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  1. More games! PSN 100% #85 is a repeat, Tower of Guns: You Have Played This More Than Joe Has Finish a 100th Run I enjoyed it on PS3, I enjoyed it here. Platinum #134 is another repeat, Heavy Rain: HEAVY RAIN™ Master Unlock all trophies I enjoyed it on PS3, I enjoyed it here. Platinum #135 is the somewhat ambitiously priced Xenon Racer: Xenon Champion Unlock all the trophies If I'd ever played a Ridge Racer game in my youth, I think I would have appreciated this more. Still fun though. Platinum #136 is yet more David Cage, Beyond: Two Souls: BEYOND: TWO SOULS™ MASTER Collected all trophies! Imagine what it would be like if David Cage spent as much thought and effort on the trophy tiles as he did on Ellen Page.
  2. I've put this off too long and I have seven games. here's a quick one: Sound Shapes! A repeat this time, on PS4, with all the DLC again. luv 2 earn 89 trophies in a weekend. Plat #130. Mafia III! luv to earn 80-something trophies in what feels like eight years, even if playacting as Black Rambo was great fun. Plat #131. Journey! Another repeat on PS4. Unsurpassable, genuinely. PSN 100% #82. Hue! The trophy description for collecting all the collectibles actually calls them fun. The nerve. PSN 100% #83. Hatoful Boyfriend! My first visual novel. My last visual novel. Pigeons. PSN 100% #84. Rocket League! My first PS4 game. My 8000th trophy. Fantastic stuff. Plat #132. Indigo Prophecy! Or Fahrenheit, its actual name. I don't know why it's called Fahrenheit. Indigo Prophecy is a better name. Plat #133.
  3. I've been putting this off for a while, so here's five at once: Platinum #125, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered: Platinum Earn all Uncharted: Drake's Fortune™ Remastered Trophies Meh. Platinum #126, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Remastered: Platinum Earn all Uncharted 2: Among Thieves™ Remastered Trophies Meh, but a bit more of it. Platinum #127, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Remastered: Platinum Earn all Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception™ Remastered Trophies Meh, but with better shooting mechanics. Platinum #128 was Psychonauts: Brainiac Unlock all trophies. It was fun, but I feel like there was too much game crammed into too little space. Platinum #129 was Rogue Aces: Platinum Earn all other trophies This was great fun.
  4. The tweaks glitch doesn't work in U2 with the digital version. I've tried to get through chapter 3. I got halfway. I'm done. It won't be worth it. I don't know how the completion rate for this is so high, even considering how many people might have been able to add the tweaks.
  5. I know it's not necessary for the Platinum. I'm not overly bothered with 100% in games with DLC. I have a lot of Platinums below 100% since they were PS+ games and I didn't want to buy DLC for a game I didn't own. This, however, is something else. I've been playing chapter 3 for about an hour and I haven't got past the bit where you have to arm four bombs. What's the point in even persisting with something so obviously broken?
  6. I bought the BioShock Collection before I even had a PS4, and I don't care. Play it. You won't regret it.
  7. It should unlock once you reach 1000 miles. I've just unlocked it now with my own personal miles driven at 1000+, and my club miles having been stuck at 559 for a while. As long as you're in a club, it should count.
  8. Final update for the year. Platinum #122 was the very disappointing Table Top Racing: World Tour: TTR Legend! Unlock all Trophies Platinum #123 was the utterly infuriating Outlast 2: Omnipotent Unlock all other trophies Platinum #124 was the slightly pointless (but with very very good music) Bridge Constructor: You're a Bridge Constructor Collect all the trophies to unlock the platinum trophy. Let's get building! PSN 100% #81 was the extremely disappointing sequel to the last Lara Croft game on this list, Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris: Tomb Raider Complete all challenges What an ending. Happy 2020, everyone.
  9. I made it. 21 attempts. The furthest I'd ever got in 1-20 was near enough exactly halfway, during the chase with Nick and Laird. Attempt 21 I went, I got past that bit, I made it. I got hit by someone who's not usually there right after I grabbed the noose but made it to the exit. I messed the library up and used up too much battery, but you don't need that much battery for the mines. I finished with one bar. It can be done, but I honestly think it's about 90% luck once you know where you have to go throughout the game. Play it on Nightmare as many times as you have to until you have every part of it memorised. Don't worry about dying or using your battery there, just make sure you know where everything is and where you need to be. When you play on insane, don't let it beat you. It's possible.
  10. The spawn locations of bandages are dependent on how many you have, yes. That's also really cheap and annoying about the battery. For that section with pushing the thing out the way of the door, there's a certain noise it makes as you push it and a certain rhythm to Blake's movement as you push. They don't chase you once you're through so don't worry about trying to push it a small amount to squeeze through.
  11. Is this definitely always a thing? It's a bit annoying that you can reach that point without using it at all but then lose 1/3 of it.
  12. This happened to me before I left the house. I went in, the prompt came up to start the microphone, I did, then the chase music started and a guy came in. (I'm playing it right now and as I was looking for the video below, this happened again! How is this fair???????????????????????????) The PS4Trophies walkthrough is the best option imo. It's condensed with only the dangerous bits, so watching it shouldn't take so long: Sections like leaving the Heretic cave don't need the battery. You know what direction you have to go in and that there's no danger, just push forward and rummage around and you'll get there. Maybe a quick blast to go in the right direction. Turning the TV brightness up helps in most of these situations too.
  13. It's all about familiarity. The first Outlast was pretty much the same, just shorter. If you go through it enough you'll remember where you need to go and when. Then it's just a case of being lucky enough for the game to not hit you with bullshit that doesn't happen normally. One bit of advice I'd give in terms of preparation - I did two full Nightmare runs before trying Insane, and twice after promising Insane runs failed I carried on from that point in Nightmare using chapter select. There's no point in just restarting over and over if you're only getting halfway through the game. You'll just get really good at the start, then get frustrated and bored when you keep having to repeat it.
  14. Looking at PST, I gave it 6 when I finished it and that sounds about right based on what I remember. When you know where enemies are and where the checkpoints/weapons are it's quite straightforward. It's definitely not as bad at World at War, where you could frequently die and not know where you were being targeted from.