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  1. Oh wow, it's an actual game. I thought it'd be a visual novel or something like a lot of anime licenses tend to get.
  2. From what I can gather it seems to be VR exclusive which kind of sucks. Can't comment on how hard the puzzles are or how difficult avoiding Daleks will be as that seems to be the main source of difficulty. I think given the first person perspective avoiding them would be similar to stuff like Outlast or Amnesia or something, especially given The Doctor seems to be a non combatant by nature (in recent years at least). Must not be that long either considering it doesn't have a Platinum trophy.
  3. I've seen far worse looking shovelware mobile ports than this. Might pick it up if it's less than $5.
  4. Orc Slayer without question. Can't believe I bothered with the Platinum especially with that final boss which took a fucking eternity to kill. I'll list some other ones that I just dislike though: Doki Doki Universe I wouldn't call the worst but the constant crashes on all versions of the game really gave me the shits. Dungeon Punks and Pumped BMX I think I spent maybe seconds playing before going nup, this is shit Burly Men At Sea I would barely class as a game Team Sonic Racing was a crushing disappointment compared to the previous games. I have no idea what they were thinking with some of those mechanics. Wanted something to tide me over before CTR came out and holy shit never again. Dropped it hard when the latter came out. Stories Path of Destinies got mind numbing going for the plat but the game itself isn't bad. Adventure Capitalist isn't even a game at all Kingdom Hearts 3 was disappointing compared to the previous games My second attempt at Dead Island Riptide was on PS4 and the game saw fit to do everything it could to make me hate it with the myriad glitches on display Couldn't get into Iconoclasts. Knack obviously. That Platinum nearly destroyed me. The second game is actually pretty good though. Spyro 3 Reignited was a buggy mess and I actually did bother to 100% it outside of the Plat as well. It was outsourced and you can tell. Onrush was a complete chore to play and I'm not surprised it flopped with that pricing. Ginger Beyond The Crystal is pretty shit. I think I gave up after a required bonus level had some of the worst clipping issues imaginable which kept killing me. Flynn and Freckles is a poor excuse for a 3D platformer with some of the most broken and stiff controls imaginable. Really did not care for Siren/Forbidden Siren (I know it's a PS2 game but I'm counting it). Those controls really did not endear me to it. It's just needlessly complicated even by the standards of survival horror. Seems like I'm not the only one to be put off by this considering the drop off of earned trophies after the first one you get at the start (which even then has only a 77% earn rate). Obliteracers is pretty garbage Rock Band 4 is a buggy, avaricious insult to the series. Even playing it recently I had crashing and screen tearing issues. Can't believe they had the gall to charge out the arse for it. Didn't care for Teslagrad and how punishing its boss fights are. Yes I know you don't have to finish it and the completion rate is high but it was just extremely annoying. Arc the Lad; Twilight of the Spirits is dull as all shit and slow as molasses. Half of Killing Floor 2 wasn't even functional for me as the VS mode just kept crashing every time I tried to play it. Momonga Pinball Adventures is insultingly short and low budget even for the price. It's my own fault for not doing my research there as its right on the store page. Dead Rising's survivor AI really shit me up the wall and quickly put me off. I don't recall any of the later games having this issue. Aqua Moto Racing Utopia almost melted my PS4 and constantly crashed. Really should have got a refund for this but it's probably too late now. That I think is the second worst. Companies need to be held accountable for their shit games borderline causing hardware damage. Coffin Dodgers obviously Indigo Prophecy is laughably awful (again PS2 I know) and I have no idea how David Cage continues to get work. Did not like Uncharted 2 at all and the Uncharted series in general. Exceptionally boring third person shooters. I think I also stopped playing The Last of Us after like an hour I was that bored. Naughty Dog just don't care about making fun games anymore it seems Primal Carnage Extinction I wanted to like so much but it's just shit Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition is a buggy mess compared to the previous gen versions. I do not recommend it aside from it making one requirement slightly easier. The Ratchet and Clank remake I was disappointed with but if you haven't played the other games it isn't bad by any means. It just pales in comparison to the older ones for a number of reasons. The Witch and The Hundred Knight is just flat out bad. Nubla obviously. It's less of a game and more of an art exhibition. Unravel is also a chore to play and I didn't get very far in it. I was disappointed with Dark Chronicle compared to the first game due to a lot of performance and interface issues. And that's everything I can remember not liking after scrolling through my PS4 list once again.
  5. Of this trilogy maybe but 6 remains the easiest overall. Dead Souls is also manageable because of the lack of minigame requirements or climax battles.
  6. You should really be going out of your way to collect Life Bottles, because in a sense these function as checkpoints. That being said I found Scarecrow Fields a bit of a pain.
  7. It's taken me near 4 years at this point and I still haven't beaten Advanced World 4.
  8. I don't think the games are long enough to warrant that, at least The Lion King isn't.
  9. I'm not sure why they picked this one to remaster over Deluxe which is far more renowned. Maybe because of the boss fights? I dunno. I'll still probably get it if it's reasonably priced.
  10. Randy Pitchford being greedy.
  11. So it's basically like any other Ubisoft game then?
  12. I wouldn't call the first one perfect but it's perfectly fine if you like 3D platformers. A lot of people really overexaggerated its flaws or just flat out made some up when it came out.
  13. If you're reasonable on expert difficulty Guitar Hero 6 is quite easy, provided you have all of the instruments and online of course which may not be feasible anymore considering how limited and expensive the instruments are now. The same applies to Rock Band 4. Rock Band 2 is fairly doable as well in regards to that criteria, although you will have to play for about six/seven hours straight without pausing or failing for one trophy. While Band Hero is a 3% it's still very easy and probably the easiest of the games I've listed.
  14. There's never been any rhyme or reason behind crown spawn rates beyond the events that are specifically advertised as having higher crown rates or guaranteed crown spawns. Anyone who tells you that certain rewards for investigations raise the chances is just rationalising. I got a large Glavenus in a basic Special Arena quest this morning for clear reference of this, same with a large Teostra in the Teostra/Lunastra quest line.
  15. There's nothing missable in XIII-2 unlike XIII where you had to be really careful with what items you sold. The grind isn't nearly as severe, the optional bosses aren't nearly as difficult and it's overall not as long of a game. There's also solvers and guides for the puzzles and collectibles. It's the same core gameplay as XIII but with none of the bullshit attached to its Platinum. I think a lot of people were put off by the time limit in LR even if it is pretty lenient, especially on Easy.