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  1. I'm playing the Xbox One version and it happened there too. Apparently it triggers if you talk to him for the first time in his house but then immediately leave without earning it. It sucks because there isn't much of an indication that there's one in there, especially if it's your first time playing it. Another classic THQ Nordic bug. Let's see if they ignore this one as well.
  2. Yeah it's really shit. I got it not just for an easy plat but because it looked likeTanks from Wii Play which I loved but holy fuck the controls in this were dreadful. Thank god you only have to do half of the game and you can pick and choose any level you like for that requirement.
  3. You don't need to do the butterfly minigame for the Platinum, and anyone here who says you do is wrong. You just need to find all of the Celestial Weapons for the trophy. You only need the Saturn Sigil if you want to fully upgrade Kimahri's Celestial Weapon (and why would you? He's useless).
  4. There is no trophy for doing the butterfly minigame, thankfully.
  5. More like Who needs a controller? Jesus Christ that was a gigantic pain in the arse; seemed like it was completely random after about 10-15 minutes of nearly destroying my PS3 controller waggling it. Anyone else struggle with this?
  6. I got like that from Star Wars Republic Commando. Couldn't play it for more than five minutes and yeah like you I never get motion sickness from anything. Also a few other notes from what I've seen in this thread. Teslagrad is indeed a pretty annoying one. I got stuck on one boss where I knew what to do but the one hit death was just such a hindrance. Think I rage quit at that point. Also yeah Goat Simulator. I spent about 7 and a half hours going for that plat: Half of that time was spent in Flappy Goat I think.
  7. I gave this a go on my Xbone on Game Pass recently and it really wasn't worth it. Ridiculous load times for new areas, same boring Lego gameplay and the final straw was it crashing on me. It seems like the Lego games get buggier every year from my experience, and when the gameplay hasn't evolved at all in 15 years it's not really worth it. Not surprised that it got boot off Game Pass today. Free is free but there's better ways to be spending 25 hours.
  8. So not worth a dollar then?
  9. You will notice upon booting up the game and attempting to connect to uplay that you can't, as apparently support for it for this game has been discontinued for a couple of years now; but you can still obtain the uplay rewards for the game via the game's rewards page here : I'm linking it because there's a useful XP reward that will give you two free levels which can alleviate the small XP grind you'll have to do at the end. Note that you obviously need a uplay account and have earned at least 20 points in other uplay compatible games, as you can no longer earn uplay points from this game. There's other rewards as well but I thought I would bring attention to the most useful one in terms of earning the plat.
  10. See I normally despise the whole URGGH DON'T BE AN ENTITLED MANBABY GAMER mantra (with horrible disregard for the meaning of the word entitled) but this is something that is 100% free with no fine print.
  11. I was able to add the free version of Uncharted to replace the PS+ version without having to redownload it, but Journey still has the PS+ expiry. This might be rectified in the coming days I guess.
  12. Anyone else a bit miffed by this? The other two require them and I don't see why they didn't do it here. Perhaps a DLC trophy in future? I'm kind of glad in a way though considering how broken a lot of the mechanics are in 3. It feels the most rushed out of any of them and I encountered several glaring bugs and glitches during my run.
  13. What I don't get is why you can't buy Air materia. It's a common elemental weakness yet isn't readily available like the other ones.
  14. I think the US still get them. It's annoying for those of us who still play it and don't want to pay full digital price.
  15. I've nearly completed it and haven't spent a cent. That Geoff trophy is pure cancer that paying money for the game isn't going to expedite. Forking out for gems might make Exalted easier but you have to get to Level 1000 anyway so you might as well just save them while playing in an active guild in that time; there's not much you can do to speed the level grind up with microtransactions. Overall one of the better games in terms of actually being free to play even if they constantly shove those flash sales in your face without warning and get you dangerously close to accidentally purchasing it.
  16. A general additional tip when crown hunting: listen to their roar. If they have a deeper one than usual then it's probably a large crown and a higher pitch one usually means a small one. It's been fairly reliable for me so far.
  17. Sonic Forces was probably only added to cash in on the new movie with it being the most recent console game. I'd play Shadow of the Colossus but it annoys me how it runs at half the frame rate on the base PS4 unless they've patched that since I checked (he asks hopefully).
  18. For fuck sake of course Band Hero is gone. It would have taken me like ten minutes with decent players to get the last few trophies in that but getting 4 people together in a session for a dead game like that is borderline impossible here. Mind you it's still technically possible but I would have to get people in real life to do it which just isn't happening anymore.
  19. The newest update (can't believe they're still updating it honestly) has added an Easy difficulty that they've labeled Story Mode. I'll just rattle off the patch notes: -Decreased damage dealt by zombies by 25% -Increased damage dealt by player by 50-100% -Decreased fall damage by 50% -Normal attacks use 25% less stamina -Charged attacks use 50% less stamina -Medkits are twice as effective -Players lose 50% less experience points upon death -Days are longer by 25% -Nights are shorter by 25% -Traders pay 20% more for player's items -Players earn 50% less Legend experience -Airdrops remain on the map twice as long Nice that they've been so detailed about this. This will obviously make the platinum and DLC a lot easier to complete seeing as there's no difficulty related trophies (aside from possibly doing the Parkour challenges at night as you will have less time for screwups).
  20. So with the exploit could you theoretically just be playing on Easy with Vita Chambers on then just switch to Survivor and Vita Chambers off just before the final cutscene? Given how much this version of the game apparently just randomly changes the difficulty setting anyway I wouldn't feel too bad for using it honestly.
  21. It's stupid. It's the only item in the game that's completely random about when it's available.
  22. Anyone just not have the Machete (any of them now) for sale at all? I saved up the ingame cash for the gold one and there's been less of them appearing daily to the point where there's just none now. Don't think I've ever seen the gold one there at all.
  23. Yeah I remember the rarity being quite low until a bunch of cheese strategies were discovered.
  24. Reading some of the reviews of it and it did not deserve the amount of flak it copped. It's a perfectly fine game that runs really well even on PS3 yet you would think that it was borderline unplayable given some of the scores it got. Most of them tend to have the common trend of complaining about the lack of a story and characters and it being too difficult at times. I mean, it's a short, downloadable budget title, and if you take that into account it's actually a pretty fun and solid game. What were they expecting? Bayonetta? It just kind of reeks of entitlement, that they don't have to pay anything for their games so there's no point of reference as to whether or not the game is worth it based on price, time invested, budget and whether or not the audience will like it. It just reeks of hedonism in all honesty which is a pretty extreme comparison but it seems apt. I picked it up for ten dollars on sale and I am not even remotely complaining. I dunno, what do you guys think?
  25. No that's not it. I download everything new on the external hard drive and I still have about 800GB left on it. For reference when the error happens the data gets listed as corrupt. EDIT: Seems to have got past that initial hump and is downloading as normal now that I've actually been paying attention to it. Seems to have been an issue with downloading it in rest mode last time.