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  1. I've came back to this countless times and still haven't managed it. I thought I had it today by jumping from car to car but it didn't award the trophy. Does anyone know if this can be done via online multiplayer if I can find a volunteer to help me with this?
  2. Cheers , I managed to fluke an S rank for it somehow but I think after I've got level 50 out the way I'm going to give in with it for a while. I don't really fancy going through most of them another twice for S Rank & all objectives.
  3. This idea may be due to the fact I have a slightly twisted outlook on things but what if RNG trophies were rigged to both win & lose? Find players who very rarely play a game & let them "win", while preventing the more determined & frequent players from winning themselves. The players who rarely play the game aren't likely to start spending real money to obtain anything, whereas the players who play it frequently would be more likely to become irritated at not getting the trophy and start throwing money at the game to boost their odds. Disclaimer: I'm not saying any particular game developers do this,
  4. If it's any help I had it in under 50 spins. I've never had any luck with any of the casino games though
  5. I think I had resized or moved it so that will be what caused the issue with mine. I tried changing it back but couldn't get it working again. I knew I must have done something wrong as it worked the first night
  6. Thanks, this worked. Turned out I was stupid and went to the yellow circle instead of the blue one for the mine-clearing I had managed to drop weapons but never knew you could drop armour as well. Cheers
  7. Thanks, I'll give it a try next time. I've fully upgraded my fulton as far as I remember but I switched down to the basic fulton when I was prepping for the mine clearing.
  8. That was the same as I had the second time around. I've sent you a PM
  9. I read when you start side op 150 it leads you straight to mission 45 so wear heavy armour, etc. I decided just to do a mine clearing op instead as I wasn't planning to play for too long. It turns out instead of putting me on the mine clearing op (where I wore the basic olive drab & got rid of all surplus mines/weapons to save money), it chucked me into the mission I was trying to avoid. Is there any way possible to get out of it and armour up or is that my game goosed? I'm not good enough at the game to complete the level without taking a single hit and I can't find any way back to prepare properly. Also, can anyone suggest any similar games without the supernatural/robot part to it? I like the 3rd person army part of it but I'm really not keen on the sci-fi elements.
  10. I tried loading this up again today but every time I tried it, it moved the mouse to the top left of my screen instead of clicking on the options button. I've no idea why as that bit was working okay initially (it must be something to do with my pc as it was still your original script and I never had that issue yesterday). Anyhoo, I gave in trying and spent this afternoon doing it the old fashioned way for a few hours, before I got bored. I decided to try adjusting your code a little (nothing to lose) and managed to get it running again. I changed the first movemouse line to the same co-ordinates as the button click, then adjusted the size of the window until the mouse moved to the OPTIONS button as I didn't want to start figuring out how the co-ordinates worked. I also followed your advice & changed the sleep 25000 to sleep 28000, as well as adding in a couple of sleep 300 lines before each down press (on the odd occasion my version only moved down once in the menu). I wish I knew about this before as I've just spent countless hours pushing X every 45 seconds for the Billionaire trophy in Lego Worlds. I'm going to try and find the equivalent keys for the other buttons & might try learning how to do this myself. ps. I haven't posted my amended version of the script as I'm aware I've just fluked a working version that fixed something I've changed with my PC TLDR: Thanks again Septomor, this was a great help
  11. Cheers, this will come in really handy. I think I'm doing something wrong as every 10 minutes or so it seems to miss a bit somewhere but closing AHK & starting it again gets it back to normal. I'll give it a shot again later as it's saving a lot of time. I've never bothered looking into remote play before but would I be able to set this up to farm the vita version?
  12. Send me a friend request on PSN. I have a group chat I'll add you to and we can try and find a time that a few people can play together to try for it again. My characters are only levelled to around 45/46 so it is difficult but it's the same save I used when I got the trophy
  13. Cheers, I've sent a friends request
  14. I hadn't thought of that. I might just switch to the tv & hope it doesn't crash. I originally went too quick with too many deposit boxes before I realised that's what was killing it. I think through my 35ish hours of normal gameplay I only hit around 5 million studs naturally. Is it ok if I add you later to organise a 5 minute game at some point so I can borrow your dragon? I've gave in with it for tonight as 5 hours of crate shopping today has only found 6 out the 31 designer bricks I had left to collect.