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  1. Platinum #237: UltraGoodness 2 (PS5) Platinum UltraGoodness Platinum #238: Dirt 5 (PS5) DIRT LEGEND Platinum #239: Legends of Talia: Arcadia (PS5) The Hero of Talia Platinum #240: Legends of Talia: Arcadia (PS4) The Hero of Talia Platinum #241: Control (PS5) Director of the FBC Platinum #242: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (PS5) Masters of the Multiverse
  2. Was worried this trophy would be annoying but found a really easy way to farm it. You will want to play free for all and when it ends up on Tournament Grounds there are stairs that go up into the stands where there is a bread table (Not the part where the throne is, it is across from that on the other side of the map). Obviously you can keep going up to it and coming back down tossing bread at anything that moves hoping for kills but that isn't as efficient. Ideally you will be in a game where people don't tend to bother going up to that spot and free for all games tend to have a fair bit of bots which is one of the reasons you will want to do it in free for all. So what you are going to want to do is get bots to follow you up and then they are easy to kill with the bread since they have less health, are not very aggressive and are very easy to hit with it since they won't dodge or block it while standing basically still watching you. The best way to get them up there is to watch when one spawns right near the bottom of the stairs on either side, run down, get their attention and then they will follow you up. I had 9 bread kills by the end of the first match doing this and could have had it done in one match but somebody caught on to what I was doing and interrupted my bread massacre 😂
  3. Basic list but that is how online trophy lists should be. Trophies like the bread one are funny but you fill a list with stuff like that and you get too many idiots doing stupid shit for trophies/achievements instead of just properly playing the game so glad it is the only one like that. The grind isn't even that bad. 2000 kills can realistically be done in under 100 matches without even playing that well and the wins will come naturally over time.
  4. Would like 4 a lot too. I seem to be in the minority that has that as my favorite since I liked the Crackdown vibes I got from it. 2 would be fun to re-visit too though.
  5. I didn't mean they did and I'm glad they don't because we are getting a native PS5 version of this while with them we would just get a patch at most. Right on queue they did it yet again with The Last of Us Part II today. UbiSoft and EA have been bad for it too so by no means is it just Sony. Even if they didn't bother with ray tracing or anything special native PS5 versions with near instant loading, maybe some haptics and a new trophy list since we are on a trophy site after all is all I would need to be happy. With games I have not played before or finished I'm not as bothered with it (Would still prefer it) but I would have been down for another run through of something like Ghost of Tsushima with a native PS5 version.
  6. The trophy list showed up on ExoPhase before the official announcement. All proper PS5 versions will have new lists.
  7. My post had nothing to do with hating Sony. The person I quoted asked why they don't just patch the PS4 version which I said is lazy since all they can do is unlock framerates and resolutions so native PS5 versions like this are much better. I used Sony as an example of doing lazy patches instead because Sony in particular have been bad for lazy patches with first party PS4 games instead of more enhanced native PS5 ports such as this is getting. Pretty sure Sony are realistically in control of their first party library. 🖕
  8. Because that is lazy and the likes of Sony that keep doing that should be ashamed of their pathetic laziness.
  9. There is a PVE option that you can play with a party of friends but if is just meant as training so it doesn't count toward progress. They have said they are planning to expand the PVE options though so maybe some better options in the future. Overall I am having fun on PS5 but even with cross play getting games going has been a bit of a wait which is always concerning for a game that depends on online play. But the biggest flaw they need to address is changing it so that both teams have their own winch bar or something. One team can literally do none of the objectives, let the other team get to 6 bars extracting the chest, rush in killing the other team stopping their progress for the final bar and then only have to do that one bar themselves while the spawn timer doesn't allow the other team to get back to stop that. So basically you are almost better to just let the other team do all the work and then steal the victory. There is even one trophy that is basically for doing that.
  10. People that own the complete collection get the first shot at it but still have to buy it as far as I know. Then since it has a larger print run than Breach & Clear the additional copies and unclaimed copies will go on sale. With it believed to be Revenge of the Bird King and the mess that has happened with the PS4 version who knows what could happen 😨
  11. You still don't seem to be understanding. You said you only plan to buy Super Meat Boy to finish off the set and when I said not to forget about the final game you said your post said you plan to buy it but it only said you plan to buy Super Meat Boy. Super Meat Boy isn't the final game. So I'm still confused if you are not understanding that there are two games left or confused why you would stop at Super Meat Boy and not buy both games to complete it. 🙄 Also they have technically sold Super Meat Boy already since they put some in the Vita mystery boxes which makes them dragging out selling the rest even more annoying. I don't care about their non-Vita games so there are constantly weeks I forget to check the releases which makes me worried I will miss it when they finally do sell it. And then they will probably drag out the final game another year just to be even more annoying. They know there are people that will be done with them once they finish the Vita collection and seem to think if they keep dragging it out we might impulse buy something else. ---------------------------------------------------------- Anyway, my two Vita collection goals were the complete North American collection and 500 physical games but don't think I'm going to hit either. I was somehow oblivious to the Shakedown Hawaii physical release so I would need to buy that which is still possible since prices don't seem that bad on Ebay. But Epic Mickey 2 from Mexico seems like too much of a unicorn and while that technically isn't considered part of the North American collection since Sony consider Mexico a different region I personally can't consider a game rated by the ESRB and released in a North American country not part of it. The 500 games would have taken more Japan imports and obviously the pandemic caused issues with importing and now there are less and less games to pick from. Currently at 415 or around that since I probably botched the count a bit so just don't think I am close enough to go for 500 now but who knows maybe I will still make a late surge to 500 but just don't see it happening now. I also can't say I find myself playing the Vita these days so that would also make that final push harder to justify.
  12. But you also said for the complete LRG collection and it won't be complete without the last game so why would you stop at Super Meat Boy? 🤔
  13. Don't forget there is a final game after Super Meat Boy.
  14. There is one in second DLC but as somebody that also struggled with the sprint cars I did it in one try and was also able to go back to the main career and easily three stamp the ones I gave up on so I think they must have made them much easier. The sprint cars were not as slippery and didn't seem to have a magnet pulling them into the barricades while the A.I. seemed really slow now.
  15. There is more content coming since they announced new tracks which we have not seen yet but unclear how much content is coming.