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  1. Created fresh Reaper, played to 59, went to Gluttons and killed 15 of them... no trophy.
  2. Finished both Ingame achievements, neither trophy popped...
  3. All the infos in here should be consolidated in some kind of sheet on google docs. Otherwise OP post would be hard to read.
  4. Thanks for the work so far, will check my drops from now on.
  5. I already finished the game before. And yes i even have Hotep Cavern. The only ones i can't get are 2 Scrolls and one Treasure which were available during a specific Main Mission.
  6. Confirmed glitched. I completed the whole map and checked every nook and cranny if i missed anything. No trophy.
  7. platted HK version already, was a fun fast plat game, would do again
  8. Nice find, but i still think they come naturally before even getting the 100 PVP Win trophy... :/
  9. We can't say. Sadly we don't have a counter to track. PC users can track their stats on a subpage on the Skyforge website. Haven't found this feature for PSN Users sadly... this would be the only way to check it. But tbh. it is a waste to use divine form in normal adventures. The investment in Faith and the Reward just doesn't cut it. Faith is best used in 5 man's. If you have a free divine form Prototype use it in raids.
  10. The "Coming of Machavann" should appear on Thursday and Sunday directives. At least on PC it is like that. Since we got ours on a Thursday aswell there is a high chance to get it again on Sunday. Even if done it's worth it again as enemies drop shitloads of KoE inside and it doesn't even take long.
  11. kawaii thanks for that! ;D
  12. Yup, and this also means, ppl only have 3 more weeks before current Avatar disappears.
  13. it's cheaper than buying the credits with argents.
  14. We had a Pantheon group consisting of: 1 700k, 3 450-500k (me included), rest ~200-250k. It was a piece of cake literally. The 50% phase is tough even with high prestige, since prestige doesn't help you with not getting stunned, eaten and shit. We haven't had the best tactics but we did it twice in the first try. On first kill we had 1 alive in the end, on 2nd kill we had 4 alive.
  15. FYI: To get the Avatar Trophy you have to be ALIVE the moment the Avatar dies. If you are dead, you DON'T get the trophy! We did him twice yesterday and only the survivors got the trophy. Good luck everyone!