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  1. Final Fantasy X, was a game I enjoyed playing through many times on the ps2 & one of my favourites from the Final Fantasy series so new I wanted to at least try to get the platinum for it & pleased when I did. Even after all this time & many platinum trophies since the one for FFX is still my favourite & would do it all again if I could
  2. Wouldn't mind seeing Burnout Revenge from the ps2 come to the ps4, don't play many racing game but did enjoy that one. Destruction Derby from the ps1 would be nice, only ever had the demo of it but did enjoy it. Cool Spot, Micro Machines & Gynoug (known as Wings Of Wor in America) from the the sega mega drive would be nice too. Remember playing them when I was a lot younger & don't seem to see many people remembering those games so would be nice to see them on the ps4
  3. I'm glad the servers are staying open for the moment, have recently started playing the game myself & was considering giving the 3 online trophies a try but wasn't sure if I'd be able to get the 3 by the end of the month when the servers were going to close
  4. For me it's WWE 2k17 for the ps3 at 10 months, 2 weeks & 5 days. Had 1 achievement to get for the game which was to play 100 matches online but the achievement was a bit glitched as you had to play more then 100 to actually get the thing & I don't think it would could towards the trophy if the person you were playing against left the match before it officially ended the usual was as in ending by pin/dq/submission so gave up some of the way through till several months later I noticed that the online servers were being shut down for the game so went to see if I could get that out the way before they were shut & thankfully I did manage to do it & got the platinum in the process
  5. Battle Fantasia had a trophy list on the xbox but never for the ps3 Not 100% sure if I'm right but can't help but think Eternal Sonata was the same with having a trophy list on xbox but not ps3, please correct me if I am wrong about this one though
  6. I know there're many topics/posts here about platinum trophies but haven't seen one around for this one & I know I'm far from the only person who has multiple of the same platinum trophy so as the title suggest what is the biggest time gap between the same platinum you have? For me it's Beyond: Two Souls, I originally got the platinum for the ps3 version back on 26th January 2014 & it was also my very first platinum as well, I then got the platinum again but for the ps4 version on 23rd April 2019. So this is my biggest gap between the same platinum trophies, 5 years & 3 months apart
  7. 2010 - 0 2011 - 0 2012 - 0 2013 - 0 2014 - 4 most common Telltales The Walking Dead season 1 ps3 version at 49.49% rarest Final Fantasy 10 at 8.69% 2015 - 5 most common Telltales The Walking Dead season 1 ps4 version at 72.90% rarest Sound Shapes ps4 version at 28.11% 2016 - 4 most common Telltales Tales From The Boarderlands physical version at 53.91% rarest Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortune ps4 version at 18.26% 2017 - 9 most common My Name Is Mayo ps vita version at 97.87% rarest Telltales Minecraft Story Mode ps3 version at 16.49% 2018 - 22 most common Jack N' Jill DX ps vita version at 99.47% rarest Dungeon Punks at 7.55% 2019 - 30 most common Super Destronaut DX ps vita version at 98.66% rarest Beyond: Two Souls ps 4 version at 7.73% 2020 - so far 3 with most common Just A Phase By Powgi ps vita version at 97.11% rarest Telltales/Skybounds The Walking Dead definitive collection at 40.33%
  8. I was going to say that for me it was WWE 2k17 for the ps3 as it took me 10 months & 2 weeks to get 100% of the trophies on & I only did it because at the time the on line servers were due to be turned off & I only needed 1 more on line trophy to get for the platinum which I managed to do before the servers got shut down but it turns out that my longest time to get 100% of the trophies on something is the Welcome Park for the ps vita which took me 1 year & 2 months to get 100% of the trophies one. I'm sure most people probably wont class Welcome Park as a game & I'm fine with that so if people do want to ignore Welcome Park then the longest time for 100% of the trophies on a game would go to wwe 2k17 for the ps3
  9. For me my first platinum was for Beyond: Two Souls the ps3 version of the game. Wasn't going to bother with getting it to begin with but after getting a few of the remaining achievements for the game I thought I'd give it a go & managed to do it. When it came to the ps4 I thought it was only fair I get it again on that console too
  10. For me it'll be Final Fantasy 7. Don't get me wrong I'm a fan of the Final Fantasy series & understand that it was some peoples first game they played from the series but find that it's far to over rated, there are games in the series & other games in general that deserve better recognition.
  11. Sounds like you're on the Mi'ihen Highroad, if you're wanting to farm fights then hang round the save point at the beginning of the road as the save points are few & far between there
  12. At the moment I'm going for the one for Tera, whether I get it is another matter but I'm giving it a try so I'm hoping to get it
  13. Beyond: Two Souls Back in 2014 the ps3 version of the game became my first ever platinum, when it comes to games with multiple endings I don't usually bother with trying to see them all but with this game I played through it, got a few of the trophies myself & after that play through I was gonna leave it as it was until my younger sister started a play though on my console but she only want about half way through & then didn't bother with continuing the save she had so I decided to carry on. As time went on & I was getting more of the achievements I thought to myself I'll try to get the platinum & do all the endings. 5 years later I did replay the game on the ps4 as it was released for that console & getting the platinum on that version I thought to myself it was as hard to get the platinum as I thought. Final Fantasy X have been a fan of the Final Fantasy series for a few years now but when 10 came out originally on the ps2 I wasn't a fan of that particular game in the series till I actually sat down & played it. When it was remastered for the ps3/ps4 & ps vita & was given a trophy list I thought to myself I just had to get the platinum for it. To get the platinum required having to do the mini game dodging 200 lightning bolts in a row which gave an achievement as well as an item to upgrade Lulu's celestial weapon which I was never able to do before & there was also doing the butterfly mini game in Macalania Woods which gave an item to upgrade Kimahri's celestial weapon as well which I also never did in the original version of the game, always managed to struggle with doing those but this time round I was able to do them & defeating Dark Yojimbo as I always had trouble doing that as well in the ps2 version. So I'm not just pleased I got the platinum for the game but I'm also pleased I was able to do stuff in the game that I never got to do before
  14. First one I ever remember having was the Commodore 64. Remember playing such games as Tutti Frutti, Monty Python's Flying Circus & Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on it. After that was the Sega Mega Drive. Remember playing games like the Sonic The Hedgehog series, Comix Zone, B.O.B, Gynoug, Micro Machines & Dizzy The Egg. After that was getting the first Playstation & have been a Playstation fan since getting the first console in the series & the Playstation 2 as Christmas gifts as was still in school when they both came out but over the years have been able to by a PLaystation 3, Playstation 4, PSP & Playstation Vita myself.
  15. Looks like it'll be an easy one again, I'm assuming they'll be doing it for the vita as well like previously done