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  1. will it be on ps4?? my only fear is playing the new saga between two different consoles lile the previous one.
  2. you can activate listening mode in grounded, it's part of the accessibility options. Everything there you can use it, nevertheless you can't use the cheats options like infinite bullets.
  3. thanks for noticing it! 👍 Glab Abby and Lev managed to go to the Fireflies
  4. in lev 4 you have to avoid the dark men in order to get the trophy. some guides say that you can use "restart checkpoint". well, now it doesn't work anymore, at least for me: you have to do it in one go, without getting touched once. i used checkpoint once, didn't get toiched and no trophy. Did it again without restarting checkpoint, got trophy just a small tip for anyone willing to do this. 🙂
  5. You should catch the Channel Catfish, south Armadillo, in New Austin (obviously after the main story).
  6. I bother only playing the first one, my first open world game on pc, the fantastic story, the characters, Tommy Angelo, the hilarious yet difficult mode to obtain all the crazy cars, .... damn nostalgia!
  7. day 120 for me. I'll wait reviews, real gameplay footages by players, opinions etc... then I'll buy it later.
  8. In the meanwhile, playstation youtube channel has disabled comments because of the leaks 😅
  9. CTRL + C Origins/Odissey CTRL + V Valhalla
  10. what's the point of buying a new console for almost 500€ when you did not known anything about its games?? what for? Did they announce new titles? I think I miss it.
  11. oh come on, one player obtained the platinum among.... one player, himself! give it time and it will be very rare, i presume
  12. hardcore mode is hard because you can't skip cutscenes 😜
  13. just wait until level 30 to craft ammunition, then kill enemies on horse using dead eye, these ammo and aiming at the head : you will basically have 30 exp per kill. 🙂
  14. Turn off autosave mode and save right before starting a mission; I haven't finished the story yet but I've got 40 gold medals until now.
  15. Can I choose the cutscenes plus the gameplay until the platinum trophy for best cutscenes?? 😁