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  1. I've not been able to unlock it either. It's flagged as unobtainable on the Xbox version on TrueAchievements so I assume it's also unobtainable here. NCSoft are apparently fixing it at some point.
  2. You could, but you shouldn't.
  3. I'll revive this discussion. Fun game with a relatively fun list but the S ranks are a massive chore. Because the game only got localised recently and it's extremely niche (as all pre-Souls Fromsoft games are) there are fuck all English guides and barely any Japanese guides to run through Google Translate either. You have to play through each level in a very specific way in a very specific time frame which reminds me a hell of a lot of Rayman 3's scoring system, though not nearly as bad. I recommend just finishing the game and not bothering with the plat to be honest.
  4. It's not always the case but I feel like glitched/unobtainable trophies are a bit of a red flag. If they screw up something as simple as a trophy unlock then how can you be guaranteed that the game won't be as broken?
  5. I don't like how little of the list is gameplay or skill based and how much of a grind and time gated the rest of it is. I completed the campaign with everything at 5 stars and I'm still only at Level 16 and apparently the fastest farming method is idling in private games. I'm getting real shades of Rayman Legends from the time gated trophies but they do have "flash" events from what I've noticed so how many events that go up will be dependent on Harmonix themselves and may not necessarily be just weekly. Still it's a well made and fun game while it lasts; it just has a shit trophy list.
  6. I felt this way about Knack 1 but I'm not sure if the solution is to keep playing it.
  7. It's a shame it's still the Sigma version of 2. The 360 version's dismemberment mechanics were fantastic in the way enemies changed their attacks upon losing limbs and from I gather Sigma 2 did away with it. Oh well I still have that version and an Xbone so I can play it in 4K I guess.
  8. Wasn't it already a tv show?
  9. I got Ultimate Precision which I'm fairly certain wasn't in a single use so maybe they changed the trophy requirements for that at least I dunno.
  10. PS+ was originally a subscription service that gave you access to new games per month for the cost of the subscription which they then hid online play behind when the PS4 came out. Please don't excuse corporate greed.
  11. I hear this was a problem for the PS4 version as well until it was patched. For those who had to deal with it then did you have to do a fresh save or did they unlock automatically for those who had fulfilled the requirements?
  12. I'd laugh if this was like Batman Arkham Origins whose shutdown scared everyone into playing the multiplayer only for it still to be playable 4 years later.
  13. You can make the same comparison with Crash 4 and the N Sane Trilogy. The N Sane Trilogy is reasonably tough but I reckon fairly doable, but Crash 4 is utterly masochistic involving getting every Platinum Relic and smashing every box in every level without dying (keeping in mind levels are long with alternating gameplay styles and sadistically hidden boxes).
  14. I just got it and I idled for most of it without even launching the ball choosing rematch as soon as the game ended. There's no score requirement or even a requirement to launch the ball. Anyone not unlocking it by the 100 game mark is probably experiencing a glitch.
  15. Loss