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  1. Congrats! Would you mind giving us your thoughts after extended use? Looking to get one too since the Joycons get uncomfortable after a while.
  2. Dead or Alive 5: Last Round ($40) - Hasn't gone on sale for a long while. I ended up subbing to Extra to play it and recently got a sealed physical copy for $30 since I enjoyed it a lot. A Boy and His Blob ($10) - Already cheap but I never once saw it on sale.
  3. #62: Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm (PS4) Perfect Storm Master I played the game as I was nearing the end of the anime. It was a solid fighting game and I enjoyed the recreation of the Leaf Village and areas from the show. Each character had a distinctive fighting style and their finishers were always fun to watch. The camera was annoying during free roam mode (as expected from most anime games), but the game has a lot of charm to it if you're a fan. Can't wait to play the other games when I get to Shippuden.
  4. #62: Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm (PS4)


    It was a fun game and I got the platinum, believe it!

  5. Picked up Bayonetta 3 a while ago and I just finished it. It was a great time and was worth the wait. It was nice seeing Bayonetta again and Viola was fun new character (her interactions with Bayo reminded me of Dante and Nero from DMC4). Loved the action and variety in weapons though the camera had a lot of trouble with the bigger enemies. I wouldn't advise playing the game on handheld since the resolution takes a dip and it becomes chaotic with you trying to find your position on-screen. I read about the frame-rate issues but I had a relatively stable experience. The original VA drama sucks since I loved Bayos old voice, but the new VA was awesome and nailed the character's cheeky personality. All in all, I was happy with the game and I'm excited with the new direction of the series going forward.
  6. I don't think so. Having the mainline games as action-RPGs seems to be the safest option since it's pretty much accessible to everyone (not every player is willing to sit through turn-based battles and some might feel that they're boring). I'm also noticing that random encounters are a thing of the past too. Still, I can see Square bringing back turn-based combat for spin-offs like World of Final Fantasy.
  7. Still got my 250GB Super Slim PS3 from 2013. Been gaming heavily on it over the years that I had to send it for a repair two years ago. Other than my original DS3 dying out, the console itself has been working fine.
  8. 147 hrs playing Persona 4 Golden (my first Persona and RPG that I beat) and more recently around 120 hrs with Skyrim.
  9. When I enter a boss area and forget to save...
  10. Soul Hackers 2
  11. #61: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PS4) My longest platinum ever at 110 hours and one that I had lots of fun with. Wasn't too interested in Skyrim when it came out, but I decided to give it a go when it was on sale-- I ended up loving every moment of exploring the world, doing side quests, and even talking to NPCs. The gameplay felt dated at times, but was still entertaining-- especially when you can mix up your melee build with a mage and thief. It has its share of glitches though none were too serious. I have the expansions left to start but I'll be taking a brief break to play other games.
  12. Plat. #61: Skyrim (PS4)

  13. Looks like I missed out on some big drama last month lol. I went on vacation recently to NYC and got to visit the Nintendo Store there which was really nice. It was crowded with people picking up Splatoon 3 & Pokemon cards and I took my time exploring the place. The main floor had the games and Mario merch (statues of Mario chatacters too) while the first had the Zelda/Kirby/Pokemon stuff-- there was even a cool Amiibo showcase featuring all amiibo collections which was nice to look at. I ended up getting two T-shirts (Zelda and Nintendo NYC) and a copy of Hyrule Hystoria (always wanted to get my hands on it). Overall, it was a fun time revisiting the place after like 10 years. I've also picked up physical copies of Live A Live and Shin Megami Tensei V (for some reason, both were at insanely low stocks). Right now I'm playing SMT IV: Apocalypse on 3DS and going to pick up Bayo 3 soon.
  14. I've been gaming on my 3DS lately and got around to shrinking my backlog a bit. I finally got around to trying Attack of the Friday Monsters! It was a fun and short game (took me around 3hrs) to beat. What I liked about it was exploring the calm and peaceful town, interacting with the NPCs (a lot of them had some amusing dialogue lol) and trying to figure out the card battle mini-game. The latter was decent though really luck-based sometimes. Kind of sad to see it be gone forever when the eShop shuts down. I've just finished Luigi's Mansion on 3DS and it was a lot of fun too. The game is simple and short compared to the sequels, but it's the first game afterall. I wasn't too sure if it was a port or remake but after watching a few vids and checking out the 3DS additions (co-op, amiibo, 3D) it's defintely a remake. Still, I don't understand why they didn't release it on Switch to fully utilize the visuals. I might try playing 3D ExciteBike next and go back to Rune Factory 4 on Switch.
  15. Mass Effect 2