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  1. At first I thought this game was very slow... (just finished FFXV, compared to that is IS slow...)... But this story takes you to another world. I finished The Last Guardian once and I will replay this game, because of the fantastisc storyline. I really want a Trico in my garden... love this animal!
  2. That sucks... Any way I will be able to unpatch it? Reinstall and automatic updates off?
  3. Does this still work after the v1.02 patch? It isn't clear what has been changed...
  4. finally nailed it yesterday! The odd thing is: my final time was: 40:01...... But the Trophy already popped up I'm so happy. I achieved it by getting intel on all captains and if possible intel on warchiefs (especially Ugakuga) After that I got my 10 beast kills with a Graug. When I got my 10 monster kills I branded a captain which was the bodyguard of Ugakuga. I commanded him to betray Ugakuga. This got me a lot faster to Ugakuga. I branded Ugakuga and riotted the other warchiefs. If the Warchiefs didn't have any bodyguards I advanced time to get them bodyguards. Hope these tips will help.