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  1. Chocobo License Pass all chocobo training
  2. New Game+ Completed Completed a New Game+ playthrough on any difficulty. Ultra Hard Completed Completed a New Game+ playthrough on Ultra Hard difficulty.
  3. All Animal Figurines found Found all of the Animal Figurines in the Cut. Killed 10 Frostclaws Killed 10 Frostclaw machines. Won Ikrie's Challenge Met Ikrie again at the Snowchants Hunting Ground and took first place in her challenge.
  4. Won the Werak Challenge Challenged Aratak at the Frostfigures and won First Bluegleam Trade Traded Bluegleam for a special weapon or outfit.
  5. Took the Shaman's Path Survived the Shaman's Path and found Ourea's retreat. Drained the Flood Completely drained the floodwater from inside the Greycatch. All Frozen Wilds Skills Learned all of the new skills in the Frozen Wilds. All Pigments found Found all of the Pigments in the Cut.
  6. I'm Rubber, You're Glue Defeat 10 enemies using Reflect Untouchable Defeat 20 consecutive enemies, without being hit
  7. A Cold Wind Blows Defeat Pei Pooh Another Souless Copy Defeat Pei & Nang Pooh I Got You! Defeat Solo
  8. Klassic Komplete a Novice, Warrior, or Champion Klassic Tower once
  9. Master of Unlocking Charge the first Novo Red Dragon Awaits Defeat The Armored Dragon
  10. Welcome to PSNP
  11. Congrats to the both of you
  12. Covenant: Blade of the Darkmoon Discover Blade of the Darkmoon covenant.
  13. The Nameless King Defeat Nameless King. Covenant: Warrior of Sunlight Discover Warrior of Sunlight covenant. PRAISE THE 🌞 the Nameless King is dead
  14. Striker Learn the Jecht shot