital games here, but i didn't find any. So my question is, i have a lot of games and as we know, once we get the platinum trophy...rarely we comeback to play again, maybe here there's a community where we could rent, borrow... Let me know what you guys think, i have about 250 games
  11. Thanks man, I will go there, that map made me look for a jewel like this....such a copy and paste map and so long.
  12. Very nice, where do I get it?
  13. Is there any mirage or something else to avoid battle? I know it's important to get 500 battles trophy, but sometimes i just don't want to fight.
  14. Same here. I made all mix with ingredients and got the trophy, but this one seems to be glitched, i did not get it. For me the hardest trophy is to get all constellation, like the master chief... we have to make the right mixes with reputation to unlock...so sad, i think it's glitched too.
  15. Here in Brazil coco means "shit" lol