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  1. Good afternoon/evening/morning, everyone. I am truly disappointed to say that due to unforeseen circumstances that have me staying in my local hospital for the next few weeks, I'll be withdrawing from this little contest/challenge of ours. I wish the rest of you well in this beautiful summer day, may your challenges be overcome with spectacular acclaim, and I'll talk to you some other time. God bless, Nick, aka The1WithoutFear
  2. End of Day 1 UPDATE: 1. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered (0% --> 7%) - Very little progress made today due to a migraine resulting in light sensitivity. I work from 10am to 5pm tomorrow, then have a date with my girlfriend in the evening, so I expect to be making more progress in U:DFR on Saturday morning from 10-2, then 100% Three-Fourths Home before going to work that evening at 6. 😁
  3. I'm not entirely sure if you'll have that good fortune, my friend; I think I only have one truly awful title on my list (posted now on the next page over), and the rest float somewhere between good and award-winning. ^__^ Good luck 100% this particular title by summer's end! I've been grinding for the better part of 3 years now and still have yet to earn most of the multiplayer trophies (reaching level 50, earning each multiplier bonus at least once, going anentire match without dying, etc). 😲
  4. EDIT: Color code is based on PSNP's grade colors and percentage rates, hence why Rainbow Moon is green despite being at 24%. My BackLog Challenge List: (PS4) 1. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered (0%) 2. Little Nightmares (0%) 3. Three-Fourths Home: Extended Edition (10%) 4. Anima: Gates of Darkness (0%) 5. Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Edition (0%) 6. The Little Acre (0%) 7. The Wolf Among Us (0%) 8. Pillar (0%) 9. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor - Game of the Year Edition (0%) 10. Back To The Future: The Game (0%) 11. This War Of Mine: The Little Ones (0%) 12. Mark of Kri (0%) 13. The Last of Us Remastered (0%) 14. Broken Age (0%) 15. Thief (0%) 16. inFamous: Second Son (0%) (PS3) 17. Rainbow Moon (24%) 18. Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes (2%) 19. Journey (4%) 20. Assassin's Creed III (2%) 21. The Legend of Korra (0%) 22. Legend of Kay Anniversary (0%) 23. Disney's Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (0%) 24. Yakuza 4 (0%) 25. Shoot Many Robots (15%) (ALTERNATES) A1. LEGO The Hobbit (PS4; 0%) A2. Toro (PS4; 0%) A3. Okage: Shadow King (PS4; 0%) A4. The Banner Saga (PS4; 0%) A5. Game of Thrones (2%) Let the games begin! 😁
  5. Very well, thank you for informing me. In which case, my list will be in the most recent posting as soon as I've changed over my laundry and baked goods in the oven. 🙂
  6. Good morning/afternoon/evening, Sir(s) and Ladies. Is it too late for me to register? I wanted to ask, as this will be my first weekend free in nearly a month where I'll have off work to game for a while, and if it gives me a little boost towards registration, I can post my list in a reply to this one as I have it ready to go (and my profile has been updated just an hour ago for confirmation).
  7. Well now....... it seems that PSN Profiles does not like the prospect of my trying to type my updated status in terms of how far I am along in this challenge on a tablet, so I shall propose a new idea to the host/initiator of this event; might I be allowed to type my full synopsis of what transpires during this challenge at the end of the month? I really would prefer to update daily, but between my inability to have consistent access to a computer, and my work schedule, it would be increasingly difficult to somehow get to the library with enough time to formalize my thoughts, write down a first draft, then type up my complete perspective. Would that be suitable, sir?
  8. The1WithoutFear's Kill Your Completion Journal: Days 1-6 Uncharted and Rainbow Moon: Ambitiously Different Adventures
  9. Because I am having trouble editing my post the way I desire it to look via my phone, I will be posting a much more official progress report on my first three days of the challenge as soon as I am able to access a public computer. I am grateful to be reading the posts of those participating in the meantime, and seeing some incredible progress being made. Below are just the general stats of my Game 1 days, with more details to come soon. Have a wonderful day everyone, and many blessings! Game 1 (Days 1-3) - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Trophies Unlocked: 38/48 (78%) Score for the Game: 7/10 (again, more details in my full posting later this afternoon). Game 2 (now playing; Days 4-6): Rainbow Moon
  10. Good morning/afternoon/evening, ladies and gentlemen. I wholeheartedly intend on participating this month's KYC engagement, and I have my games listed below as to be expected. My only inquiry is this: does the event officially start first thing tomorrow morning on November 1st? I ask, only because I can keep track in my journal better that way. As for my list of games, here's what I have planned for myself, unless someone wishes to take a look at my profile and suggest a different title. 1. Uncharted: Drake'a Fortune (Action RPG) 2. Rainbow Moon (Tactical RPG) 3. Beyond: Two Souls (Interactive Story) 4. Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (Tactical Shooter) 5. Toy Story 3: The Game (Kids/Platformer) 6. GrandTheft Auto IV: The Complete Tales of Liberty City (Shooter/Story-driven) 7. Yakuza: Dead Souls (Zombie Survival) 8. Sonic Adventure (Kids/Speed-based Platforming) 9. RIPD: The Game (Action) 10. Tales of Symphonia (JRPG) My current completion rate is 73.94%, and I have 1,695 unearned trophies. I look forward to seeing where this goes, and bid all the other participants many blessings today!
  11. Defiance - Anyone who has played this game for even a day knows exactly why this platinum is a boar. Evslaved: Odyssey to the West - without a video guide, those Tech Orbs are a friggin' nightmare to find in their entirety. PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures - if I have to hear that little cream puff say "I'm no boy, I'm a man! It's in my name!" one more damn time, I swear I'll snap someone's neck... That dang Daedric artifact trophy is the only thing separating me from the base game platinum, too.
  12. "LA Noire," after being inspired by the achievement guides made by Jack and Geoff at Achivement Hunter on YouTube.
  13. Well, if you're a complete sadist, I'd say go for the Catherine platinum. But seeing as the final Babel puzzle in that game is glitched (making the final trophy and the platinum trophy difficult as heck to get), I'd instead suggest going for a funny, fitting title for such an accomplishment: "Okay, You Can Sell The Game Now" - the platinum trophy from Deadpool.
  14. Nothing quite as ambitious for me than an underground rapper using the theme composition from the SAW franchise as his primary beat!
  15. In order of least grievances (maybe some lag, maybe a bad plot point of two) to most grievances (completely insane difficulty, unbelievable challenges, poor, repetitive music, etc.) 4. Poker Night at the Inventory 2. Charms: Witty banter among the NPCs, relaxing settings and tone, and overall decent trophy list Disdains: Obsessive auto-saving by the computer causes extreme glitching and lag during most games, which makes for poor relaxation when you can't catch the reactions of your opponents after the card reveals (the flop, turn, and river). 3. One Piece: Pirate Warriors. Charms: Cleverly humorous (as is the anime it's based off of), relatively simple combat, and a great tie-in to the overarching story it's based off of. Disdains: Combat becomes increasingly repetitive and boring outside of boss battles and sieges. The endless loop of two or three songs off the anime's soundtrack makes me want to take a power drill to my eardrum after three or four hours of play, and then, most obviously, the coin skill-related trophies. 2. Mirror's Edge. Charms: Unique free-running/parkour-based gameplay makes for exhilarating runs through a crisp, clean dystopia I'd want to live in! An iconic soundtrack and awesome level design make for an intriguing entrance into the foray of free-motion gaming. Disdains: Poor hit-detection in combat, sometimes wonky grappling detection during hurried-climbing sections, TIME TRIALS/SPEEDRUNS (GRRRR!!!), and paid DLC that's encoded onto the disc. >_<" 1. DC Universe Online (DCUO). Charms: NONE. Disdains: