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  1. I feel like I'm missing something in this game because I rarely if ever get any bites, and I can't even see if there's even any fish out there because they're not rendered.
  2. It sucks how there's some games that you can't even buy separately without the sub. Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for it either. Oh well at least Ape Escape isn't affected.
  3. I like to think I'm not bad at Smash Bros, but I just cannot get used to this. I can't get used to the digital control scheme which prevents you from pressing up to jump or even to descend platforms (didn't use up to jump much in Smash but eh), not to mention light and heavy attacks being mapped to different buttons throws off my muscle memory all the time.
  4. Happened to me as well and it was an in-level one (Monkey Park). Not exactly relishing another playthrough of this and it could very well happen again anyway like Dounew dealt with and it's unclear whether or not the individual unlock is replicable with a cloud save or if you're fucked from the moment you start a new game.
  5. Unless you're planning on breaking out your PS4 I don't even think you can play that version on your PS5.
  6. Is this a mistake or just the business decision they've made? Seems a bit silly when it's the norm at the moment.
  7. Sony using the classic Japanese approach of not outright kicking you out yet making it as uncomfortable and inconvenient as possible to get you to move on.
  8. Can't you turn it down to Easy? Is it still hard there?
  9. Having just done it with the exploit I will say it isn't completely zero effort, although the "Hard" city challenges are certainly easier. You can't just fly around for the sake of it all the time especially in the more cramped slum challenges with markers in buildings that were a lot harder. You have to be mindful of how fast you're running before you fly and it's best to use the gravity boost in conjunction with it to gain speed. A few of them will still probably take a few tries. As for people just starting the game and looking to do this don't bother. It'll take far too long to get to the city at this point.
  10. The excessive copypaste to me was far more of a dealbreaker seeing as it disincentivises exploring at all past a certain point when you know that the 50th mine or cave dungeon in a row is going to have a repeated boss or reskinned regular enemy as a boss thrown in there with no rhyme or reason. The repetition wasn't just limited to the dungeons and bosses as it wasn't long before I started seeing the same landmarks repeated over and over as well (church with Sacred Tear, ruins wit staircase leading to chest/miniboss, same wildlife in the same arrangements, same towers, same shacks). It really felt spread thin, as if they didn't have enough content to make up the open world, and that's not getting into all of the bugs I encountered. Doesn't really feel like a 9.5/10 game to me.
  11. Yeah $45 no thanks. Might just wait for the season pass to go on sale at some point.
  12. It is pretty fucked. In addition to the checkpoint system being broken sometimes you will either just die for no reason, or the game sometimes won't centre you properly in a certain lane which can result in death when you get wedged in those sloped bridge bits with no way to avoid it.
  13. Thought about getting this regardless of how bad it is because I love pinball and it's cheap but I noticed the 15 million one hasn't been unlocked by anyone yet. Is it just hard or is it glitched?
  14. Love how absolutely no one has answered the question and is just engaging in pretentious posturing. This is a trophy hunting website. It shouldn't be looked down upon to ask normally common questions about autopopping.
  15. Yep, I guess it's my fault honestly. It's still pretty stupid though especially considering the PS5 version is usually more expensive. It completely disincentivises getting the physical PS5 version of anything unless it's an exclusive which is limited to about 5 games at the moment.