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  1. Alright, finally our guide is up. Not that you guys will need it anyway given the delay lol But if we could get some feedback on the bigger trophies that would be rad.
  2. Not sure this makes the trophy effortless to get, but it is easier. Should I bump the guide down to an 8 or so for difficulty? Or keep it at a 10 given the squads mode is an LTM?
  3. I'd like to thank everyone on this forum for helping out with collating data on this grind. The tips everyone has gathered have been checked out by me and @LuckySIime and included in our guide, which will hopefully be uploaded soon finally. With the delay in processing guides, we couldn't really help you guys out, but hopefully we've all worked together to make this plat better for future players.
  4. IIRC the Sendai Dire Shadow only reappears on Merciless? Am I remembering that wrong?
  5. At this rate y'all will be done with this list before my guide goes up LOL
  6. After a night and reading my previous reply, I feel like I should write a bit more since I feel it wasn't encompassing or congratulatory enough. With @Sebastian's guide being posted around the same time as my Demon's Souls guide and us each giving each other feedback on it, I feel like these two guides were kind of intertwined and connected to some extent. Both as a writer and a reader, I cannot say enough about how Sebastian's guide is the single best game guide I have ever read, for any platform, on any site. It is a guide that is absolutely, 100% deserving of all the praise and reward that it is given. And I absolutely consider it a privilege that my own guide was compared so favourably to it, I am so honoured to be cast in even a remotely similar light to it. For @Z-Yux and ThaKingTropy, your commitment to fact checking and structuring your guide in a way that's readable is commendable, you know exactly how new and returning players process information and you've used that to create something truly, universally understandable. @Venocide, anyone who's created a Persona playthrough guide knows just how intensive and delicate the balance is to getting everything right. Your attention to correctness is unparalleled. To all of the DLC guide writers, thank you for focusing on guides that normally others would not consider worth writing for. It's important as a community that we have as much coverage as possible and every possible game is written for, including DLC. I'm glad you got the recognition because, usually, DLC guide writing is a thankless task. For the imported writers, your commitment and effort is astounding, given the task of also translating and adapting the guide for English readers. It's definitely not easy as you essentially pull double duty from start to finish, and you've all done really well in persisting with that. And everyone else who got nominated, everyone else who won. Everyone else who contributed a guide that didn't get nominated. I'd be here all day congratulating you all if I was able to. Oof that was a bit long wasn't it. That wasn't intentional.
  7. Do we know if PS5 ownership has any affect on the statue method? With the SSD my load times are <1 second between areas for the Osaka statue.
  8. Very grateful for the 3 silver trophies and 2 bronze trophies! Thank you to everyone who voted, I'm so honoured to have 3 of my guides win awards, I hope I've impressed you all with my versatility and consistently high quality. I am so happy to win 5 trophies total, I didn't expect to get anything at all! Thank you to @Sebastian for beating me at every turn and giving me a reason to get even better from now on. I'll keep striving for that gold trophy! Thanks to everyone else who contributed guides, 2020 was a uniquely productive year for all of us and we helped millions of people with our writing. We should all be proud of that.
  9. My guide cowritten by the amazing @LuckySIime has been submitted, but it seems the guide team is taking a break of some kind, not sure when the guide will be posted. Sorry to everyone waiting on it. The guide team hasn't posted a new guide in 3 weeks.
  10. Finally. Posting the guide now. I was waiting for the English list to get updated before posting so we'd have the English descriptions.
  11. I am so, so honoured to have three of my guides nominated for these awards. I am ecstatic that people loved my Demon's Souls Full Trophy Walkthrough and my Persona 5 Royal guides. The time and effort spent on these was immense and I'm so glad it has helped as many people as it has. As for actually voting myself, I don't think I really can as 2020 was a small gaming year for me, in fact Persona 5 and Demon's Souls were the only games I truly played in depth. But I'm sure everyone else in these lists has produced insanely high quality guides and I'm so glad to be represented alongside you all. It is an honour. Good luck to everyone.
  12. Nah, it's the Australian disc. My Japanese account can launch and play my Aussie disc, but my Australian account just can't do that. It just doesn't appear on my home screen or in my library.
  13. Hi, so I've got the disc version of Siege and after inserting the disc, I've had a series of peculiarities that I can't get around. 1. Once I insert the disc, the PS4 version does not appear on my PS5 dashboard. 2. As I can't get the upgrade from here, I navigate to the PS store and find the Siege icon. I click it and it says "Can't find what you're looking for.", Error CE-112908-1 3. I search for Siege in the store and I can then access the store page. I've redeemed the disc upgrade version and downloaded it. 4. After downloading the PS5 version and also installing the PS4 version, neither appear on my PS5 home screen. 5. I navigate to the storage section of the settings and I can see both installed, collectively taking up 100+GB. 6. I switch to my Japanese account (To redeem DLC for imports), and I can launch and play both versions on my Japanese account. 7. I can temporarily access this game by clicking the notification that the game has finished installing in the notification menu, however the notification disappears after I do this, so in order to play the game, I'd have to reinstall it EVERY TIME I play it to have that notification reppear. What is going on here? Why can't my Australian account access this game?
  14. Hex-A-Gone and Royal Fumble are IMO the only purely skill-based finals. I'm sure me saying Royal Fumble will be controversial but I do think it's purely skill-based because every single player is on an exact level playing field. Even starting with the tail I don't consider an advantage. Jump Showdown is RNG for the platforms falling but once you're down to the last two platforms, it's purely skill based. Fall Mountain is my most hated final, it's literally just whoever starts in the front row. I've lost Fall Mountain runs even when I wasn't hit or slowed down by anything, just because I started in the second row.
  15. Alright, I did it. I'm done. I don't even have the energy to be excited. I'm just glad it's over.