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  1. Hello, I'm really missing a filter for country on leaderboard for the game, maybe a order by completion. Unfortunately I have to change pages and pages to see my country players for a specific game. Please, read this with love xD, the information you already have when you bring the country, just put it on the filters.
  2. Hello! I was looking for a topic so I could ask if it's possible/allowed to rent digital games here, but i didn't find any. So my question is, i have a lot of games and as we know, once we get the platinum trophy...rarely we comeback to play again, maybe here there's a community where we could rent, borrow... Let me know what you guys think, i have about 250 games
  3. Thanks man, I will go there, that map made me look for a jewel like this....such a copy and paste map and so long.
  4. Very nice, where do I get it?
  5. Is there any mirage or something else to avoid battle? I know it's important to get 500 battles trophy, but sometimes i just don't want to fight.
  6. Same here. I made all mix with ingredients and got the trophy, but this one seems to be glitched, i did not get it. For me the hardest trophy is to get all constellation, like the master chief... we have to make the right mixes with reputation to sad, i think it's glitched too.
  7. Here in Brazil coco means "shit" lol
  8. Gwyneth Paltrow? Is that you?
  9. Remember a SNES game called Aero Acrobat?That's him. OT: Has 1/3 from his games with 100%
  10. You?...again? lol
  11. Yep...tha'ts true. 365/year
  12. Well...what can i say?That's me with my lovely wife
  13. Are you Ricky Martin?Oh Yeah...really is. ha ha ha I Knew someone was going to say that...ok besides we're the ONLY one 5 times champion,it was not good, i can say that we have a plat lol
  14. Really likes this game!