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  1. Currently playing Batman: Arkham Knight.

  2. The worst thing about the list is that quite a few games have been offered through PS+: Apotheon, Proteus, Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition, just to name a few.
  3. Currently playing Arkham Origins in preparation for Arkham Knight.

    1. HaSoOoN-MHD


      Wise move. In a way I found Knight to be more of a sequel to the themes of Origins rather than City.

    2. GarrisonWhite2


      Interesting. A friend of mine told me not to bother playing it lol.

  4. Does it have different trophies?
  5. Agreed. I wouldn't have enjoyed Proteus as much without the quirky trophies it had. They made it a lot more fun.
  6. Well, there are several reasons that I plat games. I actually didn't really pay much attention to trophies until I joined PlayStation Trophies (.org). My first plat was for one of my all time favorite games, Skate 2. I guess around the time I discovered PlayStation Trophies and PSNProfiles I started to become a trophy hunter. The first game I remember actively seeking trophies for (besides games like Skate 2 and 3 and Medal of Honor: Frontline, which was more because they are some of my favorites ever) was Proteus, which I got after joining PS+ last August. Since then I've gotten to be pretty obsessive about trophies, which is my nature (I'm obsessive-compulsive after all). As a perfectionist/completionist, I do feel that I haven't completed a game until I've knocked out all of the trophies, and my completion percentage honestly stresses me out a little bit (and bothers me in general more than a little bit). So, to sum up my not very well thought out post with an ironically not very well thought out summary, I plat games (and trophy hunt in general) because I 1: enjoy it, 2: feel a sense of accomplishment from earning trophies, 3: am obsessive-compulsive, 4: am a perfectionist/completionist, and 5: like the idea of increasing my world and country ranks little by little, because I enjoy trophy hunting and generally think it's cool to compare myself to others when it comes to earning trophies.
  7. There's more than one version?
  8. Mine is to add on to the current list. Then I would add a platinum of course . You'd get it eventually.... Yes and no. It's only really hard because you kinda have to get lucky. I would have replied sooner if I bothered to check my email on a regular basis .
  9. Currently playing NBA 2K15 on PS4 and Arkham City on PS3 in preparation for Arkham Knight.

  10. I might try this out. I suck at the game, and if it works it's not cheating, right?
  11. So I can just sign in and out instead of turning my system off and on? I'm not really sure what you mean....
  12. So basically it's something that I can't prevent because I've accumulated more than 100 friends on the account since buying my PS4, but those PS3 friends are still on my list even though they don't show up. If they aren't showing up on the XMB, can they still show up in game (Destiny or Skate 3, for example)? Or do I have to reset until the people I want to play with are showing up on the XMB too? Btw, I'm totally going to start calling it the XMB glitch too. Thanks for replying!
  13. I apologize if this has already been discussed, but I was unable to find anything here or on Google and I really need help with this. Anyway, I got a PS4 Thanksgiving night, and ever since then my PS3 friends list has been all screwed up. They are both linked to the same PSN account, and I've noticed that certain PS4 friends (who I'm fairly certain don't have/use PS3) show up on my friends list on my PS3. Some of my friends have been deleted, and I get a "friends list full" message when I try to add people on my PS3. What I'm trying to figure out is: do my PS4 friends show up on my PS3 friends list? If so, is there a way to prevent this? Do they only show up if they have a PS3 as well? How do I keep my friends from being deleted if my PS4 is in fact affecting my PS3 friends list?
  14. Ok thanks bang. I'll have to figure out how to et him back on my friends list first though
  15. Thanks. I was trying to get the OTL and team challenge trophies with some of the guys I got Talking bout Team practice with, but we couldn't figure it out. Maybe you could help us figure it out?