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  1. For me, I enjoy attempting certain games as it gives me a sense of satisfaction when I see my hard work has paid off. I only bother to attempt certain games that I know are feasible enough, but I do consider it to be a fun challenge at times. Some games tend to be pretty easier to pull off than others since they are more obscure titles and have less players, like say Alone With You on the Vita, which I happen to be the fifth fastest achiever without those top 3 hacked times. However, I've also managed to do a few fairly popular games at some point like Tearaway Unfolded, although I've since been surpassed thanks to the influx of players when it was offered on PS+. I also think it's pretty neat to see just how fast one can complete a certain game, especially the lengthier games out there like say Persona 5 or the Witcher 3.
  2. My Name is Mayo obviously.
  3. What did you think about Odin Sphere? Which of your platinums was the hardest to obtain? The easiest? Do you plan to obtain 100% completion on your profile by cleaning up your incomplete titles?
  4. Backlog organization time!
  5. Dust: An Elysian Tail. One of the best indie and overall games I've played yet. Phenomenal Metroidvania title with an gorgeous art style, smooth combat mechanics that resonated with me, and a decent amount of content that contributes to its enjoyment factor as it's not too lengthy, yet it doesn't feel devoid of content. I was hooked from it right away, and have very fond memories of it to the extent where I've replayed it to obtain a 109% save file.
  6. It's been going well, mostly been playing Mercenary Kings and relaxing around. What's your dream occupation that you'd like to be in, even if it seems unrealistic?
  7. 100% completion, as it goes beyond the platinum's requirements. That's what matters to me the most.
  8. Should play the rest of the Prince of Persia series on his account! I'm curious as to why you only have the reboot played so far.
  9. Yup, I crack open a refreshing Monster Energy Ultra to commemorate each platinum I obtain.
  10. I prefer rarer since it's pretty easy to accumulate a plethora of platinums these days, at least if you play easy games intentionally. I prefer quality over quantity.
  11. Has good narrative-based games like Oxenfree, the Telltale games, etc. on their profile.