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  1. Looks like one of the GM tasks in ultimate team isn't even possible yet. You need to buy a 90 overall player and right now the highest rated player is Lebron at 87 overall. So it is going to need an eventual in form or legend. Obviously also won't come cheap.
  2. YS VIII marks physical Vita game #300
  3. I wasn't lazy for the whole week πŸ™„ I just realized I was about to hit a milestone and waited for YS VIII........ 300 physical Vita games (302 physical cases but Minecraft and MLB are the cases with vouchers) πŸ’‹ Pulled some of the system boxes, CE boxes and a few pre-order bonuses out of storage. Not sure what I missed other than the fact I know I couldn't find the Vita First Edition Bundle box (I Russian Doll my boxes so it is a complete crapshoot which boxes are inside of which so I am surprised I found what I did 😜) and didn't bother even looking for most pre-order bonuses. But think I got most of them. Don't really bother with collector's editions anymore unless they are the only way to get the physical version. Personally find NIS CE's cheaply made and not worth the import cost and they seem to make up most of the Vita CE's these days.
  4. I refuse to acknowledge the 2000 even exists 😝
  5. In previous games the GM List was in Ultimate Team so I think it still has two UT trophies. Personally as somebody that will only really care about UT like I do with all EA Sports games I would have liked a few more UT trophies.
  6. Makes them look like 3DS cases with how the forum adjusts the width πŸ˜‹ Nice collections everybody. Since this seems to have evolved into a post your collection thread I guess I will post mine in the coming days when I am not too lazy to take a picture.
  7. Doesn't know what CFW even is but knows he doesn't have the skill to use such things....
  8. It would be an easy platinum and the grind wouldn't be too bad since the trophies can be done against bots. But the game has a ton of glitched trophies so going to need patched for the platinum to be obtainableπŸ‘Ž
  9. Nothing surprising and just the usual. Got the platinum last year but won't bother this year. Level 50 in EASHL was too much of a chore when HUT is the only mode I care about. Even then HUT got really stale for me last year as somebody that prefers to just solo grind and build up a team. Hopefully the HUT challenges and stuff bring it more in line with MUT this year.
  10. This trophy is much easier this year in my opinion and can be done really quick. First set it to ultimate difficulty with 25% distance obviously, turn off rules, turn off damage, flashbacks on, select manual starts, race in clear sunny conditions, pick Hamilton since he is a front row lock and finally select the short Japan circuit. The laps only take around 40 seconds so it is a very short track while also being pretty narrow and easy to drive. Start the race by jumping the start which with rules off won't be penalized and allows you get out to a decent lead right off the start. Chances are if you are not amazing at the game like me it won't be long before the AI catches you but don't worry about that yet. Block them a bit but if they get through it isn't a big deal. The reason for this is you are going to ignore the mandatory pit stop while the AI won't which like the jumped start with rules off isn't going to penalize you (Unlike previous years where it seems to me this would penalize you no matter what you had rules set to). With the laps only being around 40 seconds the time a pit stop takes is basically around half a lap so you are going to get a big lead. Bottas still caught me near the end since I didn't block him at all earlier but this is where the narrowness of the track with damage off helps since it is very easy to crash into them and send them spinning if you do get caught near the end. If you make a mistake and lose the lead then just use the flashbacks. Got it my first try with ease and it only takes around 10 minutes. No need to worry about racing in the rain, causing pile ups or things like that and even the blocking will be minimal in the event you do get caught in the last lap or two.
  11. Loving this album 😍