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  1. No matter what the others say I'm your favourite cpu right?
  2. Sadly, no. Did you ever steal
  3. Let me show you the real reason why people love me
  4. you there have a great taste my friend i just need to wait until it arrives, but when it's here o boy i'm going to play the heck out of this game
  5. we waited long enough but finally we can synch that game
  6. I maybe not look like that but I'm very popular
  7. Dammit who stole my profile pic I swear do God i will find you
  8. Where do I find my special someone
  9. Don't worry I'm not old my hair is just natural white
  10. @Koromaru because she was the first friend I made here
  11. Now I'm the DJ here so, let's play some of my songs now
  12. does handcuffes doesn't look got on me
  13. Wait didn't he had a different profile pic just now?
  14. How to you like my armor, does it look weird on me?
  15. I totally want the sniper over there