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  1. Bug with Chapter 4 trophies are officially mentioned in the Patch release patch notes: (source) With this platinum should be achievable soon. Haven't encountered other game-breaking trophy bugs so far. For kill related trophies (Chapter bosses, Secret bosses, etc. make sure you DO NOT use minions).
  2. I got the "Ahriman" Trophy to pop (Beat final boss). I got it after playing through another iteration of the Endgame loop. I had to kill him without my minions and trophy popped instantly (minions will void the trophy!). Chapter 4 trophies remain bugged... (have a save backed up before ending chapter 4 in case someone comes up with a solution xD)
  3. There are quite a few Bugs atm. For me: Minions messing with secret boss and chapter boss trophies (had to kill em without minions for it to count) For me 5000 Underling trophy didnt unlock and i am in Endgame already, 500 one popped in second zone in Chapter 1 already, no way i haven't killed 5000 already Chapter 1 endboss also didnt popped for me Chapter 4 didn't pop including Ahriman kill and no dying (beat endboss 5 times already, also without minions, it just won't count) What i can see on PSN. Chapter 4 trophies are still at 0.00%. Ahriman trophy at 0.01%, so it somehow "should" register with luck. This game is a total mess atm. even tho it is quite fun to play... On Xbox i can see similar issues, even tho one guy managed to get Chapter 4 trophies.
  4. Liked the system from AC Valhalla and Watch Dogs better. Games could be synced both ways. But no auto pop. Had to make saves before a trophy pop, then get in on PS5 and reload the cloud save on PS4 version. But at least i could enjoy the main gaming part on the PS5...
  5. finally done with the platinum, thanks for everyone contributing with tips. hope all others manage to finish it aswell!
  6. you just saved my life, i was running it since 5 hours...
  7. Currently trying to complete Biome 4 (Echoing Ruins)... missing ONE more Scout Log but i can't figure out which one it is (since Logs are not in order it seems) but i think it is either 27 or 30. Can anyone remember a rare Scout Log in Echoing Ruins? Damn man those collectibles.
  8. Several sources say play online only or trophies like collectibles might glitch out. Hope you can get it to pop after going online and restarting the game!
  9. Oh yes, clear the room and continue. This just happens all the time. Happened in my run where i got log 09 aswell.
  10. Will try to stay on 1.3.1 as long as possible while doing collectibles. I'm still connected to servers and will try to abuse the dev commands for weapon perks as much as i can.
  11. Ignore the locked rooms. I can confirm this. For me it spawned near the end of the run, so after the "hub room" with all the fabricators.
  12. Luckily i read about save corruption fast enough after patching and didn't interact with any ghost.
  13. Just got it and it was exactly as he mentioned. I got the Log 09 variation (behind a NON-LOCKED side room door) and with it the trophy. Sooooooo happy this is done and trophy not glitched... What also was interesting is that inside my 09 variation there was a LOCKED side room door with a small room with a big heal item inside that i've never seen before.
  14. TY now it's perfectly clear. Awesome find man, this will help alot of ppl.
  15. Just to clarify. The Scout Log 09 is NEVER behind the locked sideroom? It always has to be a sideroom that is NOT locked? Or can it also be behind the first room of the locked room?