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  1. For me it's probably Starwhal or ICO. If I ever manage to platinum Alien: Isolation, I'd add that one to my list.
  2. #146 — Zombie Army Trilogy
  3. #144 — 11-11: Memories Retold #145 — Final Fantasy XIII-2
  4. I’m really surprised. I expected them to go through with it no matter what. A little faith in Sony is restored for me. They will inevitably shut down the stores some day though, so I’m going to stay focused on PS3 and Vita games. Hopefully when they actually shut down the stores they’ll give a warning at least a year in advance.
  5. #142 - Subnautica (JP) #143 - Final Fantasy VII Remake
  6. “Getting Wood”
  7. #139 - XBlaze Code : Embryo #140 - RWBY: Grimm Eclipse #141 - Subnautica
  8. #138 — Goosebumps: The Game
  9. I personally don’t think it’s worth it unless that’s all you care about and you enjoy going for 100% completion. I can understand the appeal of having a 100% account. Sometimes I wish I could have one myself... I just don’t think it would be possible for me to maintain that level of completion and I wouldn’t enjoy putting myself through that. I have already started too many games that I’ll never be able to 100%, so it’s not possible for me anymore. I’m not willing to start over with a new account either. The effort I put into earning the trophies on my account mean more to me than 100% completion rate. I’m stuck with unobtainable trophies and I’ve come to terms with it.
  10. I had a bad feeling when I first heard the now confirmed rumor. After all the awful decisions being made by Sony lately, yet another awful decision didn’t seem like such a far fetched idea to me. I expect many more disappointments to come. I guess the closure of the stores for these consoles weren’t considered worthy of a disclosure at least a year in advance. The way they’re handling this situation is so unprofessional in my opinion. This is making me reconsider whether I will continue to support them.
  11. #137 — Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi
  12. I really hope this isn’t true. There are still so many games I’d like to purchase for PS3 and Vita. Being limited to physical copies makes acquiring some games much more difficult and expensive than simply buying the digital version. This is also going to be really annoying regarding any DLC, as once the store is gone any games you haven’t purchased the DLC for you will not be able to achieve 100%. If this is true, then I do hope they at least allow us to still download games we’ve already purchased.
  13. Final Fantasy VII Remake Biker Boy Get praised by Jessie at the end of the motorcycle mini-game.
  14. I just started using Aerith from FFVII Remake.