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  1. Thanks for the correction. More digital-only games: SoulCalibur II HD Age of Zombies Hard Corps: Uprising Hydrophobia
  2. Ninja Gaiden Sigma (PS3) - Played the Vita version years ago when I was a newbie to action games and I've been meaning to play the PS3 game for a while. Not as hard as I remember since by then I've played games like DMC3, but still ain't no cakewalk either. Love the weapon selection, boss fights, and sooo 2000s soundtrack. I'm almost done with the game and the biggest gripe I have with it is stupid camera system, which gets in the way too often. Going to pick up the Master Collection this summer to play Sigma 2 and Razor's Edge. Hoping we'll see another NG game in the future.
  3. Well, it's the 31st already... Just checked the eShop and Mario 3D All-Stars is still up. Also, for those interested Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, today's the last day to get it too.
  4. Talk about frustrating, going to have to pick up the PS1 Persona games while I still can. "For the Players" my ass.
  5. Coming right off the news of PS3/PSVita/PSP stores closing down and the many games that are going to be lost, this is damn frustrating. Can't wait to see how they screw up Zelda's 35th.
  6. Wait, so the collection isn't getting a physical release in the west?
  7. Congrats on the new job! I couldn't jump into Yakuza 5 sooner due to uni exams, but will be finally doing so in the coming weeks. Right now I'm just trying to finish up my PS3 and PS4 backlog before thinking of getting a PS5.
  8. I enjoyed the story, characters, and overall mood of the game. The gameplay wasn't anything special, but still good. The environments and voice-acting were really impressive for a AA game too, hope there's a sequel in the works. Kind of regret not playing it sooner, but I always thought that it'd be a steal when it's on sale.
  9. Ninja Gaiden - Hoping for a fourth game after NG3. Loved playing Sigma on the PS3 and the Sigma plus games on the Vita too, going to get the Master Collection to show support for the series. Zone of the Enders - Since Kojima was more of a supervisor when it came to ZOE, I can see a possibility of a third game without him. It's just given how Konami is the way it is, they'll most likely screw it up somehow. Still loved playing the 2nd game on PS4. Parasite Eve - While the first two games were decent RPGs (but felt more like survival horror games like RE), I'd love for Square Enix to either take a shot to remake the first game while keeping the spooky atmosphere and actually making it more than 10 hours long or making a sequel to Parasite Eve II.
  10. Plat. #45: A Plague Tale: Innocence 


    Really was surprised by how good the game was, definitely one of my favorite plats of the year. 

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      Stan Lee

      Congrats! I adore this game, definitely one of the best "AA" games of the generation.

  11. Final Fantasy VII Remake
  12. As much as I love Nintendo and their games, the fact that they're still charging $60 for old games and remasters like Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8, Mario 3D All-stars, Pikmin 3, Splatoon 2, etc. is stupid. 1-2-Switch is still at $50! Wish they'd release a Nintendo Selects line already for the Switch and slash their first-party prices to $20 since their eShop deals aren't all that enticing. That and I can't believe Skyward Sword HD is also $60 with minimal changes.
  13. Plat. #44: Return of the Obra Dinn


    Loved the concept of the game and enjoyed piecing out the story. Felt dumb for missing out obvious hints, but it was a fun ride overall.

  14. Judgement