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  1. On the path to powerAllocate a new attribute point All sails set!You have finally taken the path to Teer Fradee
  2. The game looks intresting so I decided to get it
  3. Into the Frontier CavernsEntered the southwestern caves.
  4. The Explorer Visited 150 locations.
  5. MercyDealt the blow of deliverance. ClosurePut an end to all things.
  6. HeadshunterDefeated a hydra or archydra.
  7. SolitudeObtained the almighty power of sovereignty.
  8. 217 Jak and Daxter Top of the HeapYou have mastered the game and collected all there is to collect! Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 Easily one favorite game from the PS2 era, it was fun replaying Jak and Daxter
  9. Into Soulflayer CanyonEntered the Soulflayer Canyon.
  10. De-KlawwedDefeat Klaww Zoom Zoom!Reach the End of the Mountain Pass
  11. Black ThumbDefeat the Dark Eco Plant Shiny Happy SteeplesConnect the Eco Beams
  12. King of the jungleComplete act 3.
  13. RagemanKill 100 enemies with Fury attacks.