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  1. Don't Mess with the Best Use proper timing to get a leg up in a close-quarters battle against the boss in Mission 11. The Qliphoth Clear Mission 12.
  2. Eagle-Eyed Destroy a certain wall in Mission 09. This Ain't Over Clear Mission 10.
  3. Light in the Darkness Clear Mission 08.
  4. End of the Line Clear Mission 06.
  5. Break a Leg Fend off a menace from above in Mission 05. Seriously Stylish Slaying! Perform a Stylish Rank SSS combo.
  6. Fall from Grace Clear the Prologue Mission. Protect the People Defeat all enemies in Mission 01. Not Too Shabby Perform a Stylish Rank S combo Steppin' up the Style Perform a Stylish Rank SS combo. Reunion Clear Mission 03.
  7. Disco's Not Dead Flip Stance 50 times during a match Oh My Days Duck 100 times during a match
  8. Have We Met Equip 5 different character intros
  9. Hungry
  10. Victorious Equip 5 different character victorie
  11. Master of Time Komplete 250 Towers
  12. Get Over Here Spear 50 hanging bodies in the Krypt Not Dead Yet Show MERCY 10 times
  13. Get Some Perform 2 different FATALITIES with Jax