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  1. We are live playing Resident Evil Village on

  2. I’m needing a cool down so Resident Evil  Village, let’s do this.

  3. We are live playing Resident Evil Village on

  4. At the gig during soundcheck talking to the lead singer of the headlining band. I casually mention we have  J-Rock influences and he says “Do you guys like anime?”


    Ooohh he has no idea what he’s getting into... this is going to be an amazing show...

  5. We are live with Resident Evil Village on


  6. Today at 20:00 EST we are back with Resident Evil Village on Twitch... (As soon as I change my password!)

  7. We are live playing Resident Evil Village on


  8. We are live playing Days gone on


  9. I will livestream tomorrow since I have band practice tonight.

  10. We are live playing Days Gone on


  11. I will be live-streaming tomorrow since I can’t do it today. Stay tuned.

  12. We are live playing Days Gone on:

  13. Today we’re going to livestream some more days gone.


    Looking forward to it!

  14. So I finally set up my PC. I still need to get a keyboard, mouse, and a monitor. What should I get/avoid when looking?

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    2. AK-1138



      Don't skimp on your cooling options, else everything is for naught. This video contains everything the planned obsolescence companies don't want you to know.

    3. SonicMTD


      @EverythingOnFire I have roughly about $500-750 to spend. I primarily use this for video editing but I enjoy playing single player games. I occasionally play co-op multiplayer games but I like experiences where I can immerse myself. I do plan on eventually playing cyberpunk but I’m going to wait for more bug fixes. My roommate recommended I get something no bigger than 30” because of space.

    4. EverythingOnFire


      @SonicMTD Where you're mostly going to be playing single player games, I would follow zizimonster's advice and avoid TN panel monitors. I can't comment on VA monitors, but I've had an IPS monitor from Asus for a while now, and it's great. Colors really pop and games just look beautiful. If that's the route you go, definitely get a newer one with a good response time so you'll have minimal ghosting while gaming. I'd spend an extra $50-$100 on a good brand too.


      About KB&M; I came across this article yesterday, and I think it'll really help you out:


      I would recommend clicking on each KB's Amazon link, then scrolling down just a bit to the "frequently bought together" section of the product page to see what mouse a lot of people are buying. I hope that helps. Good luck and have fun!