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  1. Got 1 win streak and got disconnected on round 1 of my second game, does that reset my streak?
  2. No Particular Order: 1. FF7R 2. God Of War 3. Bloodborne 4. Sekiro 5. Spider-Man 6. Re7 7. Witcher 3 8. MGS V 9. Nier Automata 10. God of war
  3. Disc, the digital prices are shocking and rarely go on sale for cheaper than physical. I just use Hot uk deals and set my alerts to PS4 games, a week after persona 5 royal came out I picked the launch edition up for £32. If the digital games were cheap or matched the price I would consider it but then there’s no 4K player :/.
  4. I believe they will bring a new VR, maybe a year or two after the ps5 is released. Either way they confirmed that the original VR will also be supported on PS5, I’ve got the same problem though as I don’t know if to bite now or wait.
  5. IGN full of Sh*t as always. Can’t wait to play it tomorrow.
  6. Can’t wait, loved playing SoR 2 with my brother back in the day. Excited to give the platinum a go.
  7. Thanks mate. last question, Have I missed a materia for learning enemy skills as I’m in the sewers and have yet to learn one.
  8. Where is the pull up mini game ? I’ve been in the gym and got the squat trophy + where is the hard whack a mole? Again I’ve finished the normal difficulty. Thanks
  9. Thanks, just got the disc and trophy. I would never of guessed about the music disc for getting perfect in the tutorial.
  10. Anyone know how to get the dancing queen trophy? Do I need to get a perfect score
  11. Nice, looking forward to attempting the platinum. I keep forgetting about the game coming out though.
  12. I'm up for it, I'm currently not at home ATM but once I'm back il definitely help as I want to get 100% before battlefront 2.
  13. Hey, I just checked on the official website and its the summer side show dlc.