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  1. just wait until level 30 to craft ammunition, then kill enemies on horse using dead eye, these ammo and aiming at the head : you will basically have 30 exp per kill. 🙂
  2. Turn off autosave mode and save right before starting a mission; I haven't finished the story yet but I've got 40 gold medals until now.
  3. Can I choose the cutscenes plus the gameplay until the platinum trophy for best cutscenes?? 😁
  4. I finished the story right now and DAMN DEAR GOD what a sad ending i got!!! I mean, it's all my fault but i've managed to screw everything in my first try Markus Connor Kara I don't know, maybe i was not in the mood, maybe i was too naive..... but.... it went everything on s**t! 😭 I will "platinum" it not just for the platinum, but because it deserves to be replayed just in order to see every endings!
  5. add me to the top, I have all platinums and 100% 😎
  6. level, magic and weapons are useful but you just have to remember her patterns; this are the same as the other valkiries (for example, she uses the lava attack like the muspelheim one). the valkiries are set to prepare you to beat the queen: if you have struggled with one, you Will have a bad time with the queen. she took me 4 times to beat her in normal difficulty, not so troublesome IMHO 😁 . i've enjoyed my time but i Will NOt ever never try it in god difficulty
  7. fable trilogy (especially the 2nd) and Alan wake
  8. in my opinion, 1) valiant hearts: the great war ps3/ps4 (heartbreaking story set during the first world war) 2) rain ps3 ( a poetic journey) 3) White night ps4 ( catching black&white horror) in addition, i suggest "oxenfree" 😁
  9. and for this month I'll wait next month.... again 😅
  10. it's beautiful!!! 🤩🤩🤩 it's a pity that medievil 2 Will not be present. my body is ready to beat the ghost ship!!
  11. I don't want to rush and don't have the urge to do it but I have planned a lot of trophies along the way for milestones like mass effect 3, max payne, batman arkham knight, a lot of platinum (mgs4, witcher 3, last of us, skyrim, wolf among us) etc ...
  12. Now I get it!! thanks for the replies 😉😎
  13. i just don't get the platinum title, what does it mean? is it a reference to the solar eclipse?? 🤔 https://www.roanokeoutside.com/wont-party-like-2024/
  14. hello! if anyone need help for trophies, check my boosting session! https://psnprofiles.com/session/156647-grand-theft-auto-v i'm GMT +1
  15. Last day of June. Beautiful heartbreaking piece of art! 😢