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  1. For me it's 10 months & 2 weeks for WWE 2K17 on the ps3, took me that long because of the online trophies. One of them is to play 100 matches online but if the person you were against or you yourself left before the end of the match for any reason it wouldn't count as a played match, gave up before getting that achievement but went back to it a few months later as the servers were going down & wanted to get it as it was the last one I needed to give me the platinum
  2. At the moment I've just got the physical version of The Walking Dead The Final Season on pre-order. I know the game has already been released digitally & 've played it up as far as the most recent episode but I prefer having the physical versions of games usually
  3. Little adventure on the prairie takes under an hour, it's on both the ps4 & ps vita Jack N' Jill DX takes under an hour, it's on bothe the ps4 & ps vita Midnight Deluxe can take under an hour, it's on the ps4 & ps vita Not sure how many games in total there are that take under an hour but these are some that do
  4. If I had to pick then I'd say Burnout Revenge, didn't have a whole lot of ps2 games but did always love playing Burnout Revenge so would be nice to see it being re-released for the ps4 or even next gen consoles
  5. It maybe easy but it's not gonna stop me from playing it for the platinum, only the ps4 version is showing so wouldn't be surprised if after a bit of time a psvita version is done as well
  6. Digital wise, once I've completed/finished with a game I usually tend to just uninstall it from the system I play it on. Physical wise once I complete/finish with a game I always keep them & just put them to one side
  7. It says it on the game when you go to select the episodes, got the date of March 26th on episode 4
  8. I would of thought people would already know this by now but looks like episode 4 Take Us Back for The Walking Dead The Final Season is going to be released on March 26th
  9. Didn't realise there were so many Neptunia games. Hyperdimension Neptunia Re Birth 1 for the vita was the very first one I ever played & so far is the only one I've played as well, got the platinum for it back in 2017. Should really give some of the others a go
  10. If I had to choose then I'd say Final Fantasy 10
  11. Do find it nice to see how high I climb when I do actually update on here but at the same time I'm also not too fussed about what rank I'll be as I know I'll never be ranked as high as some people
  12. Well I've already got the platinum for Fullblast & Word Sudoku on both the vita & ps4 so that was my first 4 for the year all being done on new years day, currently working on Word Search By Powgi at the moment
  13. my first achievement for 2019 is Nuclear Explosion for Fullblast on the ps4
  14. I've noticed it has done this, I don't pay to be a premium member & it always use to update once every 24 hours automatically but have noticed it doesn't do that now. I assumed it was doing it due to the site changing servers
  15. The majority of mine have been relatively easy do to being from easy game but do have the odd couple which aren't as easy but if I had to choose one I have to say either Beyond: Two Souls for the ps3 or Tales Of Xillia also for the ps3