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  1. I am in NG+ on chapter 6... and I still haven't reached 15 optional phone calls. How can I get more?
  2. I would like to be able to easily see and compare my friend's trophies.
  3. Definitely not for me. Doom 2016 is probably the best single player experience in a FPS ever made. Doom Eternal is a let down for various reasons. Firstly, as someone else stated, the levels are just far too big. I only played one level at a time, because by the end of each level, I have struggling to go on. Secondly, there is far too much platforming, and I hate platformers. Thirdly, the pace of the game is completely thrown off by certain enemies, such as the Marauder. Unlike Doom 2016, you can't play this game the way you want to play it. You MUST play it a very specific way. You MUST run and gun. The limited ammo system basically forces you to constantly keep on moving. The random fodder enemies serve one purpose, and that's to be mobile ammo pickups. This is added by the fact that there are always 30 enemies on you at once. But then, they introduce an enemy type, the Marauder, who completely violates this entire gameplay style. You MUST stop. You MUST play the game the exact opposite of how the rest of the game must be played.
  4. Nope. Even at 9am, all he does is give me tips for the sub quest.
  5. I'm trying to do the Catfish Rally, and Mr. Huang won't sell me fishing gear. Meanwhile, i can't fix if I go up to any fishing spots. Anyone else have this issue?
  6. Car 2 and Chair are behind the prize store in Paradise Lane... Where is Radio, Television and Keys?
  7. There was a kid who wanted a soccer ball. His reward is a rare gashapon, or a fishing spot. I selected the gashapon. Does that mean I missed the fishing spot and can not get that trophy?
  8. Frog Races + turbo controller is definitely the fastest way to make tokens.
  9. I think the game is stuck squarely in the past... and thats not a good thing. Dreamcast graphics Dreamcast controls Dreamcast voice acting Dreamcast saving system etc... FFS, you can't even skip dialogues.
  10. Are there time limits on the game? Like, if I want to waste my days training or gambling, am I going to be penalized for it? I remember in Shenmue 2, there was a time limit on training with Xiuying.
  11. I've beaten the 200 man melee with everybody... but Yuri didn't get the Dhaos Cape accessory. What am I missing? I didnt get: Arredoval, Barbatos' Ring or Shizel's Necklace either...
  12. I need like 7 of these to forge clothes... yet I have never found even one. Where can I find them?