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  1. Yeah, been in the backlog for a while. Fun game game so far.
  2. Puppeteer (PS3)
  3. Congrats and have fun! I'm planning on picking up a copy later this month.
  4. The Direct was good. Love Platinum's games so I'm looking forward to Bayonetta 3 (also I'm liking Bayonetta's new redesign). The gameplay looks as solid and flashy as ever, definitely going to pick it up when it releases. Kirby and the Forgotten Lands looks really promising and I'm happy Nintendo's doing something new with Kirby again (I can definitely see the Mario Odyssey inspirations), excited to see more gameplay videos. About time Nintendo started putting some effort into the Switch's Virtual Console (hopefully GameCube is next!) though I'm wishing that they offer discounts to those who already bought some of the N64 games digitally like how they did it with the Wii and Wii U. I'm not really excited for the Mario movie and the casting seems odd (wish they'd let Charles Martinet voice Mario instead), but I hope it's good as Detective Pikachu and the Sonic Movie.
  5. SoulCalibur VI (PS4)
  6. Would be great if they did. I'd love to play Metriod Fusion and Zero Mission, Advance Wars 1&2, and the GBA Castlevania games in handheld mode.
  7. I was planning on getting the game for a while but after seeing the screenshots, I'll wait a bit. Huge fan of the series but NMHIII could've used a bit more polish. That and I have a lot of games on my plate to finish.
  8. Persona 4 - The Almighty As far as final boss themes go, this is my favorite one.
  9. 100% - Daytona USA (PS3)


    Pretty fun game despite having like three tracks and one car to drive. The racing still is fast and fun, and the other modes like survival and time trials were great. While the vocals were crappy, I ended up being really fond of the soundtrack lol. 



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    2. NullRay85


      @PooPooBlast: I've just recently finished Yakuza 5 and recognized Daytona USA's theme in Kiryu's taxi races, which was a nice reference. Didn't know the original singer was still around making music-- he still got the touch though lol.

      @enaysoft: That's a sweet 90's banger! Now I'm really jelous that they didn't include it in the re-relases =/

    3. enaysoft


      There's something ridiculous like 4 versions if I recall. Arcade, Saturn, Dreamcast and other remixes on CDs. Saturn is very similar to arcade but I kinda like the Dreamcast ones the most as the audio quality seems to have been improved. Remixed versions not sure if they ever made it into actual releases. Not sure if the PS3 uses Arcade or Dreamcast, likely due to the audio quality it uses arcade version. You should also check out The Easy and Intermediate tracks for the Dreamcast too, Blue Blue Sky is just the Expert stage.

      Sorry meant to say " Not sure if the PS3 uses Arcade or Saturn"

      Yeah I have no idea why they did not include the Dreamcast remix versions, I was sad they weren't there.

    4. ihadalifeb4this



  10. New Pokemon Snap (Switch) Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness (Vita) It Takes Two (PS4)
  11. I'm still planning on getting the D/P remakes since I've never played the originals and Arceus looks pretty neat. Speaking of Pokemon, I got New Pokemon Snap and been enjoying it so far. It's really relaxing compared to the action games I've been playing recently.
  12. Finally finished Yakuza 5 today and by far, it's the most ambitious game in the series story and gameplay-wise. Loved the twists in the story, the awesome characters, varied gameplay, and the amount of content in store. It took me over 80 hours to beat with a 50% completion rate and 58% trophy progress. I'm mainly playing the games for fun but good luck to everyone planning on platting the game. All in all, an amazing experience and my favorite in the series after 0 and Kiwami. If I had to rate it, it's def a 9/10. Right now, I'm waiting for Lost Judgement then after that going back to finally starting 6 then 7.
  13. I think you'll like Soul Hackers since it combines the classic old-school SMT gameplay with the character interactions of the Persona games. I really loved the futuristic and mystery setting of the story though the dialogue got cheesy at times (it was a 90s game after all lol). I remember it being a pretty short game too (around 25 hours I think) and the difficulty was just right, so it's worth checking out. Just remember that it's on the dated side in just about everything though. I've beat Devil Survivor 1 last year and liked it, though that game got brutal since I'm not a huge fan of strategy games. Haven't played DS2 yet.
  14. The game looks nice, kind of miss the old character designs but I hope we'll see some new demon designs with the artstyle they're going with. Gameplay-wise, it's good but I feel it could've benefited from some polishing or a "Switch Pro" version since it looks dated running on the regular Switch.
  15. I'd recommend that you check out SMT: Strange Journey on the DS or the 3DS remaster as the game is more focused on story and character-development compared to the "gameplay first, story second" nature of the other games in the series. SMT: Digital Devil Saga 1&2 are also great choices if you're going after story and characters since they were the most story-driven ones of the PS2 era.