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  1. Well that's cool, will give me the opportunity to make a better looking character ^^
  2. Where did they say that they might reset stats ? And that's really a question for you, I don't see how we could choose for you. If you'd "hate to invest time into a character only to have everything deleted", and you think they'll delete the stats, well then here's your answer. But if you just want to enjoy the game right now, just play, who cares about stats. Starting over isn't the end of the world.
  3. Thank you !! Got the Buckle Up trophy Oh yeah that makes sense ok.
  4. Anyone have an idea what shops we can sell to ? I've sold items to a fence and to a butcher, but I can't find any other types of stores to which we can sell to. I need to sell to 3 types of store a gold buckle challenge. I've sold a horse to a stable but that didn't count apparently. Are you sure about that ? I went into the stables and had free Thoroughbred and Arabian waiting for me. So that leaves only 3 horses to buy. Of course there's the spots in the stables to buy, but don't remember the price.
  5. Really easy. Just do the Race Series. I got it in 5-6 races I think. The easiest are an open races, because most of the players don't really know where to go. Try to do all of the checkpoint from one side of the maps to the other, to do the most efficient time, and don't try to shoot people, just do the checkpoints.
  6. Well that's it for today for me. Earned quite a few trophies, and I think I'm first on some of them, at least for now among PSNProfiles members, so that's cool ^^ Online is really great, won't take much time to earn everything. I just wish I would have had the time to finish 100% and 70 Golds before it was released.
  7. Downloading the update now ! 5.638GB.
  8. Updating profile does fix percentage, but rank is still showing "SOON"
  9. Finally got it north of Lake Isabella !!!! Thanks for the help everyone.
  10. I've skinned the Sonoran Pronghorn Doe two times now, but it still doesn't show up as skinned on my compendium. Anyone having a similar problem ?
  11. Found the Western one at the top right of the map near the Brandywine Drop.
  12. @DharmaDan I went to the location where the legendary wolf is supposed to be and here it was ! So the mission doesn't affect anything. And now on my compendium it shows I have killed two. And yeah we know it doesn't affect the trophies either way, but still I wanted to have a completed compendium so it's nice to know it's still possible
  14. Yeah msiread your comment at first so I edited my answer. Thanks again ! It's really awesome news.
  15. Yeah I just saw it's not needed for Zoologist. However I think it is needed for Skin Deep no ? Oh you got both trophies ? So I can get the platinum without all 16 legendary animals ? That's good news if true, thanks for your answer !