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  1. I can't get "Upstairs, Downstairs" to pop in Dartmoor. I have completed all the challenges.
  2. I don't know if this is a sign of anything... but if I go to the PSN store, it now says I never purchased the DLC.
  3. Jaxelrod Soldner-X: Himmelssturmer I had already completed the majority of the game years ago. I was already rank 13.
  4. Are there any trophies that don't unlock automatically? For instance, the base game has two trophies which don't unlock.
  5. If I play the game on PS4, and platinum it... can I upload the save to the PS5 version and get the other trophy stack automatically?
  6. What if you have two saves on your account? One at 100%, with all the DLC completed, on easy. One at 60%, with none of the DLC completed, on ultimate difficulty, new game plus. Can I transfer both saves? So I can get the DLC trophies, and the difficulty/ng+ trophies?
  7. Samurai, no question. Spirit pull is like a "never die" ability.
  8. I find gold very easy. Nightmare is pretty easy too. The only thing hard about this DLC are the crow-storm enemies.
  9. If you already have ki105 gear... going from lv1 to lv20 in a class takes about 4-5 hours. Just looping through gold story missions at about 12-15 minutes each.
  10. Steal kills? OMG, they stole all of TWO currency from you.
  11. I would say getting lv20 on all classes is not as big as a grind as we thought. I did 1 gold survival at lv1. Took 55 minutes, and gained 6 levels.
  12. Nightmare Survival is ridiculous... its basically every world modifier in every round.
  13. Anyone know what the shrine currency is for? Honor lets you reroll challenges. Essense lets you unlock abilities. What does the other one do?
  14. This online mode is trash. I hate that they gotta ruin my 100% with this garbage.
  15. Confirmed... will not be fixed.