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  1. Yeah, I will do as soon as it is on the UK store. The devs say it should be up soon to preorder
  2. The Vita version is a free pre-order bonus for ordering the PS4 version on the store which is a pretty awesome deal
  3. This game is being released in Europe on the 25th July. Definitely not a US only release. The Vita game is a free pre-order bonus for ordering ther PS4 version. The dev says the link will be on the European stores shortly. Developers twitter link: https://twitter.com/FallenLegionPS
  4. Just finished a spell of clearing up my backlog and have 10 AC plats but only 8 unique ones
  5. Tried to get some clarity from the developer on Twitter but it's hard to explain the issue in 140 characters: https://twitter.com/mikeBithell/status/771827398224416768 Edit: Update from the dev : Maybe Chinese release and no trophy info being forwarded.
  6. UK Destiny player here. On most evenings during the week so send me a PSN FR if you are looking for someone to do the quests with: https://www.bungie.net/en/ReferAFriend?code=RAF-4AN-RM6-GYM
  7. Cool, cheers man
  8. PS4 Light Level: Warlock 307, hunter and titan 290+ PSN- niteowl1980 Touch of Malice- No Lfg/Sherpa: LFG Best time: Evenings in the week or weekends GMT
  9. Hi, I'm just getting to the point of wanting to run raids so looking for some laid back but competent people to play with. Timezone is GMT and am available in the evenings (after 5pm GMT) or all day at the weekends. I have a Warlock at 307 and my Hunter and Titan are 290+