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  1. Definitely pre-ordering this when it's available in the US. I never had the chance to own my own NES, SNES, N64, or Gamecube when I was younger (always played PS and XBox). This definitely won't make up for what I missed out on, but it's a start!
  2. I would have to say like a normal thin crust pizza, no extra cheese or no extra sauce .... but bits of ribs, fliet mignon and some peppers
  3. Yeah, iirc some things were released on Feb 7th.
  4. Yeah AMY, while it isn't great, isn't as bad as the reviewers made it seem. They took the little things wrong and blew them out of proportion. For a $10 PSN game, the game is what you'd expect. It's what you think a $10 would be like. Definatley set up for an AMY 2 ... hopefully they can build off what they have an improve. ...... Now to take on Hard mode
  5. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
  6. :sigh: if you payed attention to the posts you would realize that you can earn trophies on used VITA games. If you play a used game it tells you you must delete teh game's previous data in order to earn trophies then gives you a yes or no option. Clicking yes allows you to earn trophies.
  7. Since I don't know what that is ....... Gran Torino.
  8. For me, easily Where the Red Fern Grows ... as well as Catcher in the Rye and To Kill A Mockingbird.
  9. When I'm not at school I work at an amusement park, but it's close for the winter until the last weekend of April.
  10. Well I guess ym question now is whether to get a 16GB or a 32GB.
  11. Yep I think it may have been on .org that I saw it but yes you can earn trophies.
  12. Actually you can earn trophies on used VITA games. If you buy a used game, or say borrow a game from a friend, a message will come up and say "You can't earn trophies unless you clear previous game data. Would you like to proceed?" or something along those lines. If you pick "No" you can't earn trophies, if you pick "Yes" you can earn trophies.