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  1. Went to that TA link instead of just reading those Reddit posts and some people were saying Starfighter Assault was the issue. They were also saying in the career milestones playing a Starfighter Assault match was still locked. Sure enough I checked my career milestones and it was saying I hadn't even played that mode. So played it and after another victory this popped. For one person on TA it was Galactic Assault and for another it was HvsV so seems that sometime a match just won't register properly and you might have to win again. At least it seems it won't completely lock you out of the trophy.
  2. A couple of people ran into it on Xbox One during the EA Access time so seems to be some kind of issue affecting some people on both platforms but seems rare. Obviously it randomly popping while playing around in the EA Access app isn't possible on PS4. Hopefully it will just randomly pop during gameplay or winning every mode twice.
  3. Anybody else have this trophy glitch on them? Have the five trophies for winning each multiplayer mode but A Galaxy At War didn't pop for winning one match in all modes.
  4. I still think Bard's Gold LRG cover is a bit worse. Just as boring but the Bard's Gold logo is more of an eyesore than the Undertale logo.
  5. NHL 18 Master! Complete a Hockey Ultimate Team Master Set. Not the cheapest or easiest way to get this trophy I am sure but as a lifelong Flames fan I couldn't resist getting this trophy with a Lanny Master Set 😍
  6. I guess I am a bit of a hunter but more than anything I am a game collector that enjoys trophies and couldn't care less about being a completionist (Obviously).
  7. The irony of that being the reason for their "scheduled maintenance" with how righteous they pretend to be is priceless.
  8. Possibly 😈