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  1. I was coming in with a joke about eating some bat soup so if you didn't do it I was anyway 🤐
  2. Got it with ease in 6 darts (5 Bullseye and a triple 17).
  3. 4am 698 5am 605 6am 515 7am 582 8am 541 9am 510
  4. They went from missing to awkward based on my weekly legends edition packs this week. 🤐
  5. That's what I appreciates about you.
  6. PS3 SingStar downloads worked different and are not in your download list. Even before the shutdown you couldn’t download them again unless you contacted support. PS4 downloads are normal so that is why it says PS4 purchases can still be downloaded but not PS3.
  7. The trophy was nothing special but closing out the year with 20019 trophies and the first trophy of 2020 being trophy 20020 seemed a fitting way to close out the year even if there is an extra zero 😉
  8. Was googling if there was a glitch like this in the second game or if you started with higher prestige based on progress in the first game since it started me at prestige 31 and gave me the 1,000,000 credits trophy after one race. What is going on with Milestone that this is happening with both games? Wonder if it is impacting games like Ride and Gravel too.
  9. They look like the same Prepac shelves I have. https://www.prepacmfg.com/product/quad-width-wall-storage-0 They are a Canadian company so they are easy to find here but not sure about the US. I would guess Amazon might be the best bet.
  10. After a move a lot of my collection is still packed up so don't have updated pictures. But can link to my Blu-ray.com Collection Gallery which has the last time I took pictures and all the hauls since then. https://www.blu-ray.com/community/gallery.php?member=Hayabusa85&folderid=8662 The only two complete collections I have unpacked right now are my small Switch collection and my Vita collection (Minus collector's edition boxes and stuff like that which for space reasons I keep stored) so I can post updated pictures of those. Hit 400 Physical Vita games last week. 😍 Will need to import a lot of Japanese games to hit 500 but hoping to hit that mark eventually.