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  1. If they haven't patched it. You only have to turn in the DRP on nightmare difficulty, the stuffed turtle mission can be done on an easy difficulty if one chooses. Keep in mind this post is a few years old and I haven't played the game in a while. Things might have changed.
  2. I haven't had any luck, even though finishing missions early against the Raiders and it seems very difficult to achieve anything close to a score of 8.0+ or higher to unlock the trophy. To those who have achieved the score, any advice? Also, is it possible to get a high score if you were to play against a group of friends who give up right away as soon as the mission starts? If anyone has tried this method.
  3. It's a learning curve when it comes to fighting enemies. Dodging and sidestepping are very important in this game. Coming from a person who never played any Demon Souls/Dark Souls games. My build was strength and vitality. I upgraded both my vitality and endurance more so than anything else. Followed by strength and skill. Meanwhile bloodtinge and arcane were not so important to me. I would also recommend grinding certain areas for blood echoes. I did that until it was no longer giving me enough blood echoes to upgrade. Some people would argue being too strong ruins the "fun" of the game, but there is no fun in getting aggravated. lol Depending on which area you are in. Luring enemies into a bottleneck area does help, so you aren't surrounded. What you can do to lure a few enemies is to lock on to one and fire your gun, but keep in mind sometimes that can backfire and all enemies will come towards you. Also, don't rush into an area, slow and steady wins the race, until you remember the layout of an area and where enemies are. Like Schicic said, don't give up. It will be a struggle at times but once you've learned enemy patterns, they will become very easy to dispatch. Though, I personally slaughtered every enemy I saw, so if I was running back, I wouldn't get ambushed or surrounded. To each his own style though. Good luck!
  4. I have finished mission 22, and thus "created" a FOB. I am at a loss with the whole aspect of it. Can I still be attacked and lose resources whether if I chose not to upgrade the FOB? I didn't update the MGO nor the base game either. Does it change the fact that I get attacked or not? Should I just switch to offline mode, as many have suggested in other posts? It says "FOB damage and rewards from online features will be reflected the next time you connect online" Does that mean that whether I go offline or not, I can still get attacked? Thank you for the answers.
  5. Does it cost sphere levels when I go back to an empty node in order to fill it? For example. I moved passed two empty nodes to activate a skill for Tidus, but when later in the game I want to fill those empty nodes. Must I sacrifice sphere levels to return back to those empty nodes I passed over earlier?
  6. I do appreciate the explanation for duplicated DRP's. I will do it legitimately, only because I have time to waste. Again, also thank you for your guide. It did help me a lot with the Sweaty Hands? Trophy. So, there you have it people, two methods for your grind to Legend rank 250. Whether it's be farming quarantine zones, or duplicated.
  7. Possibly, but I do not know the duplicating trick, and if you someone wanted to do it, legitimately, this is a way. Yes, it would take a lot longer than duplicating, but I like a bit of a challenge, and a grind once in awhile. This is just another method if people want to actually grind to 250.
  8. Whether this is the best method or not, can be debated. So I have been running the "Stuffed Turtle" quarantine zone, on normal difficulty, for the past 4 hours, and I was able to farm 600 Disaster Relief Packages. After I quit out and put the game on Nightmare Difficulty, and returned to the "Quartermaster", and return all the DRP (Disaster Relief Packages). Which would give me 120,000 EXP per DRP. Now, I know if you are really into the game, the DRP will not be worth 120,000 EXP. I believe, a person must pass a certain point in the story so they become more valuable. So, I would acquire 72,000,000 EXP within a 4-hour span. Keep in mind, I was watching movies at the same time, to keep me from losing my mind. Now, it may vary per person. What I was specifically doing is... Use the grappling hook to the switch, and turn it off. (Thus removing the electric current that is on the floor) Grab all the DRP in the main area. Lockpick, and open the door. Run through the zombies, and jump over the obstacles into the first room, and kill the zombie on the floor. Grab the package, leave the room the room, but remain on the obstacles (shelves) until the "Bloater", exploding zombie, goes off. (9 times out of 10, if you are on top of the objects, it will not kill you) Quickly dash into the room, and grab the package. Run through the zombies again, through the main area, and out the front door. Repeat the process. If you have any questions, or better yet improvements, please feel free to post. This is the Spoiler in the story, where I believe the DRP become more valuable.