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  1. Hey Husky, once again huge thank you for your hard work on this site, when owner cant be bothered to add new features... My really big request would be something I already asked few years ago. I like to use TROPHY ADVISOR as a backlog of my trophies. But, there are games that I do not own anymore, that left playstation plus premium and trophies that are unobtainable anymore. Would it be possible to hide selected trophies from list so I can only have list of trophies that I actually can obtain?
  2. Well, I recommend Defence Grid 2, it is really great tower defense, I loved it. KeyWe also I heard is good if someone like coop games. Not sure about rest.
  3. New games are avaiable now. Also, there are new list of games that will be leaving soon in Collection Last chance to play. Descenders Party Hard 9 Monkeys of Shaolin Ash of Gods: redemption Fire Pro Wrestling World Black Mirror Wytchwood John Wick Hex KeyWe No Straight Roads Defence Grid 2 Joe Dever;s Lone Wolf Agents of Mayhem Gods Will Fall Red Faction Red Faction II Redeemer: Enhanced Editon
  4. Worked for me, thanks
  5. Yea, of course, that is not a problem. Problem is, that some notes are disappearing after adding them.
  6. Thanks a lot for custom notes in lists! Great feature. It is buggy a bit tho, i have two games, where notes are dissapearing: Spider-Man here: and The Wonderful 101 here: I added notes for them 2-3 times and after a while they dissapear.
  7. How about making custom field to add notes to games with text / numbers? Then I could add opencritic scores to my games on the list manualy and sort them. For now we only can toggle PS plus tag on games, would be great to be able to add custom notes.
  8. @HusKy awesome job, thank you a lot for your work here I have a question, do you have any plans for integrations with metacritic or opencritic scores for custom lists or in general? Would love to get my backlog and sort it by opencritic score - easier to decide what to play next
  9. Yes Think so, you can play games from US account on EU account - as I do.
  10. This is old mechanic, it was like that on PS4 also. nothing new here. I have old fat PS4 and PS4 pro - when I logged in on my PS4 Pro - account was logged out on my old PS4. But I could be logged on my PS3 and PS4 and vita at the same time, no problem.
  11. For me, most annoying is file save limit - how come there is 1000 save limit? Some games use one file for all your save slots - great. But some will use one file per save - for example Xcom 2 - i had like 100 saves there - used 10% of the limit - 100 GB is just marketing crap - your average save would have to be 100MB... Without USB backup, there would be no way to backup my saves above the 1000 limit...
  12. Titanfall 2 - played by EA Access - one of the best single player campaigns ever - what a underrated game... Tales of Berseria - got it really cheap on sale - at first look, really outdated graphics - but such great story and characters HITMAN / HITMAN 2 - really, really great game that I checked because it had free episodes Control - at first cheesy shooter, but it suck you in if you like fringe / x files Yakuza 0 - WTH is this cheesy game - turns out its sooooo goood...
  13. Noone is mentioning Xbox All Access For 35 / 25 $/EUR monthly for 2 years, you will get newest console, game pass ultimate with Gold, game pass for PC, xCloud, and now EA Play Sony might have beter exlusive games for now, but in long game, they have to get their shit together. Their PS Now is not even avaible in my country now (Poland), and it is well, much worse anyway.
  14. No, free play does not count for those But, patrons variants does. And event variants also.
  15. If you wll set formation, it will be lvling up champions, but only, if you put familiars on them, so you need many of those