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  1. Because it's boring and pointless.
  2. My rarest platinum is Gran Turismo 5 at .67%, my rarest 100% is Big Sky Infinity at .39%. Although after checking, if you include the % rating strictly in games with platinums I've got a lot under 1% like Wipeout, The Last of Us and Red Dead Redemption.
  3. PSN 100% #64 says it took six years, but if you count me getting the game for my twelfth birthday it's more than double that. Either way, Rayman 3 HD: Perfection needs no arms Complete every chapter with a perfect score. It's not actually as hard as it seems.
  4. I've now got all the trophies and I definitely don't think you have to do everything in the one play through. I haven't tested it completely but there's the note I had with the green gems above, plus something strange happened in the final section. I was going through each world getting 100% in all the levels, quitting via the XMB if I failed on any of them, and going by the note I was keeping of my scores I got the trophy before I finished getting 100% in everything: That was my original score plus a note when I got 100 in it. I got the trophy after finishing act 2 here. I don't know if I had 100%'d the next one on a previous save or something, but that's when I got the trophy. It's a shame the re-master didn't offer better ways of keeping track of this stuff but I don't think it's as sensitive as you've made out @Orphioon I'd also say it's not really that hard, if you follow a video online for 100%. Even if you don't, just keep trying and figure out where the biggest combos are and how to chain everything together. Get as many things as you can with a power-up, and save red/green gems for the end of combos, since the multiplier goes up the longer the combo is.
  5. I'm not sure you have to get all of the collectibles on your first try. I'm playing through it now and I missed the room in the last area with four green gems in it. I had to retry a couple of times to get a score high enough to open it but I managed and got the gems. No trophy. I carried on playing and got the last one that's underneath the floor in the final boss fight and the trophy came up. The advice about not replaying a stage until you've beaten the game is spot on though, I did that when I was playing this years ago because I missed something and I couldn't keep playing.
  6. Platinum #93 makes me wonder how people can play RPGs so obsessively, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Perfectionist Awarded all trophies. The gaming equivalent of eating warm wallpaper paste. I've already forgotten most of it.
  7. This is one of the worst takes I've ever seen. The internet, the affordability of instruments and the increase in live venues - in the western world at least where I assume most posts here will come from - mean there's more choice than ever for music to listen to, more bands than ever for you listen to and more ways than ever to support them. Naming the biggest selling acts from decades past and saying they're better than shite like Justin Bieber/Taylor Swift/Katy Perry/One Direction (I didn't actually read whatever names people mentioned, because you can predict them a mile off when you see complaints like these) only says to me you like complaining for the sake of it and haven't done any more discovering of music from the past than you have of today. Look at sources besides whatever's trending on youtube or twitter. Look at local venues and see who's playing, they'll probably have a soundcloud or youtube channels of their own. Go and see one of them. I guarantee you wherever you live or nearby has a thriving music scene, and you'll find something to enjoy.
  8. PSN 100% #63 was much better than I thought it was going to be, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger: Legend Among Legends Get all Arcade Mode stars To think I once deleted this because I read it was glitched. 2.3% rarity!
  9. Extra glad I completed the multiplayer a few months ago now. The thought of finally getting the platinum while not listening to 1979 (in-game) is too much to bear.
  10. Worth reading this before you jump into Beyond:
  11. Platinum #92 is, and I promise I'm loathe to use this phrase, one of the most over-rated games ever, The Last of Us: It can't be for nothing Platinum Trophy Not that I let my perception of its critical reception get in the way of my own opinion, I'm quite capable of judging the stale gameplay, immersion destroying NPCs, appalling sound, bugs out the arse leading to three reinstalls to keep playing (plus other bugs I managed to get past just by restarting), contrived attempt at an emotional resolution and loathsome characterisation for myself, thanks.
  12. Platinum #91 is a lesson in trying stuff on your alternate account first, Yakuza 4: Platinum Trophy Acquire all trophies in the game.
  13. You'll get a kick of it when you find out why.
  14. Platinum #90 is... well, it had to be seen to be believed, and significantly quicker than the first game, Final Fantasy XIII-2: Master of Time Mastered the timeline and obtained every trophy available.
  15. Platinum #89 eclipses Mirror's Edge as the longest it's taken me to complete a game, coming in at 8 years 1 month 3 weeks it's Call of Duty Classic: Dutiful Soldier Unlock all the other trophies