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    On Plastic Beach, seeking revenge on Murdoc...
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    -Hunting down walking pickles for doublecrossing me...
    -Hanging out with the Gorillaz in their apartment after the events of Plastic Beach.
    -Teaming up with Damien All-bran to seek vengeance on Murdoc.
    - Hoping to make a comeback in the Gorillaz universe when tomorrow comes today.

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  1. Reboot A Way Out or Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons?
  2. Should probably listen to some more Blur this weekend.
  3. Arrested for not dancing while pursuing his victims.
  4. That's me! I have collaborated with Damon Albarn though, against that nefarious walking pickle. Iris?
  5. I'm not a kinky and sexy CPU waifu, so no. Miku?
  6. His avatar's expression looks goofy.
  7. Arrested for not being funky enough.
  8. Nope, not a ship waifu. TheLastSurvivorDamon?
  9. Arrested for not following the trend.
  10. Has a body pillow of his waifu.
  11. Might be a douche.
  12. Nope, just your friendly neighborhood Boogieman wandering around! Iris?
  13. Has an avatar of a group that I'd love to see collaborate with Gorillaz at some point.
  14. Arrested for advocating violence against managers.