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  1. Not sure if it this has been asked already but one of the few achievements I need to get for the ps4 FF9 is Movie Critic which requires you to view 79 active time events, now is that through one play through or is it over several play throughs?
  2. For me my fastest platinum was for Sound Shapes on the ps vita & it was done in 15 seconds
  3. Dunno if it'll be of any interest for milestones but how about rarest trophy on specific dates like your rarest on days that are Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years day, Valentine's day
  4. For me it's Eternal Sonata, Heavenly Sword, Battlefantasia but I think the xbox version has them though even though the ps3 version doesn't, Valkyria Chronicle, Sid Meyer's Civilization Revolution & Fifa 08
  5. The Star Wars films, The Dark Crystal & the Studio Ghibli films
  6. For me my newest game for the ps4 is Fallout 4, recently had to buy a new ps4 console as my original one I had became knackered & Fallout 4 was part of the bundle ps4 I bought
  7. The listing was fine for me yesterday morning. Had played a game, got all 19 trophies & updated my list & it worked but haven't tried anything since then so don't know if I'm gonna get the same issue or not
  8. According to this my very first trophy was Rock and a Hard Place for the game Dragon Age Origins & was achieved on November 14th 2010 but I have played some games before this but they don't have a time stamp. Will have to wait another 2 years before I can say I've got something 10 years after my first dated trophy
  9. For me now my most recent trophy is for Energy Cycle & it was the platinum for the game
  10. For me now my most recent platinum is for Energy Cycle making it my 36th platinum trophy
  11. For me it was Infamous Second Son, have been a fan of the Infamous series since the first one so once I heard of Second Son it was only fitting that I bought it too
  12. First ps3 games for me were Infamous & Uncharted Drake's Fortune, when I bought my very first ps3 it came with a choice of games. You had to pick 2 of the 3 games that were on offer & it was between Infamous, Uncharted Drake's Fortune & I think it was one of the COD games as well but ended up going with Infamous & Uncharted Drake's Fortune
  13. At the moment I'm giving Steins;Gate 0 a go, have had it for a little while now so thought I'd play it over the weekend as I had some free time & wanted to do something between each game of the world cup so played through most of it. Wasn't going to bother trying to get the platinum for it & as I'd already gone through it the once & finished it I thought I'd go through it one more time to get the odd one or two more trophies for the game but it looks like getting the platinum trophy might be easier to get then I thought so am aiming to go for that trophy
  14. Burnout Revenge, always did love playing that game on the ps2. Primal, I know you can get the game in digital form on the ps4 but it would be nice to see a physical version of the game for the console done
  15. As much as I'd like to say I will do it or at least try to do it I sadly wont ever get 100% of my trophies & have it show here I've got 100% of everything I get cos some of the games I've played have had online trophies & those games have since closed their servers so the trophies that I never got are now unobtainable