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  1. Loss
  2. I just want another Burnout. Is that too much to ask?
  3. It was certainly the best of the post-PS2 games as it was the last one to actually run at 60fps. The constant story interruptions did my head in on a replay though. Ratchet and Clank was always good about compatmentalising their story and gameplay but the PS3 games were when they started getting all wannabe Pixar with grandiose stories.
  4. Apparently it's not intentional, but when they make the end game trigger the Broken Sword in the toilet and give you the Broken Sword at the start of Second Run what on earth were they expecting? It's not a bug so much as it is an oversight.
  5. The fact that it looks like no one has completed this yet across both systems is quite telling in regards to its difficulty. I've been playing the Xbox version and I can already tell getting those N Sanely Perfect Relics is going to be absolute torture.
  6. This happened to me with looted areas as well, usually if I had an active mission going but the scavenger trophy and challenge still unlocked fine. This also happened with a scarecrow or two so I think it should be fine.
  7. Knack was pretty miserable what with the bullshit difficulty and RNG chests. 5.44% Very Rare just straddling that line FFX as well with some of those minigames 8.77% Very Rare Crash 1 with those time trials even though it didn't take long. 10.58% Rare (Though 100% is Ultra Rare at 4.09%) Crash 2 maybe as well with a couple of time trials 9.62% Very Rare God of War 2 also had an annoying no damage challenge. It's the reason why it's the only plat of the series I have (I'd get 3 done if I can ever be bothered doing a run on Hard though). 24.54% Uncommon Special mention goes to Goat Simulator in which for a plat I got in a single afternoon most of the time was spent doing that stupid fucking Flappy Goat thing. 41.45% Uncommon KH BBS as well with beating Mysterious Figure as Terra on Critical. Never doing that again. 7.22% Very Rare CTR Nitro Fueled when I first did it. Dragon Mines was pretty brutal although I full G'ed the Xbox version recently in like 2 days. 10.01% Rare just out of Very Rare territory.
  8. $15 is a ridiculous price for this. I would honestly get it if it weren't that price. At least the guy who made Crypt of the Serpent King priced it accordingly.
  9. Can someone clarify how Continue or Die unlocks? Is it a straight playthrough without dying or can you replay individual levels that you died on?
  10. I'm amazed that in the 18 years it's been out there still isn't a good guide for those frames. I ended up finding them all myself but it was still a bit annoying listening for that noise with the Infrarang.
  11. Maybe you never got 100% in the original game? It's always been there I think. They didn't add anything new aside from the boomerang wheel from the sequels.
  12. Yeah it's a pretty renowned Australian phrase but only really within Australia so fair enough you didn't know. Appreciate the edit nonetheless.
  13. Only thing that irked me as an Australian was you describing the bilby call as "oooeeee" instead of "cooooooooeee". Other than that good guide.
  14. I've been playing it on Game Pass and.....yeah I dunno. The flippers feel really slow to respond with barely any kick, and the ball drains really easily on EX Mode. It's also just the one table with some mini games being exclusive to EX Mode so I wouldn't pay the usual asking price for it. Pinball games should not be sprite based. It's not bad, but there's better. I'd say Pinball FX3 is more worth it, and you don't have to pay anything for the first table.
  15. Is Kotodama worth 3 dollars? I like match 3 games. There don't seem to be any decent guides for it though.