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  1. Platinum #88: Energy Cycle (Vita) Energy Cycle Platinum Platinum #89: Gem Smashers (Vita) Gem Smashers Lover Platinum #90: Grand Prix Rock 'N Racing (PS4) All trophies earned
  2. Platinum #87: Puzzle Showdown 4K Showdown Completion
  3. Indeed. AngryJoe and Jim Sterling videos should be shown 24/7 in prisons to deter crime. As somebody that is terrible at slide puzzles there would be more of a game here to me without using the solution tricks than there would be visual novels, interactive movies, Telltale games etc. Just because it is an easy platinum doesn't mean there isn't a slide puzzle game at the core of it. Sure it isn't an amazing slide puzzle game knowing that all puzzles have the same solution on each difficulty (Not that I would have clued into that myself) but that is still a game.
  4. Platinum #86: 1000 Top Rated Puzzle Dragon
  5. Well why didn't I see this sooner. I am hopeless at slide puzzles and could have saved a lot of time doing this from the start. Made the medium and hard puzzles a breeze though so thanks!
  6. Just improved my time for the first time on a puzzle and got the trophies for improving a time twice and also improving a time by one second or less even though it was about 4 minutes faster. Also didn't get the trophy for improving a time once. Obviously not alone since record hunter (Improve time twice) has 33% completion on PSN while improve your result for the first time is only at 11.9% making it the rarest trophy outside the platinum. EDIT: Got the improve result once upon improving a result twice. So improving a result once and twice seem to be reversed while improving by one second or less is just glitched in a good way I guess.
  7. Platinum #81: The Bunker Platinum Trophy Platinum #82: Orc Slayer Platinum Slayer. Platinum #83: Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour Hail to the King! Platinum #84: Energy Cycle Energy Cycle Platinum Platinum #85: Arcade Game Series: Ms. Pac-Man Retro Gamer
  8. LEGO Worlds is facepalm worthy. Physical version has been $29.99 from day one and has been on sale for less. Yet the double discount PS+ price is $27.99 since Sony are forcing a $39.99 price on it normally digitally.
  9. Says I need 2 despite getting the platinum e-mail but never got the theme and avatar e-mail.
  10. All games should have platinum trophies just like how Microsoft made it so that all Xbox One games are 1000.
  11. Platinum #80: Full Throttle Remastered Full Throttle