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  1. Elden Ring on PS4
  2. Elden Ring Red Wolf of Radagon Defeated the Red Wolf of Radagon
  3. Got Rune Factory 4 Special on sale and I'm excited to play it once I have lots of free time in the summer. Also planning on playing Rayman Legends after putting it on hold forever; heard lots of great things about it during the Wii U days. I do consider this thread as an all-things Nintendo discussion at this point, which is great since everything's in one place.
  4. Scarlet Nexus (PS4) Woven Red Threads Obtained all trophies.
  5. Plat. #54: Scarlet Nexus (PS4)

  6. Scarlet Nexus - 7/10
  7. Multi-stage boss fights in RPGs- Persona 3 had like 13 stages which was overkill. Boss fights where you're meant to lose- Personally find them a waste of health items and time. They would've worked better as a cutscene. Can't skip cutscenes after dying.
  8. Strongly agree with your points, Eyjabria. I agree that it's best to scoop up niche games as soon as possible wether they're on Switch or PlayStation. Ones that come to mind are smaller-scale games and the occassional Atlus RPGs. Just recently I've picked up Stranger of Paradise and Nier: Replicant out of worry that they might get hard to find in the future. About the FOMO regarding new games, while it's nice to join in on the exceitment with everyone else, I find it much more relaxing when I play a game at my own pace and when I'm ready to buy it. Yeah, I get stressed out too with my backlog since I'm buying more than I'm playing, which sucks. I've been strict with myself lately about buying games but sometimes I just can't pass out on a good discount or low-print game. That and my house is starting to get cluttered with games too. A strategy I've been following when chopping my backlog is playing short/games i'm interesed in playing first then make my way to the lenghty ones. It's working out great and I advise making a list of the games you're planning on playing. Also, when it comes to physical games and space, I've learned to only collect games that I'm 100% sure I'm going to love and the Nintendo exclusives. For games that I'm on the fence or meh about, I'll just get them digitally on sale. Anyway, long post aside, I hope this helps others facing the same issues.
  9. Had a slight feeling that Breath of the Wild 2 would get delayed since we've barely seen anything in terms of gameplay footage. But I'm also hoping Nintendo would put out a remastered collection for the meantime (though I'm sure that's just wishful thinking).
  10. I'll be sticking with the standard plan in the future for the discounts and games. Bummer about PS3 games being streamed (I feel with a bit of time and effort they could figure something out) but having PS1/PS2/PSP games is a nice addition.
  11. Congrats on your new Switch! One RPG I'd love to recommend to everyone is Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age! It's a turn-based RPG with a big world to explore and a wide variety of monsters to battle. The story is clichè with you being the chosen hero of light who must rid the world of monsters, but the lovable cast made up for it. The visuals and orchestral music are some of the best on the Switch. Make no mistake, it's a meaty game with lots of side content to tackle-- my playthrough took me close to 90 hours, which was good value. There's a demo that's around 10 hours long if you'd like to try it out too.
  12. Scarlet Nexus (PS4) - So far I'm liking the setting and gameplay, hope it turns out to be great.
  13. Plat #53: Wife Quest


    A challenging but fun little platformer. Has a cheeky humor and tough boss fights, both of which I liked.

  14. Katamari Damacy can be a funny game to play mainly due to the amount of random things and people you'll be rolling up in levels, which had me chuckling when I reached the final level. Also, the story doesn't take itself seriously with its humorous moments.
  15. Well this sucks. I'm guessing the Wii U and 3DS are going out the same way a few years from now. There's still a bunch of games I'd love to get, but I don't think it's worth spending the money on their eShops. Which also sucks since DQVIII and Ever Oasis are still $40 each.