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  1. Good luck. I feel it's only fair to warn you, if you manage it easily I'm going to learn witchcraft in my spare time & cast some voodoo mumbo jumbo on you. Edit, I just noticed you had a second reply. I'm off to search Youtube for black magic tutorials.
  2. @A1rPun Usually I find it near impossible to turn down a challenge, but with this one I've got to accept I'm more likely to have to pay for a new controller/TV than I am to complete the trophy. I've even thought of switching off trophy notifications & challenging a few friends to complete it (without telling them I can't) in the hope of tricking one of them into doing it for me.
  3. I think I've thrown more time into trying for this than the rest of GOOH's content combined. The possibility that a few minutes work would 100% the game really annoys me, but the amount of time I've chucked into not managing it annoys me more.
  4. Cheers folks but it looks like this game is destined to stay as part of my "1 trophy from platinum" collection. I've chalked up another few hours of gameplay and still only managing 3 cars at the most.
  5. I really enjoyed SRIV so thought I'd give GOOH a shot and, to be fair, I kinda liked it as well. The only thing about SRIV I didn't enjoy was the Fraud challenges but they were nothing compared to the Fraud challenges in this. I've now spent longer trying to obtain the 'Let's Bounce' Trophy than I have completing the rest of the gameplay. I've tried the suggestions in the other post but am still getting nowhere. A few of my friends have also gave it a shot when they've been round and TBH I think I'm going to need to replace my controller & TV before I can get this trophy. Does anyone have any new helpful advice on how to complete this or should I just start looking at new TV prices? p.s. I think I'm going to play it safe when Agents Of Mayhem is released and make sure there isn't a variation of the fraud challenges before I buy it. Cheers Folks
  6. I joined him again last night and had the same issues, yet when I joined a different player's co-op I could see their TARGETS. After a while helping them I went back to the first one again and still saw nothing. I'll have one last try tonight but it looks as though the problem is with his game & there'll be nothing I can do to help him. Cheers for the suggestions anyhoo.
  7. I know he restarted but I don't know if he just went back to the title screen or if he reset completely. I'll find out tonight.
  8. Yes, but when it was moved to the TARGETS option it showed a blank map other than the WEDDING one in the centre. When the map was set to SHOW ALL, only the basics were visible (Luxor, teleports, etc.) The other weird bit I found was as I moved the cursor around the map, the rescue missions would show if I moved the cursor to where they should be, and then disappear again when I moved the cursor away. This only happened with the rescue missions (I tried all over the map), and when I went to the locations for them in the game there was nothing there.
  9. The first time I played GOOH in Co-op I had access to the other player's map and quests, yet when I joined a game last night the map was empty, but showed only 22/64 targets had been completed. They also have a few hundred clusters still to collect. The map showed as empty on their game as well. The other player started the game and invited me to join (last night at least, I can't remember who started the game the first time I played Co-op). In my game, I have completed everything except for the Let's Bounce trophy. Could anyone please advise how to get the map/quests working so I can help the other player to get through them? Thanks in advance.