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  1. Interesting
  2. I achieved the raven's trophy when I was finishing them up in Helheim, but only had 5/6. It's not a perfect system lol
  3. I'm not really sure, but when I shot down last pirate vessel in Waste of Space, I got the trophy for it, immediately following I received the NERD trophy, and I dont think, or really know I guess, if those would for some reason be considered collectibles.
  4. I'm actually a thru freight locomotive engineer for a living, 70 mph Transcon, although I hate thinking about work outside of work, I would probably play this as long as its somewhat close to the real deal. Be fun to do all things I'm not allowed to do at work.
  5. I have the seagate 6 tb. I have it working great on my ps4. I just ordered a ps4 pro. Can i switch it over to the pro and keep everything that is on it? I will still be using same psn profile. Thx
  6. This is my favorite ps4 game I gave played as of today. It got me reading the books in chronological order, I am on the 3rd, and have also bought the comic trilogy as well. Can't help myself.
  7. It's decided. I'll play all of them. When I played witcher 3 I had missed out on faces and lore from the past which I didn't know about. Absolutely loved the game but hated not knowing what I could have. Thank you for the replies, I'll play all of them!
  8. Hey guys, I have had all of the Dragon Age games for quite a while now. I've meant to play them but caught up with others as I'm sure you all know how that can be. Anyways my question is, is it worth it to go back and play every game, or should I just go straight to Inquisition? Thanks.
  9. That answers my question completely. Thanks Clegg!
  10. This is true, yet I wasn't sure about the dlc being incorporated into the actual standard game, or if you have to play those separately from the normal playthrough. Also GOTY comes with dlc, and I know you can play those within the normal game. Don't think I explained that the best, but whatever.
  11. What are the differences, if any, between the European and North American versions? I love this game so much I want to replay again in the future, while still earning trophies. Since I've almost completed the NA, I was curious on the EU. Thanks!
  12. Pong. No, not really. Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley
  13. Never played it, but as a huge harvest moon fan it looks awesome. I actually hope its such a hit that maybe Natsume will get out of their handheld only phase, though I understand why they're doing it from a business stand point. Of course bringing one to the vita would be a huge leap in the right direction for me.
  14. Downloaded it when it came out, had some games to 100% before I let myself really get into the game. Its all coming back to me, teenager, sitting in my room, no mortgage, no kids, no psn, no trophies, no responsibilities. . .