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  1. At the moment the only game I have pre-ordered is the Spyro The Dragon trilogy on the ps4
  2. I started to play it a few years ago as I have it on ps3 but moved on to other things, should really go back to it & continue to play it
  3. At the moment I currently have 3174 unearned trophies
  4. At the moment for it it has to be Evolve. Thought it was a good idea to be able to choose between being able to control a monster & a team to destroy said monster but I found the game to be too repetitive, I know there are other games out their that are repetitive like the Fifa games but I just found Evolve to be way too repetitive. If I knew before I bought it that I'd not like it then I'd more then likely of not bought the game in the first place
  5. If Telltale had said before hand that there was going to be a physical release of TWD The Final Season I'd of waited & got that but like many people I was lead to believe there was going to be no physical release so went & got the digital version
  6. At the moment I've got my eye on the platinum for Telltale's The Walking Dead The Final Season. I know the other games from that series are really easy to get & I've got to wait till episodes 2,3 & 4 are out but I do aim to get the platinum for that game to round off the series as a whole seeing I do have them for the other games & I just need one more platinum to get to 40 so would be nice to have the platinum at that milestone as well
  7. The last film I saw was an anime one & was Fairy Tail Dragon Cry
  8. My rarest for the ps3 is Sing Me A Love Song for the game Singstar & is 1.28% rarity
  9. For me it's the trophy of Stunt Master for the first Infamous game & the requirement is to complete all the stunts on the stunt list, there's about 24 of them you need to do throughout the game all being slightly different in things you need to do to complete them but I just can't seem to do them all. Always have the odd one or two that I struggle to do. All I need to do is that one & I've got the platinum for the game but just can't do it
  10. Doubt they'll do lists for the ps3 & vita seeing as how TWD: A New Frontier wasn't even on those 2 consoles & the only other time they did a separate list for trophies on a different region was for Japan which was only for season one & they didn't even get the dcl 400 Days either
  11. I'm a bit surprised that they didn't do the whole "complete so & so chapter of so & so episode" trophies like most of the trophies on the other TWD games they did, was expecting them to do such a list seeing as how the others have those type of trophy lists but it's also going to be interesting to so just how easy the trophies are to get throughout the game
  12. Guess it would be rude to not include Sound Shapes, cheesed my way to an easy platinum by using the cloud sync option. Played the game on the ps3 & got most of the trophies & then cloud synced my save over the the ps4 to get them there, once I got the platinum on the ps3 I cloud synced it over the the ps4 to get the platinum on that & then cloud synced it over my newly bought vit which resulted in me getting the platinum in 15 seconds & 100% of the achievements in about 40/45 seconds. I guess I could throw Final Fantasy 9 into this, as it was released digitally on the ps4 I bought it as it's one of my favourite FF games. Looks like that used the US version for it as you can use options to speed the game up, turn off fights, deal 9999 damage in one it & give help in battle. One of the achievements is to get a member of your part to level 99, I took advantage of the speed up ability & dealing 9999 damage to get some party members to level 99 yearly early on in the game. There's also an achievement for getting a weapon at a certain point in the game but you have to get to that place in under 12 game hours so took advantage of turning off fights, speeding up of the game & dealing 9999 damage for boss fights that get to that point of the game in about 5/6 hours
  13. I had this problem, it's a defect with the console itself. Where the disc goes in there's the cover of the ps4, if you take that off there's a little screw you can adjust to kinda sort the problem out but it wont make the problem go away completely. if it helps you can find a video about it on youtube
  14. Not sure if it was just slow to kick in or if there was some sort of glitch happen but I eventually got the trophy for the 50,000 buildings destroyed after going to a different planet I created that had different buildings on so the trophy finally popped. This was friday night when it popped & then when I went back on the game to the same created planet saturday evening & on my first round of destroying buildings the destroy 100,000 buildings popped up so I kinda think the 50,000 was a bit slow to pop seeing as how the 100,000 popped up not that long after
  15. Hopefully it is all buildings as did just over 30,000 yesterday on one type & got the achievement for that & done about 23,000/24,000 today with a different type so technically done over 50,000 & haven't had the next one pop yet so hope it does soon