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  1. I did the platinum with a friend on PS5. I won't ask my friend to help me platinum it a second time. After importing my save to the PS5, what exactly do I need to do to get the platinum a second time? Can it be done alone with two controllers, or would that be too hard?
  2. I'm having an issue where the game crashed after I picked up the final skittle on the final level... So now even though I have all the skittles, I don't have the skittles trophy.
  3. The Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection for the PS3 was an absolutely awful remaster. The grip mechanic in the remaster was completely broken and wander would randomly lose his grip as you played. It's why when they remade the game for the PS4; they completely ignored the PS3 remaster and rebuilt from the ground up. I have 100% all three versions of the game (PS2/PS3/PS4), and the PS3 version plays completely different from the other two.
  4. How exactly do you get Me, Jealous? I tried to have the owl, mushroom boi and leghugger all out when I summon serenade, and nothing happens.
  5. I got the "Long Live the Queen" trophy by accident from an evolved Leghugger's knockback attack.
  6. Just beat the Collector. It gave me the trophy for beating him AND for perfecting him. I did NOT perfect him this time, I did so previously though, a few years ago.
  7. How rare are Lighting Rods in Undying Shores? I've looped through the game 10 times now and haven't seen it drop.
  8. Just beat it on 4BC again. Did not get Perfect Extraction.
  9. How do I get "Beware the Step!"? I am in undying shores, but it didn't give me this trophy.
  10. Playing the game again today, after not having played it in 3 years. With that, I noticed a few things about unlocks. They added a lot of rewards for killing bosses with no-hit. But if you did it previously, before the rewards existed, such as I did... if you kill the boss again, it will give you the no-hit reward, even if you got hit. The game checks to see if you already did it and gives you the weapons/outfits without having to do it again. The only question I have at this point is "Perfect extraction", "David and Goliath...", "I don't step on toes..." and "Nothing left to... collect.". I already have the fifth boss cell; and I have already done no-hit runs against the Giant and the Collector. When I beat these bosses again, will it give me all the trophies? Without having to do the no-hits? And will it give me the trophy for the fifth boss cell, even if I'm already at 5 cells; or do I have to do two runs, one at 4 cells and one at 5 cells? Has anyone tested this?
  11. I did the training a year ago on PC... This is the guide I used. Don't know if it's still relevant now.
  12. Can you still get trophies in custom mode? When I got the platinum a few years ago, I simply set it to only give me turrets, owls, fireballs and electricity. Made it so I could breeze through everything.
  13. I remember reading somewhere a long time ago that Sony charges something like $30,000 each time you go through the trophy certification process. So sometimes it's not in the cards to add trophies to DLC, especially when the majority of the DLC has been free.
  14. What about events you've already done that can't be repeated? For instance: Perfect extraction Absorb your fifth Boss Stem Cell
  15. Where do I get the Void Ray? I am about to enter the final battle and there are no side missions left, yet I don't have this weapon.