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  1. Looking at some people’s 205 posts, surely trolling with RE6 the Fav. RE Remake takes top spot for me. I remember sneaking on my brother game cube as a kid and wiping his save game haha.
  2. I got the level 50 trophy, is there any chance I can get the others to auto pop after starting it up?
  3. Mine was Astro’s playroom then spider and lastly Demons Souls, worth every penny.
  4. I’m not that fussed about games like this, it’s when people have 6 stacks of the same game from EU, US + AS. Especially when there’s 100+ platinums stacked.
  5. Vertical if it’s down stairs in the sitting room, horizontal if it’s up in bedroom.
  6. I’m buying, got it pre-ordered for release date in the U.K. as much as the leap is minor, it’s always exciting to get a new console. I’m pretty stoked for Demons Souls.
  7. Ones if played, not to bothered about listing the spin offs. Still yet to play RE3 original or the Remake. 1.) RE4 2.) RE Remake 3.) RE 2 Remake 4.) RE CV 5.) RE 5 6.) RE 7 7.) RE 0 8.) RE 6
  8. Quite happy with the delay, gives me time to play through Demons Souls on the PS5. Should be enough time to platinum.
  9. Trophies don’t look too bad, I just found the Alpha and Beta to be super boring. If the multiplayer was decent I’d of got it for release with the ps5.
  10. Got 1 win streak and got disconnected on round 1 of my second game, does that reset my streak?
  11. No Particular Order: 1. FF7R 2. God Of War 3. Bloodborne 4. Sekiro 5. Spider-Man 6. Re7 7. Witcher 3 8. MGS V 9. Nier Automata 10. God of war
  12. Disc, the digital prices are shocking and rarely go on sale for cheaper than physical. I just use Hot uk deals and set my alerts to PS4 games, a week after persona 5 royal came out I picked the launch edition up for £32. If the digital games were cheap or matched the price I would consider it but then there’s no 4K player :/.
  13. I believe they will bring a new VR, maybe a year or two after the ps5 is released. Either way they confirmed that the original VR will also be supported on PS5, I’ve got the same problem though as I don’t know if to bite now or wait.
  14. IGN full of Sh*t as always. Can’t wait to play it tomorrow.