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  1. I found in that quest chain that unlike the other ones it would never indicate the enemies I had to kill. Still got them, but I feel for you having to play this piece of shit the amount of times that you did.
  2. Does that mean if I unlock trophies on PS5 if I boot it up on Xbox I'll get the achievements for that version as well? Cool if true.
  3. I just wish they didn't change the boss fights so that they're pretty much invulnerable until the mid-fight dialogue finishes. It's still fairly easy to make the times but you pretty much have to skip the cutscenes now in order to make it.
  4. It's probably because it's a JP exclusive game so anyone who bought it is probably dedicated enough to the game to complete it. While nowhere near as difficult as the PS4 game Oni mode still is a bitch here.
  5. So not even worth 17 cents then?
  6. Relative to what the game involves to just finish it the trophies are pretty terrible. Yeah it's not a 900 hour Star Ocean IV type experience but it's a small action game with light RPG elements so shit like growing moonflowers which takes real time and grinding out materials to fully upgrade weapons you're not even going to use is pretty tedious. Maybe it's part of the metanarrative about the menial nature of Nier's existence in game but for us trophy whores it's a bit tiresome. Another example is Pacman 256. The game is a simple infinite scroller that you get the entire experience of in about 5 minutes yet you're expected to play for minimum 15 hours to fully upgrade everything. Again, 15 hours isn't the longest completion but relative to what it is there it feels like an eternity.
  7. This should have been free for existing owners.
  8. Get Diona mate. She's on the current banner and both shields and heals.
  9. Same enemies, same combat, same sound effects (I swear I heard the dragon's cry used for another boss in the same trailer), same everything. Only differences to me are the open world, the horse jumping and the creature summoning in combat. A few new additions but not enough to get excited about on my end. Looks just like DS3 but open world. Might wait for a sale.
  10. I wouldn't. It's a decent little game to just run through but you will drive yourself mad going for 100%. Why they tied a timing based scoring system based on EVERYTHING you do to a 3D platformer is beyond me.
  11. It should be fine once the list gets synced to PSN. FFVII Remake had the same issue last year when we got it early.
  12. I already got the plat and the list isn't even up yet lol. It'll be interesting to see the completion stats for it. Note that there's no cross save so you have to do it legit again. Only takes about 3 hours or so though and it's a fun little game that's probably not worth the asking price.
  13. That's the real problem with it. It's annoying to spend potentially weeks or months building up a team only for it to be completely useless at tackling that particular Abyss with new enemies and conditions, especially if you were far into an existing challenge which then gets reset because you forgot or something. But hey you gotta keep those whales entertained somehow. Anyway I did the one I think just before Sangonomiya came out and I feel that Floor 11 was a lot harder than 12, even though I got no stars on Floor 12 at all lol. If you're going for the plat then there is zero need to get any stars on 12, you just have to clear it. I know it's tough to wait OP but I would possibly wait until Diona or another shielded character gets a rerun. They're basically essential for avoiding damage consistently. I think I even had Noelle as an emergency shielder. Xingqiu is also good. Also while artifact sets are important you need to make sure they have at the very least good primary stat buffs that compliment the character. Sub stats are also important to some degree but I would say far less so unless they're for flowers or feathers, especially if you're just looking to do the bare minimum to clear Floor 12. This is a pretty good resource to give you an idea of building a decent character and it updates all the time with new characters.
  14. I saw this coming a mile off. There was no way that any developer would think to be obstinate about something like that with a game that has a single player component, especially right after launch and all of the pre-release hype and so on. I wonder how people would have reacted if they were more direct about it and put "in online multiplayer" at the end of every trophy...
  15. Flapmaster is one of those ones that can take two seconds or two hours. Half the time I spent on the game on PS3 was on that one trophy, yet it took about five minutes on the Xbone. That hit detection is beyond fucked.