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  1. Are you still offering help? I've got many DLC trophies that I need to obtain. I'd really appreciate it if you could help.
  2. If anyone could kindly give me a hand with the DLC trophies, let me know please. Any help would be appreciated. Happy New Year All
  3. I got my PS4 on the Europe Day One release
  4. Just wondering, I have this game amongst my old PS3 games and I wasn't sure if this Plat will still obtainable or not. Is it still possible to earn or not?
  5. Well I tried the time method again and this time they wouldn't load up. I'm guessing it was a one change thing so I guess I can kiss this platinum goodbye
  6. Time I got FIFA 14 all cleared up and Plat it

  7. Will try this when I'm home from work. Never got Platinum on FIFA before so this should be fun Edit: Did not work. Completed it in Amateur difficulty and didn't pop
  8. God damn it, I want the Darth Vader controller so badly. Along with the 20th Anniversary Controller too!
  9. I've finally returned from my absence x'D

  10. Platinum #6 - Peggle 2 If I'm going to be honest, although this game was fun, I would recommend getting the two DLC packs. If you do that, it will add an extra 60 objectives in the game, totaling up to 240 and they go towards the 180 Achievements Trophy. Trust me, if I can't downloaded the DLC, I'd still be stuck now. This game is quite challenging but I recommend to all pinball lovers!
  11. Loving the new song list! Hopefully getting GTA V (PS4) this weekend!
  12. Platinum #6 - Peggle 2 :) So happy I got this, those last 30 objectives were a bitch! xD

  13. 100 Objectives down, 80 more to go -_____- This Plat better be worth it

  14. When I wrote this post, I didn't notice the DLC But hopfully it will be good!