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  1. This is a two year old thread that got randomly bumped. Hitman and IO are still alive.
  2. They have confirmed ones like that are a glitch that they thought they had caught in testing. So the really extreme cases should be patched at least.
  3. Crossminton
  4. It isn’t a bonus episode. It is part of season 3 all the same as every episode and the trophy is for all golds in season 3. How you think that is possible to do with one episode in season 3 showing coming soon is beyond me. Would you expect a trophy for 100% completion to pop when you were at 90%? The glitch was it popping early which they seem to have fixed not it not popping now when there is an episode left.
  5. https://www.trueachievements.com/game/Dangerous-Driving/achievements Achievement list should give an idea what the trophy list will look like. Hopefully this delivers on the potential.
  6. Yep still one episode of the show and one episode for the game next week which is titled, "Funeral for a Ford". https://topgear.fandom.com/wiki/Series_3,_Episode_14_(TGT)
  7. There have only been 13 episodes and episode 14 is still coming. Just because there is no all gold episode 14 trophies in the base list doesn't mean it isn't needed for all season 3 gold medals when it is still a season 3 episode. The trophy simply glitched last week and some people got it early. Next week is when it should have actually unlocked and when the rest of us that didn't experience the early glitch will end up with it.
  8. Have had the cutscene with her during games and it isn't popping for me either. Also had a perfect game with no trophy.
  9. Build up a full break gauge leaving your opponent low on health but not too low. Press forward + As soon as the first blow hits press (This is why you can't get them too low on health since the first blow will end the fight). Then finish them off with at least a 3 hit combo (I had a 5 hit combo so it can be more). Easiest to just do the x4 Combo.
  10. Those are ghosts not live opponents so you are alone. There is no way to disable ghosts but you can set ghost opacity to 0% so that you can't see them if you find it distracting.
  11. Guess I was a bit premature on posting earlier since I somehow missed that these two had even shipped. Oh well always a nice surprise getting an unexpected delivery* ☺️ *As long as it doesn't land you on TLC.
  12. Wouldn't IGN difficulty be the game playing itself and then writing about their experience playing it after they watched somebody else watch the game play itself? 😋