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  1. Fallout 4 ! Posted at the same time as fantrig99 ^^ I'll choose Max Payne 3 then !
  2. Red Dead Redemption !
  3. GTA: San Andreas.. didn't even know this game was on PS4 !! Will definitely buy this after RDR2.
  4. Los Santos Legend Congratulations! You're Vinewood's biggest star!
  5. Batman Arkham City. Did it on my macbook when I didn't have any console, and have yet to play it again.
  6. Until Dawn ! Started going for the platinum after finishing the game a first time, and then I moved on. Will try to get back to it.
  7. GTA V for sure. Would have loved to finish this one. Maybe I'll get around to it later on I gave so much hours to this game, would be nice to have some kind of closure with a platinum.