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  1. For anyone having trouble with this trophy this is how I got it. I purchased Cooldown Override at the Commendation Exchange. This ability allowed me to fire the Dunraven Rocket Pods twice before the enemy turn. Because of the damage they took the enemy didn't fire on their first turn. I filled up on my ammo on my first turn and had a good board which allowed me to fire 8+ times on my second turn. The enemy never fired at me before they were destroyed.
  2. How are people getting the Untouchable trophy? The enemy almost always fires on their first turn and I almost always take damage when they fire. Is there any particular mission where it's more likely? Or am I just waiting for that random chance when the enemy doesn't damage me on their first turn and I am well enough equipped to punish them for it? I assume this has to be done before the first boss? Any tips welcome.
  3. I had a lot of trouble finding a Stretch while driving around. I gave up and did Fire Truck missions on the second island until the vehicle that was on fire was a Stretch. You can also get the Trashmaster and Mr Whoopee this way.
  4. NOTE: It has been suggested that a kill by "Wrath of the Gods" does not count towards this trophy. If you acquire this blessing during your session you should forfeit just to be on the safe side. It is rare that the Lich or Minotaur spawn, if you leave it up to chance you might waste hours achieving nothing like I did. However I just got this trophy and here is how. Backup your game save files to usb. Reset progress in the options menu. Accumulate the cards "Dark Ritual, Fire in the Deep, and Minotaur Maze." Complete "Dark Ritual" to get the card "The Lich". Force the rare monsters to spawn by completing "The Lich, Fire in the Deep, and Minotaur Maze" in one session. In that same session you also need to kill bandits, rats, lizards, skeletons, and mages. You can die. You can forfeit. You can't quit the game to redo any bad card picks. Once you have the trophy, restore your game save from usb. I recommend King of Plague runs because the curses and challenges are easy to manage.