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  1. An Electrifying TriumphDefeated Imagawa Yoshimoto and was made a samurai
  2. High School DramaCompleted the investigation of the Professor
  3. Revenge of the NerdsCompleted the investigation of the robotics club
  4. Unusual UsageTook a psychic photograph with Type-00 Film To the Other SideCleared the Twelfth Drop.
  5. The Veiled HouseCleared the Fifth Drop Fatal Frame FiendTook 100 Fatal Frame shots.
  6. Exorcism EmbarkationDefeated a ghost for the first time A Vanishing TraceCleared the First Drop.
  7. The only thing I did was deleted the game and reinstall it. But it took me three tries to finish that level.
  8. Born to RideCompleted the investigation of the biker gang
  9. The Cycle is BrokenThank you for playing to the end!
  10. Trending VideoCompleted Chapter 4.
  11. Maria, You're Safe NowSave Maria -- Dracula X / Vampire's Kiss Lovers' ReunionSave Annet -- Dracula X / Vampire's Kiss Richter is BackBeat the game -- Dracula X / Vampire's Kiss
  12. Holding all the CardsWatch the ending in Magician Mode -- Circle of the Moon I'm going to start Dracula X next 🙂
  13. The Full Moon of DemiseWatch the ending -- Circle of the Moon It's Time to DSSNathan collects all the cards -- Circle of the Moon I'm surprised the trophy unlock when I started Magician mode
  14. So far the game is great especially if you're a fan of Yakuza games I definitely recommend playing this game