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  1. It has been a very long time since I did an acoustic concert but today we went for about an hour and 45 mins. That’s enough to do headlining concerts. Damn are we ready for that.



  2. (Looks at the list and sees his name) I’m still interested. It’s been a very long while so I got stories to tell!
  3. Last night at 1AM, I received one of the worst offers in my entire music career.

    The pitch was that my band would be doing 10-15 unpaid shows across the province. We would have to pay for our own gas, lodging and various miscellaneous expenses. Meanwhile the guy who is running the show pockets the cash from the tour.


    This kind of “It’s for the love of music/Paid in exposure” bullshit is what made me almost walk away from music. F**k that!

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    2. Kristen Danielle 2

      Kristen Danielle 2

      I get this in the art field, too. Then I'll get super distant family members who think they're going to get stuff for free. I had a distant cousin go through the whole set up with me, pick out what she wanted me to draw, pick out what size and what style she wanted— the whole nine yards and when I told her the price, she was like "I better pass."

    3. LegacyJKO09


      [insert story of random bands living out of there vehicles trying to catch a break, and never do]


      Hopefully you don't quit the music biz, but thats a shit offer. Very least they could have paid for your gas/hotel expenses, and a percentage of show/ticket/venue sales. So you at least can travel and get some exposure. 

    4. DaivRules


      Lead that douche on. Ask where the shows will be. Then ghost him and call up those joints yourself and set up your own tour and negotiate your cut of admission and hopefully bar sales. Bring lots of merch, make lots of fans, have a great tour. 

  4. Doing a live acoustic concert in 3 mins on:



    see you then.

  5. Well ladies and gents. I just finished reading 102 chapters of a manga. Now all that’s left is to finish the anime and watch the live action film and I can start the next ARR episode.

  6. Special thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday.


    It means a lot.

    1. MidnightDragon


      Happy late birthday. Mostly been away the last few days or would’ve on the day.

    2. Froopy the Pogfish

      Froopy the Pogfish

      Special thank you to you for being awesome. <3 

    3. MaximumOverdrive


      Happy belated birthday!

  7. And just like that I’m now 30 years old.

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    2. dermarx


      Happy Birthday.


    3. SonicMTD


      Thank you everyone!


      @Condemned09 I’ve never seen a lot of Friends but right there is exactly how I feel.

    4. Condemned09


      @SonicMTD that's how I will feel when my birthday comes :lol: 

  8. Well now that my latest video is uploaded I suppose I better get started on the next one.

  9. Covid screwed up my schedule but I’m somewhat back! Take a look at my latest video on #BongJoonHo’s #Parasite




  10. I will be filming another live acoustic gig with my guitarist. (Roughly 20-25 mins)

  11. I have managed to get a new job. Luckily I’m off of EI and can now relax.


    I will be releasing a new YouTube video next Friday for a new movie review/editorial. Looking forward to your reactions. :3

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    2. Froopy the Pogfish

      Froopy the Pogfish

      @SonicMTD You're a gamer.  It's called an extra life, not a nest egg ;) 


      Getting caught up is super responsible.  It is way too damn easy to dig yourself into a grand canyon sized debt hole.  Glad you're getting it back on track :) 

    3. LegacyJKO09



    4. Sword


      Hey, congrats on the new job. Having that cushion of money pilled up for any emergency really takes the stress off of life. It's extremely freeing,. Keep at it! :) 

  12. My guitarist and I are doing an unplugged concert on

    Be on in 3 mins.

  13. Tomorrow we are doing an acoustic concert on Instagram. Here’s a promo for it:



    1. Rally-Vincent---


      Good to hear that you are pro motion and not against it.

  14. From now on I will no longer refer to time between Breakfast and Lunch as “Brunch” but as “British What The Fuck-sies”

  15. So as it turns out for the fandub project I am a part of; I have somehow gained the role of Hermès and also became a casting director.

  16. I found out the Amazon warehouse I got laid off from has 5 confirmed cases of COVID-19 circulating. I quite honestly dodged a bullet when I left.

    1. MidnightDragon


      Yikes! How long ago were you laid off?

    2. SonicMTD


      @MidnightDragon I was laid off on January 15, 2020 at roughly 14:27. I just found a new job this past Tuesday. Mailroom for an office.

  17. My grandma is a British woman in her 90's. She is spending the quarantine binging Korean dramas on Netflix.

  18. Oh hey our concert from earlier is viewable in this handy dandy video plugin:



  19. Acoustic concert in less than 5 mins.

  20. In a little over 20 mins I will be live on 

  21. So the good news is I have a new job that’s a 10 min walk from my house. The bad news is that I can’t stay at home and quarantine. 

  22. Here's a 720P recording of yesterdays live stream acoustic concert


    1. Rally-Vincent---


      Who is the invisible guy in the middle?

    2. SonicMTD


      @Rally-Vincent--- DUN! DUN! DUNNNNNNN!!!!!!!

  23. In less than 30 mins me and my guitarist Paul will be live-streaming an acoustic concert on

  24. Ladies and gentlemen my friends and I are looking for talented voice actors who would be interested in a  fandubbing for Lore Olympus

    If you want to audition or know more info please go to the following link:

  25. I found out I lost a role in a fandub but to be brutally honest, I am kinda glad I didn’t get it. I was not capable of doing it justice and would rather it go to someone who could... It’s just a shame I couldn’t be the right person for it.

    1. Icebrand1270


      Sorry to hear that but I can sort of relate. I'm in the wrestling business as an announcer at the "indie" (that means minor-league for those unfamiliar with wrestling terminology) level and I know some shows are above my capabilities despite being at it since 2008. I'm certainly no Michael Cole.

    2. SonicMTD


      @Icebrand1270 I hope you get there one day. Cause aren’t we all just jobbers in the squared circle of life?... Bam! Just cut a promo.