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  1. Anything for a FriendFinished a companion's quest line
  2. Something's FishyReached Stellar Bay
  3. On Your Way【RAID MODE】Be player level 5 when EXP is awarded
  4. Performance EnhancedMax out either your Health, Stamina, or Focus You've Got Red on YouCollect 541 Items from corpses Lend Me Your EarsCollect 989 Freaker Ears
  5. Apex Predator【RAID MODE】Get a Genocide Bonus. The Unbroken Thread【RAID MODE】Acquire a No Damage Bonus Three is the Magic Number【RAID MODE】Acquire a Trinity Bonus
  6. Welcome to the Party, PalClear all Ambush Camps, Infestations, and NERO Checkpoints in a single region
  7. Resident Evil Revelation Researcher【CAMPAIGN】Scan an enemy First Victim【CAMPAIGN】Scan 1 hidden hand print
  8. A Heart of SteelClear the game on the highest difficulty
  9. What Are They Worth?Acquire all of the bottle caps in the game
  10. The S Stands for Stylish!!Acquire all of the costumes in the game
  11. I'm Out of ControlUnlock 15 skills