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  1. Doesn't sound like "hunting" so much as "shooting fish in a barrel when the barrel is made of fish and so is the gun and it's a fish shooting the fish."
  2. I might get lazy but I enjoy being able to quantify my years of trophies with the front page. I'm also glad I managed to get a platinum trophy for Call of Duty 4, given how much time I put into it back in the day.
  3. Stupid, bad, pointless. What a combination.
  4. Thanks for all of this. I'm sure I'll get to the platinum some day.
  5. Good to see this is finally going to be achievable after all. What version of the game are you playing on? Digital or disc?
  6. Adding another voice to the "it still works" pile. I'm very glad, too.
  7. I should probably have updated this before the end of the year tbh Platinum #150 is the same as Platinum #50 which started off this thread, BioShock Remastered: Platinum Trophy Unlocked all trophies It's still my favourite game ever. Platinum #151 was what came next, BioShock 2 Remastered: Platinum Trophy Unlocked all trophies I think I've only just realised why this icon is a triangle. Good choice. At least there wasn't any multiplayer, although I did enjoy that back in the day. PSN 100% #88 was, well, a lesson to you all. Clicker Heroes: Zone Conqueror Reach level 3600 It feels weird to say that an endless counter game that I've had running on my console for a collective 1000+ hours over many years felt like it ended prematurely, yet here we are. My first completion of the year was also my 9000th trophy, platinum #152 was MediEvil: Savior of Gallowmere Unlock all trophies. If I liked this game when it came out I think I would love this remake. In the meantime, I do love the trophy icons.
  8. If you switch to manual transmission and stay in 4th gear you'll get better scores during drifting. I used the derelict Nissan fully upgraded and I played around with the tuning menu too, I forget what the options are called but whatever makes the back end come out a lot. Really though it seems like 4th gear is magic, so try that first.
  9. Fresh update for everyone's favourite thread. Platinum #147 probably didn't need to wait so long after the start of the year, Uncharted 4: One Last Time Collect All The Trophies I didn't finish Survival mode. I tried. It's bullshit. I don't care. I don't want to see Nathan Drake or his stupid hair ever again. October dragged a bit so PSN 100% #87 was a quick walking simulator, What Remains of Edith Finch: Everything ends Finish all stories It looked and sounded nice, but I was underwhelmed. Doing that many stories so quickly one after the other with little to tie them together except the house and the voiceover... nah. Not for me. Platinum #148 is comfortably one of the worst games I've ever played, Need for Speed Payback: The Ultimate Payback Collect all trophies The best bit about this game was the interactive map online showing you where all the collectibles and activities are. A genuinely loathsome game with no redeeming features. Platinum #149 just took up a lot of time and is proof you shouldn't buy something just because it's on sale, Dirt 4: 4 Earn all other trophies in DiRT 4 4. Quite.
  10. Amnesia (The Dark Descent at least) is much better than Outlast. It has some puzzles in it and is focused much more on atmosphere and dread rather than visceral gore and jump scares.
  11. Digital gaming, everyone!
  12. Here are October's games: Platinum #143 is Riptide GP2: All Trophies All Trophies Unlocked It existed. Platinum #144 is David Cage's magnum opus - I'll let you decide what that means, with Detroit: Become Human: DETROIT MASTER Collected all trophies! I'm not sure why the trophies all need to be so shouty. Platinum #145 was an exercise in disappointment, Star Wars Battlefront II: Platinum Trophy Obtain all trophies Platinum #146 existed further, Riptide GP: Renegade: All Trophies All Trophies Unlocked I suppose I'm being harsh, this was more than the first one by every measure.
  13. This happened to me once when I was playing this game. It's probably just a case of timing, if you approach the cart too quickly after she goes away the first time she comes back. Wait a bit longer before going back out, then do another full lap of the area before going back to the cart. That will give you enough time to push it to the gate.
  14. Are there people in this thread believing things Todd Howard says? Is that happening?
  15. More! Platinum #139 is technically a repeat but not really, Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition: Hong Kong Legend Earn all the Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition trophies to unlock this platinum trophy. Technically it was a disaster with bluescreens all over the place. It's showing its age and it's a bit shallow, but... eh, it was there. Platinum #140 was an upscaled mobile game, Beach Buggy Racing: Beachmaster All Trophies I never realised until how ridiculous the description of this trophy was. Belter. Platinum #141 was Driveclub with bikes in it, Driveclub Bikes: Super Biker Unlock all other Trophies. I got a nice platinum screenshot for once with this too. Platinum #142 was Driveclub without bikes in it, Driveclub: #UniteInSpeed Collect all of the other trophies. I wonder if there's a difference between unlocking and collecting trophies. Also a bit of a shame that my first trophy name which is a hashtag comes with a predominately social game which doesn't have active servers anymore. PSN #86 is another repeat, The Unfinished Swan: Minimalist Reach the Watchtower without throwing more than 3 balls. The picture's there, I promise. I'm pretty sure I made this joke the last time.