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  1. So I was downloading some free DLC for a game on Vita and I get a blue shopping bag icon instead of the usual red one and they don't appear on my download list. What's up with that?
  2. Sheesh... I thought downloading Vita games on PS3 and then transfer them would be faster but it actually takes LONGER than downloading on the Vita directly...
  3. Thanks guys! 🙂 Got myself a 1TB drive. Too bad the HDD swapping doesn't work though.
  4. Hello everyone! With the store closing and getting issues downloading patches, I've decided to download all the PS3 games just to be on the safe side. But I feel like 1TB won't be enough... So I have a few questions: 1) Is 1TB really the "max" size the PS3 can work with properly? I read on multiple sites that sizes bigger than that can get wonky or cause issues. 2) Is it possible to swap between HDDs on the same console? Let's say I have games from HDD-A I wanna play, but then I want to play a different game that is on HDD-B. So I take out HDD-A from the console and then insert HDD-B to play. Would that work? Since it's not possible to backup your games to an external HDD, this is the only way I could think of to "keep" the games.
  5. I have the 5k, 6k, 7k, 8k, 9k and 10k milestones planned. I try to get these before my 100th platinum too. 🤣 5k will be a trophy from Armello called "Once upon a time". 6k to 10k will be the level trophies from "Race the sun". And then concluding with the platinum of Armello called "Happily ever after". It will take a while, but it will be oh so satisfying~😁 Everything after that will be freestyle. Except for Spyro 3. That will be a 2024 platinum milestone just for its trophy name "Party like it's 2024"🥳
  6. Oh COME ON! I just wanted to complete the rest of the online trophies THIS weekend! 😠😭 I hope the servers can come back online. At least for a short amount of time.
  7. Just started playing LBP2 too and I need your help! My level is P4P Ka-Kaw. Leave a comment and I'll play yours in return. 🙂
  8. Yooo! When a single person makes a better storefront than a multimillion dollar corporation... Phenomenal work! 🤩
  9. That's awesome! Thanks! 😁
  10. So how long do these free PS4-to-PS5 upgrades last? I probably won't be able to get a PS5 this year but would love to double plat some crossgen games via upgrades. I also assume when upgrading with a disc, you still have access of the PS4 version of said disc?
  11. Looks quite easy. But only 28 trophies? I miss the times when games had like 40+ trophies.
  12. I advise using Rev for her R1 skill. Position yourself near where the ball spawns and looking into the direction where the goal is. And just before the ball spawns, hit R1 to speed up and gain momentum. I used that strategy and it's really unfair lol Alternatively, you can use Izell. Collect the ball, throw it where the goal is, use her R1 skill to lunge forward, collect the ball again and score. Hope these help. 🙂
  13. That's neat! I still think that it's not particularly hard to get the trophies in arena, but I welcome it. That means treasure hunt, rocket ball and mega Rocket trophies are the only ones not achievable in rocketbot.
  14. Nope. KO trophies don't count against bots. Tried it with a character and the trophy did not pop after 102 KOs. Private Matches also don't count, it has to be Social or Ranked. I "think" win trophies work against bots, not sure anymore. Level up trophies can be earned against bots (in Social). All trophies are pretty much just playing the game. By the time you get the 1000 kills trophy, you pretty much have everything else (except the character level 25-100 trophies). The only "hard" trophy is scoring 50 goals in Rocketball. Unlike Mega Rocket/Treasure Hunt, you actively have to go for it and score.
  15. They could go the Mass Effect route: Keep the current conditions for a trophy but also add a second one (like play x hours/get x kills with this character or whatever). That way, players who already earned a difficult trophy prior won't feel that bad. Or they could enable trophies in arcade.