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  1. For me it'll be Final Fantasy 7. Don't get me wrong I'm a fan of the Final Fantasy series & understand that it was some peoples first game they played from the series but find that it's far to over rated, there are games in the series & other games in general that deserve better recognition.
  2. Sounds like you're on the Mi'ihen Highroad, if you're wanting to farm fights then hang round the save point at the beginning of the road as the save points are few & far between there
  3. Not sure if it this has been asked already but one of the few achievements I need to get for the ps4 FF9 is Movie Critic which requires you to view 79 active time events, now is that through one play through or is it over several play throughs?
  4. At the moment I'm going for the one for Tera, whether I get it is another matter but I'm giving it a try so I'm hoping to get it
  5. Beyond: Two Souls Back in 2014 the ps3 version of the game became my first ever platinum, when it comes to games with multiple endings I don't usually bother with trying to see them all but with this game I played through it, got a few of the trophies myself & after that play through I was gonna leave it as it was until my younger sister started a play though on my console but she only want about half way through & then didn't bother with continuing the save she had so I decided to carry on. As time went on & I was getting more of the achievements I thought to myself I'll try to get the platinum & do all the endings. 5 years later I did replay the game on the ps4 as it was released for that console & getting the platinum on that version I thought to myself it was as hard to get the platinum as I thought. Final Fantasy X have been a fan of the Final Fantasy series for a few years now but when 10 came out originally on the ps2 I wasn't a fan of that particular game in the series till I actually sat down & played it. When it was remastered for the ps3/ps4 & ps vita & was given a trophy list I thought to myself I just had to get the platinum for it. To get the platinum required having to do the mini game dodging 200 lightning bolts in a row which gave an achievement as well as an item to upgrade Lulu's celestial weapon which I was never able to do before & there was also doing the butterfly mini game in Macalania Woods which gave an item to upgrade Kimahri's celestial weapon as well which I also never did in the original version of the game, always managed to struggle with doing those but this time round I was able to do them & defeating Dark Yojimbo as I always had trouble doing that as well in the ps2 version. So I'm not just pleased I got the platinum for the game but I'm also pleased I was able to do stuff in the game that I never got to do before
  6. First one I ever remember having was the Commodore 64. Remember playing such games as Tutti Frutti, Monty Python's Flying Circus & Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on it. After that was the Sega Mega Drive. Remember playing games like the Sonic The Hedgehog series, Comix Zone, B.O.B, Gynoug, Micro Machines & Dizzy The Egg. After that was getting the first Playstation & have been a Playstation fan since getting the first console in the series & the Playstation 2 as Christmas gifts as was still in school when they both came out but over the years have been able to by a PLaystation 3, Playstation 4, PSP & Playstation Vita myself.
  7. Looks like it'll be an easy one again, I'm assuming they'll be doing it for the vita as well like previously done
  8. I've recently started playing the game Tera so still relatively new to it. I've been able to visit Bastion of Lok & Sinestral Manor dungeons, gone through them both by selecting the solo option, have finished both & spoken to the relevant people to get the mission complete option & got given the rewards for completing the dungeons but neither of the achievements have popped for me. Am I doing something wrong or are some of the achievements for the game still buggy like I am seeing being said?
  9. Telltale's The Walking Dead season 2. I know it'll be just another easy platinum but to me it doesn't seem right that it doesn't have a platinum seeing as how season 1,3 & 4 all have platinum trophies themselves
  10. I've recently finished it myself getting the platinum for the game on the ps4 & had no problems with any of the trophies popping
  11. There have been some I've deleted already but the only one I can remember off the top of my head is WWE All Stars for the ps3, do like to play the WWE games but with All Stars I couldn't get the hang of the controls or even win a single match. Luckily for me I never got a trophy for it so didn't see myself continuing with it so removed it from my list & haven't played it since
  12. Currently for me it's the ps4 version of Beyond: Two Souls
  13. Was wondering if POWGI would do another game what it would be like if they did
  14. For me my most recent level up was getting to level 27 at the trophy that did it was Without Any Mercy (kill 75 enemies in arena mode) & was for the game Inksplosion
  15. With Telltales game Tales From The Borderlands there was 2 different lists, one was for the digital version & the other list was for the physical version
  16. With it looking like episodes 3 & 4 aren't going to be released like many it's making me wonder just how will Clem's journey end butt with the appearance of Lilly it's also making me wonder would we of seen or heard about Glenn & Christa in episodes 3 & 4? We meet Glenn early on in season 1 but after a little while he leaves the group. Did he die? if he did die was it by some sort of accident or by someone killing him? did he become a walker? Did he live? if he did live has he been alone all this time or has he been with another group? where has he been? We meet Christa at least half way through season 1 & see her for a short time in season 2. Did she die? if she did die was it by some sort of accident or by someone killing her? did she become a walker? Did she live? if she did live has she been alone all this time or has she been with another group? where has she been? Once you are separated from these 2 characters you don't see or hear from them again so it does make me wonder what happened to them
  17. Wouldn't be surprised if they had done this. It was done with Telltale's Tales From The Borderlands as that game has one trophy list for the digital version & one list for the physical version
  18. Thanks for the help
  19. I could do with a bit of help on this trophy as well as it's the only one I need
  20. For me it's 10 months & 2 weeks for WWE 2K17 on the ps3, took me that long because of the online trophies. One of them is to play 100 matches online but if the person you were against or you yourself left before the end of the match for any reason it wouldn't count as a played match, gave up before getting that achievement but went back to it a few months later as the servers were going down & wanted to get it as it was the last one I needed to give me the platinum
  21. At the moment I've just got the physical version of The Walking Dead The Final Season on pre-order. I know the game has already been released digitally & 've played it up as far as the most recent episode but I prefer having the physical versions of games usually
  22. Little adventure on the prairie takes under an hour, it's on both the ps4 & ps vita Jack N' Jill DX takes under an hour, it's on bothe the ps4 & ps vita Midnight Deluxe can take under an hour, it's on the ps4 & ps vita Not sure how many games in total there are that take under an hour but these are some that do
  23. If I had to pick then I'd say Burnout Revenge, didn't have a whole lot of ps2 games but did always love playing Burnout Revenge so would be nice to see it being re-released for the ps4 or even next gen consoles
  24. It maybe easy but it's not gonna stop me from playing it for the platinum, only the ps4 version is showing so wouldn't be surprised if after a bit of time a psvita version is done as well
  25. Digital wise, once I've completed/finished with a game I usually tend to just uninstall it from the system I play it on. Physical wise once I complete/finish with a game I always keep them & just put them to one side