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  1. I wish I knew beforehand that silver stars don't count toward the completionist trophies. I think 7/10 sounds about right for the DLC. But the difficulty is definitely in the time trials. Drifting and races are not so bad, but god do I LOATHE time trials! You have to drive near perfection and hope not to get a corner penalty when using curve shortcuts. Also doesn't help that almost every track comes with shitty weather. I never ever had so much anger in a videogame before and I'm just glad I got the DLC done. Can't wait to uninstall everything as soon as I get the plats. 😤
  2. About to buy the game cause I need my Gundam fix. 😋 But before I do: Is it possible to do the 1000 online versus matches with just two players? And does it have to be ranked or can I also do casual/player matches?
  3. So it seems there are only 5 online trophies (1 online match, save replay, use emote and two co-op missions)? Thank God!
  4. Borderlands - Game of the Year Edition JP They added DLC trophies by mistake and you can never achieve them because they don't exist in the PSNStore to buy. And if we can have a second game: Destiny I'm too lazy to search for a clan and I'm way to anxious to play with actual teammates. Probably getting screamed at when I screw up...
  5. Finally got the platinum. Just before the new year! 😁 Just a heads-up: Servers seem to be stable now. I played 4 Operations and 2 story missions and can confirm that they all saved match data. Either that or I just got reeeeally lucky today. Goodbye Battleborn. You were a fun game and I actually enjoyed getting the lore trophies. I will surely miss ya (but not the server issues, they can rot in hell. :P) Happy New Year everyone! 🎉🎆
  6. Alright, thanks for your input. 🙂
  7. Ugh... why does this keep happening? I'm so SO close to the Platinum! 😫 I doubt they gonna fix it anytime soon. Especially when they gonna shutdown the servers anyway. I for my part gonna keep going. They might shut it down earlier without warning and I'm not going to take any chances. (On another note, does playing Hardcore and Advanced at the same time count towards the difficulty trophies?)
  8. Thanks for the replies guys! Will check them out!
  9. So what teams you guys rockin for the new explore (would also like to know your soul farming team). I'm barely winning difficulty 7 and get destroyed at the mini boss. I've been playing this game for years and I still feel like playing it wrong.
  10. I love Geoff, so I hope all the hate mail goes to the devs instead... So wait, do you actually have the troops to be mythic in order to give them medals? How am I supposed to get that many mythics? I only have two!
  11. This is so infuriating! 😡 So what you are saying is, the devs put out a stupid, extremely time-consuming trophy just to troll a single person without considering the rest of the player base? They are probably the MOST retarded devs ever! What a shit show...
  12. Played again today and I can confirm that the servers seem to work properly again! What a relief. 😌
  13. Sorry for bumping this, but I was wondering if the Japanese version and the Chinese/Korean version are the same "Asian" game for the plat? They have both versions in the HK store currently on sale and I don't know which to go for.
  14. Where exactly can I do that?
  15. Whelp... I'm getting issues retrieving game data after a match. Happened to ALL my matches. Just when I was about to hunt the trophies full-time for this game, this happens... ;__;