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  1. Sony have said that it will be compatible with PS5. https://www.gamerevolution.com/news/525917-psvr-will-be-compatible-with-ps5-sony-confirms Hoping there will be an improved 2.0 headset too and they are not just going to do what they did with the Move controllers and re-use the same last gen tech with no improvements.
  2. Took forever to find an online match last night and then when I finally did I got stuck on an invisible object in the second dungeon so I went into the brawl underpowered. Didn't make a great first impression. The other mode where you play through 30 floors was more enjoyable but wish you could play that co-op online and not just local.
  3. It's almost like they are playing a destruction derby game called Wreckfest.
  4. You need a 50k balance at the same time and not cumulative.
  5. Yeah I don't enjoy most racing games online since that sums up how people play racing games online in general but in a game like this, OnRush, Burnout or games of that sort it is the one time it doesn't wreck the experience when it is the experience. Well maybe OnRush wasn't a good example either since there were a lot of idiots that just rammed into any vehicle they saw and couldn't grasp the concept that you are in teams.
  6. EA already do this with UT packs and honestly I think it is worse because a lot of gamers don't seem to grasp that odds don't stack. They think if something has 20% odds then opening 5 packs guarantees it and not that it remains 20% no matter how many packs you open. Personally I don't have a problem loot boxes or things like UT. Loot boxes have never appealed to me since I don't tend to care about cosmetic stuff in games and don't tend to care about a lot of the games that have them but if people are into that then so be it. But I do enjoy things like Ultimate Team, Diamond Dynasty, MyTeam etc. I personally just view them as interactive trading cards and I get more use out of a year of playing a game than I did all those years as a kid collecting hockey cards I would look at once, stick in a binder and now all these years later they are just rotting away in a box in storage somewhere.
  7. All signs are pointing to Sony not liking that the trial period gave trophies even though it is supposed to be the full game. It would be fine if it still kept track of them and then they auto-popped when you started playing the full game after the trial but now that the full game is out it confirms that they don't auto-pop and you have to re-earn them. This is something that can easily break a trophy and make it unobtainable in future games but thankfully Madden seems to be safe from that since the trophy for creating an ultimate team is still registered when entering ultimate team. But a trophy like that could have been easily locked out since you only get one shot at it and not like you can delete a save to restart something like that where it is saved to the EA servers not local. Hopefully this is addressed before the next EA games since it seems EA intended for it to be like Xbox so if Sony raised some last minute issue they couldn't prepare for it like they can with the upcoming games.
  8. Didn't play before 1.04 but just started the trial period tonight and it shows the game as having no trophies. Wonder if Sony raised a stink over trophies being unlockable during the trial period or if EA just messed something up.
  9. The FIA will take away your platinum after you achieve it over some weak by the book ruling in the trophy hunters rule book. Assuming you can get the platinum to begin with since BigBen games are bound to have something glitched.
  10. This is a two year old thread that got randomly bumped. Hitman and IO are still alive.