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  1. Im having problems with Amy, Fat Princess and Soul Calibur LS. I made the achievements but I didnt revice the trophies
  2. I love the early 90's hiphop scene and Wyclef Jean too
  3. Justice League Unlimited. Love how they only have SE 2/3 on Netflix
  4. Supernatural, lol jk jk :'D Srsly? Me and my bae watched walking dead to the edge of our seats so much bs but good anyway
  5. Lazaretto - Jack White III best album i've heard so far all year.
  6. Scott Pilgrim vs the World OST. Meowsome soundtrack. Love that garage rock sound mmmmmm
  7. Whats your favorite PS3 Theme? Show some links of you're favorites. I personally like to go to they have some great dymanic ones there also the store has some good ones too.
  8. Anyone else seen this amazing movie? Also Writen/Directed by James Gunn who also made Guardians of the Galaxy. SHUT UP CRIME!
  9. Vigilante. I know it was for the N64 but a HD remake would be awesome
  10. Depends on the watcher. I like movies like Super others may not
  11. Eh, half and half. There's a lot of stuff that's good then there's a lot of stuff that is just no. Depends on the listener
  12. House Walking Dead The Boondocks China, IL Also why are chicks so in love with Dexter?
  13. This is a good album although I did expect more of a white stripes vibe. Unexpectedly good.
  14. The world just became a whole lot darker . Thank you for all laughs Robin, you will be missed
  15. The Sega Classic Crazy Taxi is a game on googleplay
  16. If you want to add me on facebook just ask

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      Are u the cat of the pic? FAKE ! No:c

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      How do I proceed if I don't want to add you?

  17. PSN: Totalcross 3000 PS SYS: PS3/PSP 3000 Openly accepted friend add