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  1. Scene 5 is the easiest. Pick Hammond and then off the start hang back a bit and collect one of the first power ups where you will want to get the more horsepower one which is why you want to hang back since if you are leading you will likely get the slippery one. Restart if you get texting or something else. Right after those first power ups is a fairly long straight through the tunnel where you will want to gather a bit of speed first and then use the more horsepower power up. If you use it too soon it will be used up before you hit the speed and from my experience without the power up the Rimac hits a top speed just under the requirement.
  2. The game has really bad rubber band A.I. both ways so I got it by just hanging back a fair bit until the final stretch. The orangutan practically came to complete stop to let me catch up and by the time he got back up to speed I was well over 50 meters ahead crossing the line.
  3. Platinum #146: NHL 19 (PS4) Raise Your Banner '19
  4. The platinum image not being a diamond play button is a fail.
  5. Well guess it is about time I post a haul in here again and end my drought since I think June was my last haul. About time LRG orders started coming in from May and beyond. Still 8 unfulfilled orders (11 Vita games and 1 Switch game) and a 9th (2 Vita games) to add tomorrow. But they will get through them eventually. Also have a few games from Play-Asia on the way. But for now a nice haul to end the drought of posting hauls with. Also added a new Miku figure for display with the Vita collection. Between being an autumn one and the suitcase I figured it was a fitting addition since I just moved. P.S. We should all start taking some Benadryl for our LRG's....... I'll be going now 😊
  6. Platinum #140: Jack N' Jill DX (VITA) Platinum Jack N' Jill Platinum #141: Jack N' Jill DX (PS4) Platinum Jack N' Jill Platinum #142: Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night (VITA) γƒ€γƒ³γ‚·γƒ³γ‚°β˜†γƒ γƒΌγƒ³γƒŠγ‚€γƒˆ Platinum #143: Persona 5: Dancing Star Night (VITA) γƒ€γƒ³γ‚·γƒ³γ‚°β˜†γ‚Ήγ‚ΏγƒΌγƒŠγ‚€γƒˆ Platinum #144: Punch Line (VITA) Your rank went up! Your new rank is "Punchline Master!" Platinum #145: Crayola Scoot (PS4) Ultimate Rider
  7. Yeah not sure what people are talking about in this thread. The Dualshock 4 uses digital buttons while the Dualshock 3 used analog buttons so any games that rely on pressure sensitive controls are not compatible with it. It is far from fully compatible.
  8. Don't think either of these would qualify as massive spoilers but if people think the 100% completion costume is a spoiler I will edit in some spoiler tags on that. I know I'm an ass and I embrace it! 😊 And some non-photo mode screens. More non-photo mode screens in the spoiler tags but they contain stuff including the final boss battle so don't click if you don't want spoilers naturally.
  9. Platinum #133: Super Destronaut DX (VITA) Platinum Destronaut Platinum #134: Super Destronaut DX (PS4) Platinum Destronaut Platinum #135: Tetra's Escape (PS4) Job done ! Platinum #136: Tetra's Escape (VITA) Job done ! Platinum #137: FullBlast (PS4) Platinum Ship Platinum #138: FullBlast (VITA) Platinum Ship Platinum #139: Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) Be Greater
  10. No.
  11. Same old list with a few minor changes. At least there will be no more searching for EASHL teams that were undefeated, won in the playoffs or won the league title.